Sandboxie Plus 1.0.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Bandicut 是超快速的視頻切割 / 加入軟件與易於使用的界面。它允許用戶快速剪裁部分視頻,同時保持原有的視頻質量。用戶還可以從視頻中提取音頻到 MP3,加入多個視頻文件,從視頻中刪除一個或多個部分,或將視頻分割成多個文件。

隨著 Bandicut,每個人都可以輕鬆選擇切割區域並合併多個視頻。您還可以快速將大型視頻文件分割成較小的視頻剪輯或修剪不需要的視頻部分,如廣告,攝像頭和預告片。 AVI Joiner Software
Bandicut 可以剪切 / 合併視頻文件作為一個 AVI 切割機 / 木匠,MP4 切割機 / 木匠,MOV 切割機 / 木匠或 MPEG 切割機 / 木匠。它適用於 AVI,MP4,MOV,M4V,MKV,MPEG,MPG,DAT,VOB,FLV,ASF,WMV,TS,TP,TRP,MPE,MPV2,MP2V,M2T,M2TS,K3G, DIVX,WM,WMX,WVX,RM,RMVB,RAM,IVF,OGM,VP6,XVD.

無損視頻切割軟件能夠切割視頻的某些部分,無需重新編碼。有很多視頻切割器程序。但是,如果您想剪切,修剪,剪裁,分割視頻文件或合併多個分段而不降低視頻質量,請嘗試 Bandicut!

Bandicut 能夠精確地切割“用戶選擇的任何框架”之間。其他的視頻剪輯程序只是在“關鍵幀”之間切割。但是,Bandicut 允許用戶精確地選擇切割區域,并快速切割所選區域。

硬件加速的 H.264 視頻編碼器支持
Bandicut 支持硬件加速的英特爾快速同步 h.264 編碼器,它允許您切割,加入 / 合併,修剪 / 裁剪,以高品質的高速分割視頻。如果您有新的 Intel CPU(i3 / 5/7),則可以比 H.264 基本編碼器更快地剪切視頻.


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Sandboxie Plus 1.0.0 (64-bit)


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Bandicam Company


What's new in this version:

- added Privacy enhanced mode, sandboxes with "UsePrivacyMode=y" will not allow read access to locations containing user data
- all locations except generic Windows system paths will need to be opened explicitly for read and/or write access
- using "NormalFilePath=...", "NormalKeyPath=...", "NormalIpcPath=..." allows to open locations to be readable and sandboxed
- added new "App Compartment" mode of operation, it's enabled by adding "NoSecurityIsolation=y" to the box configuration
- in this mode, security is traded in for compatibility, it should not be used for untrusted applications
- note: in this mode, file and registry filtering are still in place, hence processes run without administrative privileges
- it is reasonably safe, all filtering can be disabled with "NoSecurityFiltering=y"
- added experimental use of ObRegisterCallbacks to filter object creation and duplication
- this filtering is independent from the regular SbieDrv's syscall-based filtering, hence it also applies to App Compartments
- with it enabled, an application running in a compartment will not be able to manipulate processes running outside the sandbox
- Note: this feature improves the security of unisolated App Compartment boxes
- to enable this feature, set "EnableObjectFiltering=y" in the global section and reload the driver
- when globally activated, the filtering can be disabled for individual boxes with "DisableObjectFilter=y"
- added "DontOpenForBoxed=n", this option disables the discrimination of boxed processes for open file and open key directives
- this behaviour does not really improve security anyways, but may be annoying, also app compartments always disable this
- added setting to entirely open access to the COM infrastructure

- reworked the resource access path matching mechanism to optionally apply more specific rules over less specific ones
- for example "OpenFilePath=C:UserMeAppDataFirefox takes precedence over "WriteFilePath=C:UserMe"
- to enable this new behaviour, add "UseRuleSpecificity=y" to your Sandboxie.ini, this behaviour is always enabled in Privacy enhanced mode
- added "NormalFilePath=..." to restore default Sandboxie behaviour on a given path
- added "OpenConfPath=...", which similarly to "OpenPipePath=..." is a "OpenKeyPath=..." variant which applies to executables located in the sandbox
- removed option to copy a box during creation, instead the box context menu offers a duplication option
- reworked the box creation dialog to offer new box types

- SBIE1401 notification during Sandboxie Plus uninstall
- memory leak in driver handling FLT_FILE_NAME_INFORMATION

Bandicut 相關參考資料