Avant Browser 2010 Build 1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Avant Browser 是一個超高速網頁瀏覽器。其友好的用戶界面為您的瀏覽體驗帶來了更高的清晰度和效率,頻繁的升級也穩步提高了其可靠性。 Avant Browser 是一個免費軟件。 100%免費!沒有廣告,沒有病毒,沒有間諜軟件,沒有惡意軟件!絕對沒有任何隱藏的成本你永遠.

Avant Browser 是 Windows 平台上最低的內存使用率的 Web 瀏覽器。內存使用量是衡量瀏覽器性能的最重要因素之一。我們努力避免所有可能的內存洩漏 Avant Browser,並給你最好的。

Avant Browser 特點:

Avant Browser 內置三個渲染引擎:Trident,Gecko 和 Webkit,分別是 IE 瀏覽器,Mozilla Firefox 瀏覽器和 Google Chrome 瀏覽器的引擎。

Multi-Processing / Anti-Freezing
Design 為您提供免費的 Internet 瀏覽經驗和高可靠性。當一個標籤失敗時,它不會凍結瀏覽器或拉下其他頁面。在網站中越來越多的使用 Ajax 技術會導致大多數瀏覽器頻繁凍結或崩潰.

分割視圖通過提供簡單的方式同時查看多個不同的網站,從而增加了 Avant Browser 的多任務功能。拆分視圖為 Avant Browser 的可定制界面佈局增加了另一個維度。

Video Sniffer
Avant Browser 可以檢測您正在瀏覽的網頁中的視頻,並讓您只需點擊一下即可下載.

AD / 彈出窗口阻止程序
AD / 彈出窗口阻止程序可以通過阻止彈出頁面和過濾廣告內容來有效地清理網頁。您可以通過在右鍵菜單中使用“添加到 AD 黑名單”命令添加到過濾器來阻止任何惱人的內容.

使用 Avant Browser 的內置多線程下載器,從網頁或您的電子郵件下載文件要快得多方便管理下載文件.

從任何地方,辦公室,家庭或網吧訪問您的書籤與 Avant 在線書籤服務,並且不需要擔心重新安裝 Windows 時丟失這些數據.. 加密獨立書籤文件格式可以保護您在共享計算機上的隱私.

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Avant Browser 2010 Build 1


2.52 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Avant Force



What's new in this version:

* [Feature]Multi-Process system: Avant will stay intact whether a tab crashes or not.
* [Feature]Better CPU/Memory usage. Releases memory thoroughly to fix most leaks
* [Feature]New Paste & go, Paste & submit, and Paste & Search, right click options for the Address bar
* [Feature]Private Mode: When you open a private session no history, temp files, or cookies are saved during the session.
* [Feature]Backup/Restore Profile interface: Allows you to backup and restore your profile. Your profile includes bookmarks and interface settings, such as the position of your buttons/toolbars, etc.
* [Feature]New Tab-Wrap button: As more tabs are opened you can either have them all on one row or click this button and it will start wrapping to more than one row of tabs.
* [Feature]Rendering mode: You can now choose between IE7,IE8, and IE8 Forced mode
* [Feature]Save Selected Region to Clipboard
* [Feature]Ascend or descend sorting Quick search and URL Alias
* [Feature]Clear Website icons
* [Feature]Copy all URLs from a Bookmark folder
* [Feature]New right click options: Block All images from the Same Server, Copy Picture Link, Open Picture in New Tab, Open in New Avant Browser[Private Mode].
* [Feature]Variable tab width(Tab Bar right-click menu->Tab Options->Fixed Tab Width added)
* [Improvement]Google Translations
* [Improvement]AD Blocker
* [Fix]Being unable to start a new line to edit the script of an addon
* [Fix]Only displaying favicons in site?s root directory
* [Fix]Values are too short to read in View/Edit Autofill window when variables are too long.
* [Fix]Sometimes exported bookmarks are miscoded
* [Fix]Creating new tabs action was tardy.
* [Fix]The default zoom size was displayed as 0%.
* [Fix]New created pages didn?t follow the zoom size reset.
* [Fix]Being unable to type URL into the address bar if creating a new tab with CTRL + N
* [Fix]Annoying ActiveX error often popped up when Disable ActiveX option checked.
* [Fix]Sometime Tab may bring itself to the front.
* [Fix]Being unable to edit proxy lists
* [Fix]Tardy Auto-Complete response for the Address Bar
* [Fix]Back / Forward buttons on Logitech Mouse didn?t work.
* [Fix]Open Picture in New Tab button didn?t work.
* [Fix]Address Bar typing problem when no tab was open
* [Fix]The rendering problem in this site http://www.majorgeeks.com/
* [Fix]The drop-down history in forward/backward button disappeared after the related avanttab.exe was closed.
* [Fix]Roboform toolbar display problem
* [Fix]Sometime saving logins dialog would appear though the feature was disabled.
* [Fix]Some fixes for Yahoo toolbar
* [Fix]Searching in this site http://www.shooter.cn/ caused the tab to freeze
* [Fix]Closing Avant with ALT + F4 crashed the related tabs
* [Fix]The non-working backward/forward action activated by the combination of both mouse buttons
* [Fix]A blank area appeared when closing Avant.
* [Fix]Sometime avanttab.exe still ran though Avant Browser was already closed.
* [Fix]Tabs bar disappeared when switching back from another application if Show Windows Tab on Bottom was checked.
* [Fix]Adding this site http://www.nmc.gov.cn/publish/forecast/ABJ/beijing.html into Bookmarks folder erased all bookmarks.
* [Fix]The Title Bar lost focus when switching out of Compact Style.
* [Fix]Switching back from other applications caused the Tab Bar showed on the bottom to disappear.
* [Fix]The last closed tab?s URL still appeared in the address bar.
* [Fix]Some toolbars disappeared
* [Fix]The title bar doesn't conform to the windows visual style.
* [Fix]some Macromedia Flash won't load.

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