Virtual DJ Studio 8.0.6 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Windows 註冊表是訪問量最大,最容易出錯的部分。當您安裝和卸載軟件時,它會變得雜亂無章,並且會導致系統錯誤,崩潰和故障。因此,通過清理所有垃圾並修復隨著時間積累的所有錯誤,將註冊表保持在最佳狀態是非常重要的。 Auslogics Registry Cleaner 是專為快速和安全的註冊表優化。它會檢測並修復各種註冊表錯誤,並確保您的計算機運行得如新.


解決方案:註冊表清理將清理,修復和優化您的 Windows 註冊表,以消除錯誤和崩潰,並恢復平穩和穩定的操作,所以你的電腦將停止給你頭痛,再次使用。

為什麼 Auslogics Registry Cleaner?

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Exclusive Auslogics 技術在多個測試中被證明是安全和有效的,由 PC 製造商使用並由專家推薦.8997423

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Virtual DJ Studio 8.0.6


24.42 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Auslogics Software


What's new in this version:

- Building upon the major 8.0.0 release on the first of the month, 8.0.6 adds many small fixes and improvements. At this point, Virtual DJ Studio 8 is considered to be rock-solid and stable, so be sure to upgrade if you are using any previous 8.x version. This update is free if you bought an 8.x license, and will not change any of your settings by installing it over the existing version.

Most notable changes include:
- FIX: Fade Out & Stop feature works better
- Improvement: You can now show a List of upcoming singers along-side Pictures
- Improvement: Ability to place the countdown timer in any corner of the Video Screen
- Improvement: Ability to treat all Video files the same way as CDG/ZIP files
- That last improvement simply lets a Video File have a "Singer Name" at the top of the line, and carries the Singer and Key along with it when drag and dropping the file from one place to another.
- There are other improvements internally that make this the most stable 8.x version yet! New features are coming all the time, so stay tuned...

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