DbVisualizer 10.0.23 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Betternet 為 Windows 提供的無限制免費 VPN 使您能夠訪問所有被封鎖的網站,並使您在瀏覽網頁時安全和匿名.

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Betternet 功能:

使用 Betternet Windows VPN,可以在您的 Chrome 瀏覽器上訪問被封鎖網站的整個範圍。您可以隨處訪問 YouTube,Facebook 和 Twitter。您將能夠快速訪問被政府封鎖的所有社交網絡和新聞網站.

當您連接到 Betternet 時,它會自動找到最近的服務器,以獲得最佳的連接體驗。通過連接到最快的服務器,您的上網速度更穩定,您不必再擔心連接速度慢.

匿名和安全地對網絡進行網上沖浪是網上用戶最重要的事情之一。使用 Betternet Windows VPN,您的數據和個人信息在網絡上得到保護,任何人都無法在 Internet 上跟踪您的活動。您可以自信地使用公共無線網絡,而不會害怕黑客.

您可能正在旅行,想要觀看自己喜歡的電視節目,體育頻道和電影,或者聽音樂欣賞音樂流媒體應用。隨著 Betternet 的 Windows 的 VPN,您可以訪問 Netflix 的,潘多拉,節拍 1,英國廣播公司的 iPlayer 和許多其他網站.

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DbVisualizer 10.0.23 (64-bit)


67.9 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Betternet Technologies Inc.



What's new in this version:

- Auto Completion Column names should be auto completed even though preceded by "top <number>"
- Docs: Users Guide Improve usability of the Compare functionality
- Connection Setup The connect window should show database connection name in window title
- Offer quick search in Driver Properties tab for a database connection
- DB Support: Redshift Upgrade the Redshift JDBC Driver to 1.2.34
- DB Support: TIBCO
- Database Objects Tree All Schemas from every catalog display under each individual catalog when connected to TIBCO Data Virtualization
- Database Objects Tree Have an option to set that columns in the Databases tab are sorted alphabetically. (Right-click in Databases tab and select "Sort...")
- General The dbviscmd and dbvisgui command scripts should use any JRE that is bundled with the DbVisualizer installation, and then look in the PATH or the JAVA_EXEC environment variable
- Grid Component Change default horizontal scrolling in grids to variable (was column)
- Look and Feel: macOS
- OS Support: macOS Make the unselected tab color darker for the macOS look and feel
- Tool Properties Add "Global Properties" link in the connection properties panes

Bugs Fixed:
- Command Line Support (dbviscmd) The command-line interface, dbviscmd should run even if logging can not be initiated
- dbviscmd does not honor the connection property for "Strip Comments when Executing"
- Grid Component Editing grid shifts focus to the compare view if compare view is open for the same grid
- SQL Editor Undo in original editor not possible after compare
- Connection Setup Setting default values for driver properties in drivers.xml should not result in the error balloon being displayed
- Contact Support Exception when system clipboard is not available
- DB Support: Oracle Exception when creating a Job object with Oracle 11.2
- An error may be reported if changing the Attribute for a Scheduler Job object
- DB Support: PostgreSQL Non unique Index is marked as UNIQUE in the DDL tab
- DB Support: Redshift Stored procedures in Redshift having all unnamed parameters can not be viewed in the Procedure Editor
- DB Support: SQL Server Right-click "Open in xxx Tab" and "Script: xxx" actions doesn't work in the Tables/Views grids
- DB Support: SQL Server
- Procedure Editor Stored procedure with null definition gives an error
- DB Support: SQLite An error may occur in Alter Table if table contains a column including "check" in its name
- Grid Component Jump to Quick Filter key binding in Row Form window doesn't work
- Import
- SQL Log ConcurrentModificationException when importing data
- Java 8
- OS Support: Linux Programatically deactivate the org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper on Linux with OpenJDK 8. Solves the infamous "componentResized" issue
- SQL Commander When auto-commit is off and commit is clicked in the "there are open transactions" dialog any errors are only visible in the debug log
- Changing the data type for a "noshow" variable doesn't have any effect other than for its first reference
- Progress percentage to high when go <nn> is used

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