ScriptCase 9.1.001 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Autodesk Design Review,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Autodesk Design Review CAD 查看器軟件可讓您免費查看,標記,打印和跟踪對 2D 和 3D 文件的更改 - 無需原始設計軟件。使用各種文件格式,包括:DWF,DWFx,DWG 和 DXF(需要安裝免費的 DWG TrueView 軟件); Adobe PDF; 以及圖像文件類型,如.bmp,.jpg,.gif,.pcx,.pct,.png,.rlc,.tga,.tif,.mil,.cal,以及更多。

Autodesk Design Review 功能:
提高效率— 使用直觀的工具來測量,標記和查看桌面上的 2D 和 3D 設計。加強溝通即使他們沒有原始的設計軟件,也可以與您的擴展團隊和利益相關者分享變化。降低成本— 消除紙張,避免誤解。改進的性能— 利用 DWF Viewer 和 Volo View 用戶的增強功能和工具。查看— 打開並查看高分辨率圖紙,地圖和模型。措施— 測量零件,區域,表面和尺寸以實現更準確的通信。標記並註釋— 為 2D 和 3D 文件的設計更改添加註釋,信息和建議。跟踪和導入更改— 管理,跟踪和導入更改回到原始設計軟件來完成審查週期。打印— 體驗與原始設計軟件相同的印刷保真度。注意:軟件需要 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

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ScriptCase 9.1.001 (64-bit)


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


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What's new in this version:

ScriptCase 9.1.001 (64-bit)

New functionalities- UPGRADE REQUIRED :
- Enabled the email export buttons in the Grid's detail

- Fixed issue in Access connections using password
- Fixed issue in menu events using strings
- Fixed charset issue when entering values in form Editable Grid view
- Fixed charset issue in the "Description" field in the calendar application when using ISO-8859-1 charset
- Fixed issue in the email API interface in the production environment. (You will need to update your production environment)
- Fixed problem in typing the numeric fields by using the option complete with zeros

ScriptCase 9.1.000 (64-bit)

New features:
- A new interface for managing APIs directly from Scriptcase with automatic integration with the email APIs services: Mailchimp, Mandrill and Amazon SES
- New Macros sc_call_api and sc_send_email_api for advanced implementations with APIs integration within Scriptcase events, control and blanks
- New button to send emails from Grids, Pivot Tables and Charts with reports attached in PDF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, RTF, WORD or images. Push settings can easily be shown within the interface using SMTP, Amazon SES or Mandrill
- For Chart applications where added new settings to export to formats: XLS, XML, CSV, RTF, WORD and image
- For HTML and Images exports from Chart applications, it was added a new important option for Chart depth output selection, according to the metrics used
- New option for depth output selection to PDF exports within Grid Applications
- New dynamic tags for Advance Search module that allow you to select or manipulate the conditions and fields with ajax directly within the application with a simple and modern interface
- New configurations options that allows, for example, to add buttons within the Advanced Search form body
- In the Summary and Chart Search feature were added new relative period conditions to Filter: "Current week until today", “Current quarter until today” and “year to date”
- New options for creating customized periods with related conditions directly within the Summary and Chats Filter interface. It gives you freedom to create special period of date
- Added new keyboard shortcuts for performing basic functions of Scriptcase as: Generate the source code, Save application, Run, Closing/Opening tabs, access SQL Builder and others
- New option to display Nested Grids as XLS export
- New setting to configure Chart original sorting values to and return to default state
- Scriptcase codes editor, used within the events, control and application blank with new options for viewing with lateral expansion or full screen code area and access to new themes
- Integration with shortcut keys from editors Emmet and Sublime Text, that is, the shortcut keys of these editors will be recognized within the Scriptcase
- CSS and Javascript language interpretation support within the code editor
- New button for project execution
- New example template with the HTML diagram library of GoJS for creating Mind maps This template will be inside the "Samples" project (you will need to import samples project to access the applications)
- Database Builder update with a new Interface facilitating performance for creating and changing your database. New theme, store server-side to avoid excessive requests, accessibility labels (HTML5) and new languages: Danish, Greek, Galician, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Finnish, Hebrew and Malay
- Database Builder update for MySQL: Support connecting to MySQL via SSL, support JSON data type, Support MySQL 8
- Atualização do Database Builder para o MariaDB: Suporte JSON desde o MariaDB 10.2 e suporte a índices fulltext e espaciais no InnoDB
- Database Builder update for PostgreSQL: Support binary files in bytea fields
- Database Builder update for PostgreSQL: support JSON and JSONB data types, materialized views
- Database Builder update for SQLite: Allow deleting PRIMARY KEY from tables with auto increment
- Database Builder update for SQLite: enable FOREIGN KEY CHECKS
- Database Builder update for SQL Server: Support freetds
- Database Builder update for SQL Server: support pdo_dblib

