CudaText 1.94.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Avira Optimization Suite 提供調整工具,清理您的電腦並優化您的性能,同時保護您的身份,私人數據和信用卡的詳細信息。性能符合安全性。享受更快,更流暢的個人電腦,額外的磁盤空間,隱私保護和強大的網絡保護,以安全地流式傳輸,下載和在線購物。免費下載 Avira Optimization Suite 今日!

讓 Avira Optimization Suite 讓您的數字生活更美好:

安全地在線購物– 我們為您屏蔽了假冒推車和受感染的網站.

在線流媒體電影可能會帶來風險 - ndash; 我們冒險逃脫它.

您的個人電腦是個人的  所以我們把所有的東西都放在危險之外.

保持高效是非常重要的 - ndash; 所以我們確保你的電腦不會讓你失望.


我們幫助您保持隱私,並且無法訪問 snoops.

Avira Optimization Suite 功能:
反勒索軟件 / 惡意軟件安全購物 / 銀行安全衝浪 / 流身份保護實時雲更新設備控制電子郵件& 網絡掃描峰值性能更快的啟動額外的磁盤空間優化的系統防止崩潰清理註冊表& 文件更長的電池注意:30 天的試用版。有限的功能.

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CudaText 1.94.0 (64-bit)

11.96 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64


Avira Operations GmbH


What's new in this version:

- Project Manager improvements (show pretty paths in recent file list; fixed crash on unfolding deleted folder; use case-insensitive sorting)
- program starts little faster (Linux/Windows: by 10..20%)
- command line supports all params (-r -e -nh -z) for single instance mode too (thanks @dinkumoil)
- command line parameter -i, to read the contents of stdin (Unix only)
- command line parameter -ns, to disable loading saved session
- if mouse selecting was started, and mouse is moving over gutter, selecting must continue
- lexer Python: support Unicode ids, fix rules for hex/octal/binary numbers
- lexer JavaScript: support in code-tree functions like "name: function(...){}"
- lexer Markdown: support Unicode text
- lexer HTML: proper highlight few more attribs
- Addon Manager shows new dialog for "Download all" command
- HTML auto-completion must insert "<" char if called on empty place
- optimizations in Python API speed
- show Go To dialog on clicking statusbar first cell

- lexers removed to add-ons: Diff, Makefile, Pascal, Properties, Ruby
- plugin Sort: changed config file to settings/plugins.ini, [sort] section

- memory leak in TreeHelpers
- command line param -n was broken on Windows
- auto-completion was broken in PHP block (bad default of "autocomplete_html_lexers")
- command "settings: reload/apply config"
- commands didn't support paired file-tab: "save file", "save file as", "reopen file", "copy filename", "lexer properties"

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