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AVG AntiVirus Free 64 位是一款反病毒程序,在產品使用壽命內完全免費用於非商業用途。創建從一開始就為每個 Windows 用戶提供卓越的保護,在衝浪,社交網絡以及使用便攜式 USB 存儲設備的其他人交換數據。 AVG AntiVirus Free 是經過 2 億用戶驗證的高質量反病毒軟件,他們使用此軟件套件和隨附的雲服務來保護 PC,Mac,手機和平板電腦免受任何在線威脅。它甚至還集成了防盜工具,使您能夠找到被盜的硬件。

AVG 繼續提供基本的免費防病毒保護,並推出 AVG AntiVirus Free 64 位。它不僅僅是通過檢測和清除 PC 上的病毒,通過在瀏覽時阻止受感染的鏈接,在下載之前檢查文件,並通過增強的隱私功能幫助保護您的個人數據在線和 PC 上。隨著 AVG 改進了核心引擎及其準確性,並且包含了一種新的基於雲的檢測方法。而且,由於安全性與可用性一樣重要,因此 AntiVirus Free 具有更新,更易於使用的設計。從 FileHorse 立即下載 AVG AntiVirus 免費離線 PC 安裝程序.

AVG 反病毒免費版功能:

防病毒保護,自動更新,以防止不斷發展的威脅。隨著黑客開發新技術,AVG 的研究實驗室不斷處理網絡數據,以提供新的防禦措施,讓您自動受到保護.


在下載文件之前檢查文件,而不必做一件事。 AVG Anti-Virus 在通過流行的即時消息(如 MSN 和 Yahoo)交換文件時也將保護您.

您想搜索和瀏覽,但是您不想去任何受感染的網站。 AVG 幫助您清楚地發現威脅並保持您的安全.

在 Facebook 上分享您的生活,而不是病毒
借助保護您的系統的 AVG,您可以在 Facebook 和其他社交網絡上與朋友聊天並發送消息,檢查每個網頁和鏈接的安全性。你不會從你的朋友那裡得到一個惡意的鏈接 - 而且你也不會發送一個!下載 AVG AntiVirus Offline Installer 安裝程序.

免費技術支持 care
AVG 了解無論您的地理位置或時間安排如何,均可安全連接到網絡 - 我們的任務是全天候提供持續的安心基礎.

注意:從零位開始,您需要主動選擇安裝 AVG Free 或 AVG Internet Security 的 30 天試用版。這是 64 位版本.

也可用:下載 AVG AntiVirus for Mac

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TestComplete 14.72


Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


AVG Technologies



What's new in this version:

Test run improvements:
- It is easier to configure test runs now. We’ve renamed the Test Items page, where you define the tests to be run, to Execution Plan and moved it from the project editor to the project tree. You can find it directly below the project node in the Project Explorer

Web testing improvements:
- Now, by default, all new projects use XPath expressions and CSS selectors for object location. This makes all web tests you create in these projects cross-platform-compatible. If you need to create “old” web tests for some reason, clear the Use XPath expressions ... check box in the Create Project wizard when creating a project.
- Web test recording performance has been improved. For the Chrome browser - significantly
- We’ve also improved mapping algorithms. TestComplete now automatically excludes insignificant intermediate objects from the Name Mapping tree. This makes the generated mapping names shorter and easier to understand. This also makes mapping criteria more reliable and helps the test engine find objects faster.

- Support for iOS 14.2. You can create and run tests for iOS applications running on this operating system

Support for recent versions of web browsers:
- Google Chrome 87
- Mozilla Firefox 84
- Better support for Windows Store applications. Previous TestComplete versions could search for an application process using a wrong ID. This could happen if the tested Windows Store application did not have the DisplayName value set in its properties. Now, TestComplete uses the correct ID for the search. However, this fix may affect your existing tests. You may need to update them or change the Name Mapping conditions to find your tested Windows Store app correctly.
- We’ve also fixed a few issues reported by our customers

Discontinued support:
- The Web Testing option Use CSS pixels for scaled pages has become obsolete. It is on by default (this helps your tests work better with scaled and long pages), and we would recommend keeping it on forever. We are going to delete this option in one of the future releases. If your tests rely on the off state of this option, you will need to update them.

The obsolete support for CrossBrowserTesting (the Environments node and related features) has gone. We declared it deprecated in TestComplete 14.40, and now have removed it completely:
- The Environments node is no longer available in TestComplete projects. If you have project suites created in earlier TestComplete versions, the node will be removed from them when you open them in the new TestComplete version
- The same will happen to the test logs created during these test runs. They will be removed from your projects when you open the projects in the new TestComplete version
- The /cbt command-line option is no longer supported
- The RunEnvironmentManager and RunCrossBrowserTesting methods have been removed from the TestComplete Library (used to control TestComplete tests via COM)
- To run web tests in CrossBrowserTesting environments, use the Device Cloud add-on. To learn more, see About Cross-Platform Web Tests
- TestComplete no longer supports CEF3 version 1750

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