Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4 軟體資訊介紹&下載

記錄一切(遊戲 + 電腦屏幕),並保存為 AVI,MP4 文件。 Bandicam 是最好的遊戲,視頻和桌面屏幕錄製軟件。您可以錄製 WOW,Minecraft,iTunes,YouTube,PowerPoint,網絡攝像頭,Skype,視頻聊天,流媒體視頻和桌面屏幕沒有滯後。下載 Bandicam Windows 的離線安裝程序安裝 Windows.

Bandicam 在錄製時壓縮視頻,並使用更低的 CPU / GPU / RAM 使用率,並完全支持 Nvidia NVENC / CUDA,Intel Quick Sync 視頻和 AMD APP 的硬件加速 h.264 編碼器可以高速錄製視頻,壓縮比高,質量好。因此,它有較少的滯後,你可以保存你的硬盤和 CPU。 Bandicam 在“DirectX / OpenGL 窗口”模式下激活時在屏幕的角落顯示 FPS 編號。它還可以以高達 3840x2160 的分辨率錄製高質量的視頻(可以製作 2160P UHD 視頻),並且您的網絡攝像頭流將被同時錄製並與遊戲 / 屏幕錄製合併(畫中畫,Video-in-Video )。另外,Bandicam 支持實時繪圖功能,讓用戶在錄製電腦屏幕的同時畫線,框或高亮。您可以將錄製的文件上傳到 YouTube 而無需轉換,因為錄製的文件尺寸比其他軟件(1/5〜1/20 視頻尺寸)小得多。

Bandicam 支持 AVI 2.0,只要本地硬盤有可用空間(超過 24 小時錄製可能),最大文件大小是無限的。此外,Bandicam 在桌面錄製模式下,支持鼠標光標的實時高亮和鼠標點擊效果,這是競爭軟件所缺乏的一個特點。當這些鼠標效果與簡單的麥克風錄音結合使用時,Bandicam PC 離線安裝程序是製作教程的理想屏幕錄像機。

Bandicam 的主要特點:
Bandicam 遊戲錄像機可以錄製 DirectX / OpenGL 程序,如 Fraps(Fraps Alternative,Better than Fraps®)錄製的文件大小比其他軟件小得多(Bandicam 在錄製時壓縮視頻)您可以將錄製的文件上傳到 YouTube 而無需轉換(可以製作 720p / 1080p 全高清視頻)您可以在 24 小時內錄製而不會停止(可以使用自動完成錄製功能)您可以以高達 3840 x 2160 的分辨率錄製 4K 超高清視頻您將體驗到比其他遊戲捕捉軟件(使用更低的 CPU / GPU / 硬盤)更少的延遲注意:免費嘗試,功能有限。輸出文件上的水印。 10 分鐘錄音限制.

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Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.4


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Bandicam Company


What's new in this version:

Improved Page Management Tools (EX):
- You will be able to drag and drop pages between Page Manager windows to copy pages to other page management folders.
- The following operations will be possible from the Story menu > Import Page command.
- Import multiple pages at once
- Select page management files (extension: .cmc)

New Settings For Stabilization by Speed (EX/PRO/DEBUT):
- A new option has been added to the existing Adjust by speed setting. You can now choose to adjust the stabilization level to increase when drawing slowly to avoid small jitters. This setting can be adjusted in Sub Tool Detail > Correction.

New Artistic Filter (EX/PRO/DEBUT):
- The Artistic filter will be added to the Filter > Effect menu. You can create line art and painting-style effects from photographs and images.

Other Improvements and Changes:
- We have also made some other function improvements, specification changes, and bug fixes based on feedback from Clip Studio Paint users.
- Improved quality of line tones with gradients. (EX/PRO only)
- (iPad) On iPad OS 13 and later, the Search for fonts not in this list option will be added to the font list in the Tool Property palette. Fonts installed on the iPad from the system font picker can be added to the font list. (EX/PRO only)
- (mac) Support for touch gestures (EX/PRO only)
- You will be able to use touch gestures with the trackpad.
- When using macOS 10.15 or later, you will be able to use touch gestures on the iPad using Sidecar.
- In the Layer menu > New Layer, the command Clip Studio Share > Foil layer has been added. This type of layer creates a foil effect when viewing the artwork in Clip Studio Share.
- Smart Smoothing will be released as a standard function.
- (Windows/macOS) The “Getting Started” tour will appear upon newly installing or updating the software. Once displayed, it will not appear again until the next update. You can view the “Getting Started” tour again from the Help menu.
- The new update will also include more than 50 other improvements and bug fixes.

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