Performance improvement:
- Updating the new HTML editor

- Fixed issue when using the macro sc_label in multiple record forms and grid editable
- Fixed issue in setting the maximum size of the field on the filter settings
- Fixed issue in preview of the label of the columns in the XLS export when the application was using language variables
- Fixed issue in the duplicity of the characters as they are typed in mobile environments

ScriptCase 9.0.043 (64-bit)

Specific correction:
- Fixed problem with alignment of fields' type "radio" and "checkbox" when using manual lookup
- Fixed issue in visualization of indexes on the dashboard applications using the SQL Server connection
- Fixed issue in the HealthCare System with Postgres, SQL Server and Oracle connections

Performance improvement:
- Improvements in the applications sorting in the project applications's list

- Fixed issue in target "_blank" parameter of the macro "sc_redir" by using the macro along with the macro sc_exit
- Fixed issue when using the "dynamic filter" button on summary application

ScriptCase 9.0.042 (64-bit)

Specific correction:
- Fixed problem using the macro sc_hide_groupby_rule in grid applications

Performance improvement:
- Improvement in group by of summary group by using Progress connection

ScriptCase 9.0.041 (64-bit)

New functionalities:
- Added new healthcare sample system

Specific correction:
- Fixed issue in Quicksearch when using the connections of type "Progress"
- Fixed issue of accentuation in the help descriptions of the fields in the Filter application
- Fixed issue of accentuation in the visualization of the values of the manual lookup in the breakdown of the query
- Fixed issue in the search of field type "data" in connection of type "Progress"

- Fixed issue in viewing the "rows" button in the Grid, when the Summary module was disabled

ScriptCase 9.0.040 (64-bit)

New functionalities:
- Added option to run the onchange event in the field of the master Form when using sc_master_value macro in Form detail

Specific correction:
- Corrected issue when using the values of the field of type "data" in the Groupby of the Summary, in the connections of type Progress

- Fixed issue using the CONCAT command in the Grid lookup
- Fixed bug when using the "Arial" font in the Reportpdf application
- Fixed issue in Chart filter view when exporting to pdf

ScriptCase 9.0.039 (64-bit)

Specific correction:
- Fixed issue in updating the values in the lookup type of multiple binary values
- Fixed issue in the field tab "date" in the Filter using the range condition
- Fixed issue when using SQL UNION in autocomplete fields

Performance improvement:
- Improved performance in the "date" field searches on MSSQL Server connections

- Fixed issue with “Filter Saving” using "double select" field type
- Corrected issue with "Filter Saving", when the Grid had Group by using data type fields
- Fixed issue when saving theme in Charts, in Scriptcase versions that were installed with Mysql
- Fixed issue in ajax events of the Grid when using full pagination. Before that, the event was only created in the first 10 records
- Fixed issue in Filter search with negative values
- Fixed issue in character display in Summary Filter using charset windows-1255 (Hebrew)
- Fixed issue using the CONCAT command in the Grid lookup

ScriptCase 9.0.038 (64-bit)

- Adjustments in the display of the Chart application and Summary Filter buttons

- Fixed issue in the lookup description of the text fields and autocomplete numbers when returning from the Grid
- Fixed height in the checkbox by clicking multiselect on refined filter
- Fixed issue when using the sc_log_add macro in the Blank application
- Fixed issue when assembling the "Order by" in the SQL of the Grid, when the application has two breaks for the same field of type data
- Fixed issue in viewing images from field "image file name" using the subdirectory option

ScriptCase 9.0.037 (64-bit)
Specific correction:
- Fixed issue when using parentheses at the "hint" parameter in the sc_link macro
- Fixed issue when using the "sc_label" macro in fields that use language variables, generated by the data dictionary in Grid applications
- Fixed issue in the display of the "docx" extension icon, when using the "Display the file type icon" option in the document fields of the Grid application
- Corrected height in the checkbox by clicking multiselect of the refined filter

Performance improvement:
- Improved performance in Summary applications
- Improved performance in field data searches on Postgres connections

ScriptCase 9.0.036 (64-bit)

New functionalities:
- Added support for global variables through the new macro "sc_make_link"
- Added new options under summary and charts filters

Specific correction:
- Fixed problem in the table creator interface for calendar applications with an Access connection
- Fixed problem with the format of time values in the backup filenames
- When using an Editable Grid (View) form, File Upload fields now can only be downloaded on lines that are in editing mode

