Nextcloud 3.4.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Bandizip 是一個易於使用的界面的超快速文件壓縮軟件。它允許你創建自己的壓縮文件,如 ZIP,7Z,TAR,ISO,並提取最受歡迎的壓縮文件,如 RAR。可以創建 Zip,ZipX,TAR,TGZ,LZH,ISO,7Z,EXE 和開放 RAR,ACE,AES,ALZ,APK,ARJ,BH,BIN,BZ,BZ2,CAB,EGG,GZ,J2J,JAR, IMG,IPA,ISZ,LHA,LZMA,PMA,TBZ,TBZ2,TGZ,TLZ,TXZ,UDF,WAR,WIM,XPI,XZ 和 Z 檔案文件。這個程序能夠創建分割壓縮文件為 Zip(zip,z01,z02,7z.001),Zipx(zipx,zx01,zx02),7Z(7z.001,7z.002)和 EXE(exe,e01,e02 )到一定大小,如 25MB 或 700MB。它還可以提取由 WinRAR 創建的分割 RAR 文件(.part1.rar,.part2.rar)。 Bandizip 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。這是 Bandizip.

Bandizip 的完整脫機安裝程序安裝程序使用 AES-256 加密,這是創建 7z 或 zipx 文件格式時最安全的加密算法之一。使用各種文件壓縮軟件(包括 WinZip,WinRAR,7-Zip)可以提取用 Bandizip 壓縮的壓縮文件。 Bandizip 允許用戶使用 Windows Explore 上的右鍵菜單預覽壓縮的內容。另外,用戶直接看到壓縮的 ZIP,RAR,7Z,LZH 或 TAR 文件中包含的圖像文件,而無需解壓縮。 Bandizip 的另一個優點是它完全支持 Unicode,以確保在檔案中顯示國際字符的文件名。非英文字符如韓文,中文,日文,俄文等將被正確處理,並且將在不破壞原文件名的情況下被提取.89979423

Bandizip Screenshot 1
Bandizip Screenshot 2
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Nextcloud 3.4.0


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

- Skip sync exclude file from list of exclude files if it doesn't exist
- Give the user a more descriptive error message when syncing is aborted
- Bugfix/fix vfs pin state
- Use from Brander
- Use default sharing permissions from server
- Auto update app image
- Add file activity dialog
- Trim trailing spaces before uploading files
- Feature/next generation propagator
- Feature/unified search
- Sync progress in main dialog
- Fix argp references on FreeBSD
- Setup clang-format for cpp11 universal init
- Don't log encryption data in release mode
- Fix incorrect db name for nextcloud command line client
- Fixed grammar
- Make virtual files feature documentation more understandable
- Sync-exclude: add .Spotlight-V100
- Remove Temporary solution for file restoration issue due to set the data-fingerprint
- Enable Sonarcloud
- Refactor ShareLinkWidget
- Ensure DLL are generated with branded names
- Display the right endpoint in the warning in case of error
- Fix macOs build after targets name are not changed by branding
- Add missing copyright headers
- Fix BUILD_TESTING on non Linux unices
- Add .sync-exclude.lst to exclude files
- Set dialog max and min width and height before width and height
- Only use basic authentication if needed
- Provide logs of SSL errors including the certificate chain
- Feature/bulk upload
- Check if current user exists before getting it's account state
- Also update sync state summary based on connectivity
- Sonarcloud improvements
- Correct typo and remove apostrophe
- Target names are not changed in branded builds only the output filenames
- Changed wording of status message
- Windows. Remove CWD from DLL search paths
- Log file name and line number
- Let sonarcloud takes automated tests into account
- Fix folder creation issues
- Our source code files have lower case names
- Changed triple dot to ellipsis
- Request OCSP data for peer certificates
- Properly extract the file id when querying server
- By default we produce debug logs because we need them
- Pass username from Windows to login page
- Add profile page
- Bugfix/unified search bug fixes
- Replace deprecated QRegExp with QRegularExpression
- Make argument singular to fix i18n issue
- Implement expiration date for federated shares
- Don't do a connection checks when using push notifications
- Add an option to enforce use of virtual files sync folder
- Add a script to create a universal app package
- CMake: fail if Qt5::GuiPrivate is not found
- Take branding for vfs plugins into account
- Bump to version 3.4.0-rc1
- Let the macOS installer know that the application can run on Arm64
- Check if the server has user status app enabled
- Compile Finder extensions for arm and x86
- We run on Windows 8.1+
- Make scrolling with a touchpad in activity list and search result more natural
- Fix focus indicator
- Correct virtual files placeholder files if needed
- Avoid adding icon data in a cache we never use
- Add a network access factory to qml engine
- Only build app bundle if requested
- Added more logs to 'postProcessLocalNew'
- Use QUrl::fromLocalFile to open local files in Unified Search results
- Quick fix! Disable VFS folders removal for non-Windows VFS.
- Properly query sync journal DB to know when to run fix for VFS
- Fix button that should be disabled when force VFS
- Bugfix/various vfs fixes
- Cleanup system bindings from Windows when removing a local sync folder
- Release 3.4.0 RC2
- If BulkPropagatorJob abort after an error emit finished signal
- Bugfix/speed up bulk upload
- Bump VERSION.cmake to 3.4.0

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