Groovy 4.0.1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AutoHotkey 是一個開源的實用程序,可以通過發送擊鍵和鼠標點擊自動化幾乎所有的東西。您可以手寫宏或使用宏記錄器。您還可以為鍵盤,鼠標,操縱桿和手持遙控器創建熱鍵。實際上,任何按鍵,按鈕或組合都可以成為熱鍵。類似地,您可以定義在鍵入時展開的縮寫。例如,鍵入 btw 可以自動產生的方式。最後,您可以創建自定義數據輸入表單,用戶界面和菜單欄。

AutoHotkey 主要功能:
更改任何聲卡的音量,靜音和其他設置。使任何窗口透明,始終在頂部,或改變其形狀。使用遊戲桿或鍵盤作為鼠標。監視你的系統。例如,在他們出現的時候關閉不需要的窗口。檢索並更改剪貼板的內容,包括從資源管理器窗口復制的文件名。禁用或覆蓋 Windows 自己的快捷鍵,如 Win + E 和 Win + R。使用替代 Alt-Tab(使用鍵,鼠標滾輪或按鈕)來減輕 RSI。使用您自己的圖標,工具提示,菜單項和子菜單自定義托盤圖標菜單。顯示對話框,工具提示,氣球提示和彈出式菜單以與用戶交互。執行腳本操作以響應系統關閉或註銷。檢測用戶閒置了多久。例如,僅當用戶不在時,才運行 CPU 密集型任務。通過檢測圖像和像素顏色來自動執行遊戲動作(這是為了合理使用,例如減輕 RSI)。比其他語言更容易讀取,寫入和解析文本文件。對一組匹配通配符模式的文件執行操作。使用註冊表和 INI 文件。

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Groovy 4.0.1


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Chris Mallett


What's new in this version:

- Dynamic Groovy code in Gradle doesn't compile because of $getLookup() method is not static
- Path to a problematic file isn't shown in the error message sometimes if compilation fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException
- Gradle multimodule project fails with NoClassDefFoundError in groovyjarjarasm.asm.signature.SignatureReader.parseType
- Wrong cast for type parameter in generated stubs
- Consolidation of VMPlugin didn't account for API calls in the Groovy runtime
- Compilation fails with method detected as transient
- @AutoImplement is failing when covariant returns are involved
- Groovy4: java.lang.VerifyError: Bad invokespecial instruction: interface method reference is in an indirect superinterface.
- Source encoding incorrectly set in v4.0.0
- NamedVariant: NamedParam not checked when added by transform
- Wrong behaviour for left-open ranges
- NamedVariant: default value overrides supplied value if it's falsy
- NamedVariant: non-trivial default value of NamedDelegate property
- NamedVariant: improve consistency of default value treatment
- v9 ClassFinder closes existing FileSystems that it doesn't own
- Source locations of command chain expressions
- Problems with implicit closures inside of @Category-annotated classes
- MapWithDefault should be able to be configured to not store its default value
- Local variable is accessible via explicit this
- Implementing Groovy interface with default methods can cause compile issues.

Dependency upgrade:
- Bump gradle to 7.4 (build dependency)
- Bump gradle versions plugin to 0.42.0 (build dependency)
- Bump gson (test dependency) to 2.9.0
- Bump json-unit (test dependency) version to 2.31.0
- Bump checkstyle to 9.3 (build dependency)
- Bump xstream to 1.4.19
- Bump jqwik to 1.6.4 (test dependency)
- Bump picocli to 4.6.3
- Bump slf4j to 1.7.36 (test dependency)
- Bump Spock to 2.1-groovy-3.0 (test dependency)
- Bump japicmp plugin to 0.3.1 (build dependency)
- Bump json-unit (test dependency) version to 2.32.0

- Ability to define system properties for groovyc using CompilerConfiguration
- DefaultGroovyMethods.get() unexpectedly puts the default value into the origin map

- STC: for-each loop on iterable-like types
- SC: optimize for-in loop on array with dynamic variable
- TraitComposer should mark generated methods as @Generated
Static type checking failure for streams and spread operator

New Feature:
- groovy.sql.Sql : provide a way to get the SQLWarning of a Statement

- Disable Ant tests which don't fork under JDK18

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