Mailspring 1.5.7 軟體資訊介紹&下載

AutoHotkey 是一個開源的實用程序,可以通過發送擊鍵和鼠標點擊自動化幾乎所有的東西。您可以手寫宏或使用宏記錄器。您還可以為鍵盤,鼠標,操縱桿和手持遙控器創建熱鍵。實際上,任何按鍵,按鈕或組合都可以成為熱鍵。類似地,您可以定義在鍵入時展開的縮寫。例如,鍵入 btw 可以自動產生的方式。最後,您可以創建自定義數據輸入表單,用戶界面和菜單欄。

AutoHotkey 主要功能:
更改任何聲卡的音量,靜音和其他設置。使任何窗口透明,始終在頂部,或改變其形狀。使用遊戲桿或鍵盤作為鼠標。監視你的系統。例如,在他們出現的時候關閉不需要的窗口。檢索並更改剪貼板的內容,包括從資源管理器窗口復制的文件名。禁用或覆蓋 Windows 自己的快捷鍵,如 Win + E 和 Win + R。使用替代 Alt-Tab(使用鍵,鼠標滾輪或按鈕)來減輕 RSI。使用您自己的圖標,工具提示,菜單項和子菜單自定義托盤圖標菜單。顯示對話框,工具提示,氣球提示和彈出式菜單以與用戶交互。執行腳本操作以響應系統關閉或註銷。檢測用戶閒置了多久。例如,僅當用戶不在時,才運行 CPU 密集型任務。通過檢測圖像和像素顏色來自動執行遊戲動作(這是為了合理使用,例如減輕 RSI)。比其他語言更容易讀取,寫入和解析文本文件。對一組匹配通配符模式的文件執行操作。使用註冊表和 INI 文件。

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Mailspring 1.5.7


112 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Chris Mallett


What's new in this version:

- Emails in Gmail accounts no longer "flicker" in the thread list occasionally if you mark them as read and archive them in quick succession
- Duplicate sent emails (your copy + the recipient's copy) no longer appear in Gmail when open/link tracking are enabled. Gmail IMAP changed handling of IMAP Delete + Expunge in Sent Mail earlier this month causing this bug. This also resolves issues where viewing a message you sent would trigger read receipts
- Mailspring no longer erases all your account passwords when signing out of your Mailspring ID on macOS due to a race condition
- Cut/copy/paste and undo/redo now work in the "Create a Mailspring ID" and "Upgrade to Pro" webviews within the app
- Mailspring now requests the "internal / received" date of emails to handle providers (including which do not return message dates when asked for mailbox headers. This fixes an important issue where all emails could appear to be from 1969
- Mailspring now renders inline images attachments within the body of the email even if they're missing an "inline" content-disposition. Previously these images would appear as attachments at the bottom of the message
- Mailspring now supports accounts which advertised support for the IMAP XLIST extension but did not appear to implement it properly
- The contact sidebar now opens LinkedIn person profiles correctly - the "/in/" segment of the URL was previously missing
- The signature editor now allows you to add a link to your LinkedIn profile
- Mailspring shows the "Snoozed" folder name correctly in cases where it's called "Mailspring.Snoozed"
- Mailspring is now less aggressive about wrapping wide emails and prefers horizontal scrolling for large tables, etc.
- French translations have been improved

- Mailspring now uses DOM ResizeObservers to implement scroll bars and properly size emails as they render which is a huge performance win, especially on slower machines
- Mailspring refreshes the data backing the conversation view asynchronously when threads are removed, eliminating jank that was especially noticable if you'd scrolled down in the list and were viewing a unified mailbox

- Mailspring now uses Electron 4.0.5

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