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Autodesk Design Review CAD 查看器軟件可讓您免費查看,標記,打印和跟踪對 2D 和 3D 文件的更改 - 無需原始設計軟件。使用各種文件格式,包括:DWF,DWFx,DWG 和 DXF(需要安裝免費的 DWG TrueView 軟件); Adobe PDF; 以及圖像文件類型,如.bmp,.jpg,.gif,.pcx,.pct,.png,.rlc,.tga,.tif,.mil,.cal,以及更多。

Autodesk Design Review 功能:
提高效率— 使用直觀的工具來測量,標記和查看桌面上的 2D 和 3D 設計。加強溝通即使他們沒有原始的設計軟件,也可以與您的擴展團隊和利益相關者分享變化。降低成本— 消除紙張,避免誤解。改進的性能— 利用 DWF Viewer 和 Volo View 用戶的增強功能和工具。查看— 打開並查看高分辨率圖紙,地圖和模型。措施— 測量零件,區域,表面和尺寸以實現更準確的通信。標記並註釋— 為 2D 和 3D 文件的設計更改添加註釋,信息和建議。跟踪和導入更改— 管理,跟踪和導入更改回到原始設計軟件來完成審查週期。打印— 體驗與原始設計軟件相同的印刷保真度。注意:軟件需要 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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GOM Mix Pro


228 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Autodesk Inc



What's new in this version:

GOM Mix Pro

Addition and improvement of functions:
- Added 21 overlay clips (8 frame, 5 opening / closing, 8 conversion)
- Added 16 kinds of template frame
- Added 8 kinds of filters (4 types of color type, 4 types of texture type)
- Added detail setting of 4 filters (noise, halftone, split, embossing)
- Changed the motion of selecting area. (The motion of selecting area by dragging over an existing timeline clip has been changed. Check out the changed motion >)
- Added output setting guide Tool Tip
- Added Import / Export Progress Bar

Customer feedback and correction of errors:
- Corrected the error that vertical images are outputted smaller than they are set
- Fixed the memory leak error occurred when adding media samples
- Fixed the error occurred when selecting timeline during crop setting
- Fixed other errors and improved usability

GOM Mix Pro

Addition and improvement of functions:
- Addition of clip speed setting function
- You can set the speed only when the output format is MP4
- Please wait a little longer for OGM/FLV)
- Improvement of file drag drop motion

Reflection of customer feedback and correction of errors:
- Correction of errors when applying fade in / out
- Correction of screen errors when applying some filters for switching videos
- Correction of errors that normal images are recognized as moving images
- Correction of encoding errors due to memory problems
- Correction of audio sync errors
- Correction of other errors and improvement of the use

GOM Mix Pro
- Fixed error that audio not playing in some video
- Fixed error that audio not playing: Hamomy02.mp3

GOM Mix Pro
Addition and improvement of functions:
- Added crop function
- Added custom setting of rotation function
- Changed rotate media icon to video adjustment icon
- (Reverse/Rotate can be set in video adjustment
- The Playback speed setting is in preparation. Please wait a moment.)
- Added 2 kinds of vintage, 2 kinds of camera/film filter
- Added 8 kinds of pastel filter
- Added 8 kinds of gradient cellophane filter

GOM Mix Pro
- Fixed freeze error when encoding at 1080p
- Fixed errors related to background music from certain types of formats
- Improved the stability of Preview

GOM Mix Pro
- [Urgent] Fixed overlay clip track errors

GOM Mix Pro
- [Urgent] Fixed and improved additional package installation errors

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