Avira Scout Browser 17.5 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Avira Scout 是一個網頁瀏覽器,為您選擇最好的工具; 結合起來,維護和優化它們。最終結果?完全的互聯網安全性,完全免費的端到端加密和實時雲掃描。是什麼讓 Avira Scout 與眾不同?雖然其他網絡瀏覽器傾向於採用“一刀切”的方式,但 Avira 的安全性至關重要,Avira 以您的安全和隱私為中心,接近我們的瀏覽器。這種屢獲殊榮的技術直接集成到瀏覽器中,可以自動阻止感染和釣魚網站。機場。酒店。咖啡館... 任何有一點知識的人都可以攔截你在公共熱點的通訊。為了保護您,Avira Scout Browser 自動強制數千個網站使用“https”協議。這加密了您的通信,並防止在同一個開放的 WiFi 網絡上的任何人看到您發送和接收的信息.

Avira Scout 集成了無跟踪功能,阻止 Facebook 和 Twitter 等公司監控您訪問,下載和購物。它也是少數不收集數據的瀏覽器之一 - 尊重您的隱私並保護它們。只需下載瀏覽器並開始瀏覽。自動駕駛功能可處理您的所有事情,包括集成的始終在線加密(HTTPS Everywhere 技術)。但是,如果你想定制你的瀏覽體驗,你可以輕鬆的控制和信息,你可以理解。在 Chromium 瀏覽器平台上構建了 Avira Scout,集成了 Avira 瀏覽器安全和 Avira SafeSearch Plus 功能,確保您擁有無處不在的 HTTPS,增加了額外的安全和隱私功能(許多不斷擴展)。 Avira Scout Browser 目前處於早期訪問階段.


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Avira Scout Browser 17.5


Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Avira Operations GmbH



What's new in this version:

Avira Scout Browser 17.5
- We fixed several bugs
- Scout now uses the latest version of Chromium (version 58)

Avira Scout Browser 17.3
- Further improvement of the import functionality; support for Firefox cookies added
- a new version of the Avira Autopilot
- several fixed bugs
- updated Scout base to latest Chromium version

Avira Scout Browser 17.1
- Scout can now be set as default browser during installation to make things easier for you
- Google online spellchecking and sending download URLs to Google can now be suppressed to give you even more privacy
- CLIQZ private search has several new features
- We fixed several bugs
- Scout base was updated to latest Chromium version

Avira Scout 16.11
- We fixed a problem which caused some Flash content to not display properly. This makes sure you can enjoy Flash content hassle-free.
- The update to the latest Chromium version 55 enhances the performance, improves the security and gives you an even better privacy protection.
- The updated Autopilot extension is implemented. Explore the Modes tab to easily customize your privacy settings.
- Enjoy a better look and feel with our updated fresh icons.
- Now, Scout imports your sessions from other default browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Previously opened tabs will be imported and opened automatically after the installation of Scout.
- The protection for built-in extensions was enhanced to improve your security experiences.
- The option to switch off or on the private search with CLIQZ was added to the settings page.
- The Chromium default behavior to send calls to Google servers is blocked to ensure even more private browsing experiences.

Avira Scout Browser 16.9
- Change log not available for this version

Avira Scout Browser 16.6
- Change log not available for this version

Avira Scout Browser 16.3
- Change log not available for this version

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