TagSpaces 3.10.4 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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TagSpaces 3.10.4


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


AVAST Software



What's new in this version:

New features:
- added new viewer for opening spreadsheet files like CSV, ODT or XLSX
- make OpenStreetMap tile server configurable in the settings
- allow changing the order of locations with drag and drop
- geo tagging and custom date tagging many selected files does not work
- use the thumb of a folder as thumb for the parent folder
- extend the tag menu with add to tag group entry, enable dnd of tag from the default perspective to tag library
- added strict(case sensitive) and semi strict search
- adding support for JIF and JFIF files #1442
- added maximum age of the search index per location locations
- [PRO] added support for saved searches
- [PRO] added support for sharable links with validation duration in object storage locations
- [PRO] add input fields for entering lat and long directly in the geo tagging dialog
- [PRO] export current folder content or search results entries as CSV file
- [PRO] added support for multi factor auth (MFA) for TagSpaces Enterprise
- [PRO] added new smart icon as pin for files and folder, redesigning pin popup
- [PRO] implement coloring map icons according to the color of the first tag
- [PRO] extend the tag menu with add to tag group

- create tab for advanced settings
- improve dark mode for the entry properties
- update Norwegian, Hungarian and Japanese translation
- improvements in the search and thumbnail generation snackbar
- parse text query for containing tags and optimize search reset
- [PRO] improving thumbnail generation for text files

- reducing the usage of openFileNatively
- removing the location limitation of the search string in the fussy search
- making index preparation more robust
- clear folder background color
- default sorting per name is now alphabetic
- search tags by camel case #1426
- [PRO] fix deleting folder in object storage containing others folders
- [PRO] hide mobile side-menu during the amplify login process
- [PRO] improve folder creation in object stores
- [PRO] fix show thumbnails in object stores

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