Serato DJ Pro 2.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

記錄一切(遊戲 + 電腦屏幕),並保存為 AVI,MP4 文件。 Bandicam 是最好的遊戲,視頻和桌面屏幕錄製軟件。您可以錄製 WOW,Minecraft,iTunes,YouTube,PowerPoint,網絡攝像頭,Skype,視頻聊天,流媒體視頻和桌面屏幕沒有滯後。下載 Bandicam Windows 的離線安裝程序安裝 Windows.

Bandicam 在錄製時壓縮視頻,並使用更低的 CPU / GPU / RAM 使用率,並完全支持 Nvidia NVENC / CUDA,Intel Quick Sync 視頻和 AMD APP 的硬件加速 h.264 編碼器可以高速錄製視頻,壓縮比高,質量好。因此,它有較少的滯後,你可以保存你的硬盤和 CPU。 Bandicam 在“DirectX / OpenGL 窗口”模式下激活時在屏幕的角落顯示 FPS 編號。它還可以以高達 3840x2160 的分辨率錄製高質量的視頻(可以製作 2160P UHD 視頻),並且您的網絡攝像頭流將被同時錄製並與遊戲 / 屏幕錄製合併(畫中畫,Video-in-Video )。另外,Bandicam 支持實時繪圖功能,讓用戶在錄製電腦屏幕的同時畫線,框或高亮。您可以將錄製的文件上傳到 YouTube 而無需轉換,因為錄製的文件尺寸比其他軟件(1/5〜1/20 視頻尺寸)小得多。

Bandicam 支持 AVI 2.0,只要本地硬盤有可用空間(超過 24 小時錄製可能),最大文件大小是無限的。此外,Bandicam 在桌面錄製模式下,支持鼠標光標的實時高亮和鼠標點擊效果,這是競爭軟件所缺乏的一個特點。當這些鼠標效果與簡單的麥克風錄音結合使用時,Bandicam PC 離線安裝程序是製作教程的理想屏幕錄像機。

Bandicam 的主要特點:
Bandicam 遊戲錄像機可以錄製 DirectX / OpenGL 程序,如 Fraps(Fraps Alternative,Better than Fraps®)錄製的文件大小比其他軟件小得多(Bandicam 在錄製時壓縮視頻)您可以將錄製的文件上傳到 YouTube 而無需轉換(可以製作 720p / 1080p 全高清視頻)您可以在 24 小時內錄製而不會停止(可以使用自動完成錄製功能)您可以以高達 3840 x 2160 的分辨率錄製 4K 超高清視頻您將體驗到比其他遊戲捕捉軟件(使用更低的 CPU / GPU / 硬盤)更少的延遲注意:免費嘗試,功能有限。輸出文件上的水印。 10 分鐘錄音限制.

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Serato DJ Pro 2.0 (64-bit)

Serato DJ Pro 2.0 64bit.exe

299.06 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Bandicam Company


What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Added 64-bit support for Mac and Windows
- Updated look with new colours and scalable interface
- Added Practice Mode - test your mix without hardware connected
- Added 'Hi-Res Screen Display' option - Display in high resolution on Retina, 4K and HD monitors
- Added new 'Help' menu including Support Knowledge Base search
- Added 'Performance Pad Cue Layout' option
- Added headphone PFL 'Auto Cue' option (for supported controllers only)

Other Changes:
- Added play/pause keyboard shortcuts for Practice Mode - [Space] for left deck, [Enter] for right deck
- Added support for 'iTunes Library.xml' - If no iTunes Music Library.xml is found it will look for a iTunes Library.xml instead
- Changed audio decoding from video files (previously Quicktime) to the native OS decoder
- Added Mix + Mic + TR recording options for the Roland DJ-202
- Added 'Clean Echo Out' for Wolf Pack FX pack
- Set Temp Cue logic updated
- Fixed Favourite FX list not saving between sessions
- Fixed Ctrl+Z not working correctly in Offline player
- Fixed 'Error Communicating with device' message showing when DDJ SR2 is connected
- Fixed Windows DPI scaling restricting application from opening due to minimum screen resolution
- Fixed Analysis Settings popup not allowing tooltip to be open at the same time
- Fixed an issue where the Roland DJ-808 could not connect to Serato DJ on macOS High Sierra
- Fixed a potential hang when connecting Rane SL4 with no drivers installed
- Fixed 'Error Communicating with device' error message showing when connecting Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2
- Fixed Roland TR-S not correctly aligning with the beatgrid
- Fixed Temp Cue not drawing at correct position when the beatgrid is at a negative value
- Fixed Temp Cue remaining after track is ejected
- Fixed Temp cue jumping to start of active loop
- Fixed cursor flickering while dragging from Deck/Sample slot (MacOS)
- Fixed Play From Start not being respected when Sticker Lock is enabled
- Fixed album art box being too long in horizontal and vertical view
- Fixed an issue where the album art would stay visible
- Fixed track starting from playhead position of last loaded track when no song load options are set
- Fixed an issue being unable to jump to a letter when inside a crate
- Fixed an issue turning MIDI output lighting ON when mapping Sync
- Fixed a possible dropout switching between Fav FX banks before FX are turned on
- Fixed MIDI Output lighting not toggling for Sampler midi mappable controls
- Fixed MIDI Mapped Video upfader not working unless upfader link is enabled
- Fixed Sampler panel height not returning correctly when closed
- Fixed bloated iTunes XML causing a crash
- Fixed a potential crash when resizing application window continuously
- Fixed a potential crash on exit
- Updated the auto backup message on exit screen
- Updated various tooltips and translations
- Updated application icons

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