Performance improvement:
- Improvement of performance of autocomplete fields on a filter

- Fixed problem with the images and templates copied while migrating from version 7 to 9
- Fixed problem with the images and templates copied while migrating from version 6 to 9
- Fixed problem that could corrupt GroupBy data while migrating from version 6 to 9
- Fixed issue in version 5 to 9 migration
- Fixed problem when using sc_redir in a PHP method called from a PHP button

ScriptCase 9.0.035 (64-bit)
Specific correction:
- Fixed issue in returning a connection when we use the sc_select (where) macro in the source application
- Fixed issue when running the application "Dashboard" in the interface's initial mode
- Fixed issue in view of field view lookup when condition had dot
- Fixed problem of accentuation in the label of the macro button "sc_ajax_message", when using charset other than UTF-8
- Corrected spacing of the navigation buttons being displayed below

- Corrected issue in displaying the values of the field "Data" in the interface of the Group By. You will need to clear your browser's cache
- Fixed special SQL error in Grid Application
- Fixed anchor of the menu link in the documentation

ScriptCase 9.0.034 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added lang support in the sc_alert macro. Ex: sc_alert ({lang_btns_ajax})
- Enabled the image and document database fields in the Grid columns interface
- Enabled the examples in the onScriptInit event of the Grid

Specific correction:
- Fixed validation of values in the interface of version incrementation
- Fixed issue in the events help link
- Fixed issue in searching for Dynamic Search with data type "TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE"
- Corrected issue in viewing the refined filter values, after returning from Summary Group by links
- Fixed issue in hint viewing on field links using Sc7_Black theme

- Fixed issue Tab_lig_apls is not defined in Grid links called through the Menu
- Fixed issue in the display of the "delete" button when canceling the edition of record in the Grid view editable Form
- Fixed "Array to string conversion" error when using the sc_mail_send macro
- Fixed issue when generating a free format Grid without the toolbar buttons

ScriptCase 9.0.033 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added RTL language support in the Summary filter

Specific correction:
- Fixed Grid export issue when using macros "sc_seq_register" and "count_ger" in the OnRecord event
- Fixed macro help link in events

- Fixed issue in Chart display in pdf export
- Fixed issue in NestedGrid type links

ScriptCase 9.0.032 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added option to display the background image of the pdf report when no record is found. This option is available in the SQL interface menu
- Added option for the positioning of the registration message that does not exist in the PDF Report. This option is available in the SQL interface menu
- Added dropdown support in SELECT filter fields
- Added support for complex SQL in Auto-complete fields

ScriptCase 9.0.031 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added new values ​​in the "negative currency format" option in the total fields of the summary
- Added grid navigation configuration support from master / detail
- Added support for YEAR fields
- Added support for Nested Grids in Grid details
- Implemented support to macro "sc_format_num" in the onrecord event of the grid, using summary fields
- Added "port" option in SFTP publishing settings
- Added port data entry for DB2 connection

Specific correction:
- Fixed issue when converting Access tables that have images
- Fixed issue in the initial execution of pyramid and 2D funnel charts
- Fixed issue when using subselect command in field lookup
- Fixed issue when running operations directly in the application's SQL
- Fixed issue using "Use ENTER to Submit" option in dynamic filter settings
- Adjustments in the Nested Grid css when using the title option on the same row
- Fixed issue in view of the buttons size on the iframe type connections

- Fixed issue in viewing the records in the calendar by checking the option "all day". The schedule showed less 1 day
- Fixed issue in formatting millisecond fields
- Fixed duplicate data insertion problem with dynamic search
- Fixed issue when using the database session option in the post
- Fixed issue in viewing calendar time on Oracle connections
- Fixed issue in the Themes view of the tree menu. The tree menu was not inheriting the Themes css
- Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call a member function Execute () when using the sc_lookup macro in the ReportPdf application onHeader event
- Fixed issue in the informed value of the negative field of manual lookup of the multiple selection fields
- Fixed issue in viewing calendar records on Access database connections
- Fixed issue when using the menu toolbar with image type buttons
- Fixed issue when using link button in Editable Grid Form (view)
- Fixed issue in pdf export when printing mode was configured for economic

ScriptCase 9.0.030 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added macro support "sc_format_num" in the onrecord event of the grid

Specific correction:
- Adjustment in error display when editing multi-upload fields
- Fixed issue in gantt chart view with other date formats
- CSS settings in the editing of the menu toolbar and editing of menu items

- Fixed issue in macro "sc_field_disabled" in fields select multiple values in single record form
- Fixed issue in connection of subquery type in firebird connections
- Fixed issue in express creation of applications
- Fixed bug with sc_ajax_message macro

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