Balsamiq Mockups 3.3.11 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Balsamiq Mockups 是一個快速的線框架工具,可以幫助您更快速地工作& 聰明。它重現了在白板上繪製素描的體驗,但是卻使用了計算機。做模型是快速的。你會產生更多的想法,所以你可以扔掉壞的,並發現最好的解決方案。使用 Mockups 感覺像繪圖,但是因為它是數字的,你可以輕鬆地調整和重新排列。團隊可以拿出一個設計,並在會議過程中實時進行迭代。粗略,低保真的線框讓您可以將設計對話集中在功能上。使用鏈接,您可以生成用於演示和演示的點擊型原型。可用性測試。與所有版本的 Mockups 無縫集成,當您重新上線時。與拖放組件的接口 - 任何人都可以使用它。創建模板,主設備和可重用組件庫。 Mockups 旨在幫助您和您的團隊或客戶盡可能早地在線框上進行迭代,而這樣做的代價是最低的。下載 Balsamiq Mockups 離線安裝程序安裝!

Balsamiq Mockups 功能:

Sketchy Wireframes

Drag& 通過拖放組件創建用戶界面 - 任何人都可以使用它.

快速添加用於 Speed


UI 組件& Icons

Linking 可以讓您生成演示& 可用性測試.

導出為 PNG 或 PDF
共享或使用 PDF 導出來顯示帶有嵌入式鏈接的模型,或使用第三方工具導出到代碼。下載 Balsamiq Mockups 離線安裝程序安裝!


注意:7 天試用版(Beta 版 30 天試用版)。 Balsamiq Mockups 桌面需要 Adobe Air 才能運行.

也可用:下載 Balsamiq Mockups 為 Mac

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Balsamiq Mockups 3.3.11


3.83 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Balsamiq Studios LLC


What's new in this version:

Automatic Repositioning of Aligned Labels:
- This little and nearly invisible feature will save you loads of time, especially if you create forms.
- When labels are auto-sized, we now respect their text alignment property and move them accordingly after you change the text.
- It's much easier to show than to describe, take a look:

Duplicate an Alternate As a New Mockup:
- Ever wanted to turn an alternate into its own mockup? You used to have to select all, copy, create a new mockup and paste.
- As of today, you can just select the new "Duplicate As New Mockup" feature and pronto, you're done! :)
- Are you on Windows and use a trackpad or a mouse with a mouse wheel? Or are you on Mac and use a Mighty Mouse? Then you might have gotten frustrated at our lack of support for horizontal scrolling.
- Because of the platform we're using right now, we have limited support for horizontal scrolling, but we found a compromise! Just hold SHIFT and scroll up and down, and we'll interpret it as horizontal scrolling. Yay!

A Brand New Web Demo Project:
- We spent some time to update the default project you see when you visit our Web Demo Version.
- We now show a bunch of our newest features, and teach you how to use them. We even include some sample interactive prototypes in it to use as a starting point.

Other improvements and bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue with exporting PDF when a mockup contained a link with a % character in it. Thanks Jeff A. for reporting it!
- Fixed an issue with links not showing up in the right place in exported PDFs when the mockups were really tall. Thanks obg for reporting it!
- Fixed an issue with links in PDFs not respecting the z-Order in some cases. Thanks Luis C. and Jeff B. for reporting it!
- Fixed an issue with exporting Arrow controls to BMML in some cases.
- Fixed an issue with the "remove overrides" button in the inspector maintaining focus. Thanks Kevin for reporting it!
- Fixed an issue with Symbol overrides getting committed even after hitting Escape in some circumstances. Thanks for the bug report russ!
- Fixed an issue with the mockup name tooltip not refreshing immediately after a duplicate or rename operation. Thanks Samuel D. and Robson W. for reporting it!
- Fixed an issue with the Page Up and Page Down keys turning off Markup in some situations on Windows in Full Screen Presentation Mode. Thanks grebe for reporting it!
- CTRL+D now duplicates the current mockup when the focus is in the navigator. Thanks Michael H. for requesting it!
- The little helper icon next to the Links inspector pointed to a 404 page. That's now fixed.
- Fixed a strange little issue with the DataGrid showing the wrong label color in some cases. Thanks russ for the bug report!
- Added support for the {mockup-name} macro in the Browser control. A good idea by cschriemer!
- Fixed an old issue with text links when the URL contains - or _ characters. Finally!
- Fixed an issue with the Button control not showing the text if the font size was set to 30 or higher.
- We now properly center the line inside the H.Rule and V.Rule controls. Such a simple little thing, but so useful! Thanks so much ArcticMe for reporting the issue!
- Fixed an issue with the Formatting Toolbar control not exporting properly in some cases.
- Fixed a little regression in the help menu in the web versions (it was showing Register... as if it was on Desktop).
- We now default to showing all branches of the mockups navigator as being open instead of closed. It gives you a better sense of the contents and size of the project when you first open it.
- Fixed an issue with export to ZIP failing in some rare cases. Thanks for Ben G. reporting it!
- We now fully disable Quick Draw when overriding symbol instances.
- We restored the old v2 behavior of the Links Inspector when multiple controls are selected. Thanks Colin M., Chris G., and Colin McQ. for reporting it!

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