Node.js 13.13.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Betternet 為 Windows 提供的無限制免費 VPN 使您能夠訪問所有被封鎖的網站,並使您在瀏覽網頁時安全和匿名.

您只需點擊“連接”按鈕即可連接到最快的 VPN 服務器,並使用 Betternet 無限的時間。您將能夠解鎖所有被封鎖的網站,並在瀏覽網頁時保持您的隱私.

Betternet 功能:

使用 Betternet Windows VPN,可以在您的 Chrome 瀏覽器上訪問被封鎖網站的整個範圍。您可以隨處訪問 YouTube,Facebook 和 Twitter。您將能夠快速訪問被政府封鎖的所有社交網絡和新聞網站.

當您連接到 Betternet 時,它會自動找到最近的服務器,以獲得最佳的連接體驗。通過連接到最快的服務器,您的上網速度更穩定,您不必再擔心連接速度慢.

匿名和安全地對網絡進行網上沖浪是網上用戶最重要的事情之一。使用 Betternet Windows VPN,您的數據和個人信息在網絡上得到保護,任何人都無法在 Internet 上跟踪您的活動。您可以自信地使用公共無線網絡,而不會害怕黑客.

您可能正在旅行,想要觀看自己喜歡的電視節目,體育頻道和電影,或者聽音樂欣賞音樂流媒體應用。隨著 Betternet 的 Windows 的 VPN,您可以訪問 Netflix 的,潘多拉,節拍 1,英國廣播公司的 iPlayer 和許多其他網站.

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Node.js 13.13.0 (64-bit)


28.52 MB

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Betternet Technologies Inc.


What's new in this version:

New file system APIs:
Added a new function, fs.readv (with sync and promisified versions). This function takes an array of ArrayBufferView elements and will write the data it reads sequentially to the buffers
A new overload is available for fs.readSync, which allows to optionally pass any of the offset, length and position parameters

Other changes:
- Added the dns.ALL flag, that can be passed to dns.lookup() with dns.V4MAPPED to return resolved IPv6 addresses as well as IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses
- The default maximum HTTP header size was changed from 8KB to 16KB
Calls to napi_call_threadsafe_function from the main thread can now return the napi_would_deadlock status in certain circumstances
Added a new maxStrLength option to util.inspect, to control the maximum length of printed strings. Its default value is Infinity
Added support for passing a transferList along with workerData to the Worker constructor

- async_hooks: use hasHooks function internally
- async_hooks: move to lazy destroy hook registration in AsyncResource
- benchmark: fix error on server close in AsyncLocalStorage benchmark
- benchmark: use let instead of var in worker
- benchmark: use let instead of var in util
- benchmark: use let instead of var in url
- benchmark: use let instead of var in tls
- benchmark: use let instead of var in timers
- benchmark: use let instead of var in run.js
- benchmark: use let instead of var in dns
- benchmark: use let instead of var in common.js
- benchmark: use const instead of var in async_hooks
- benchmark: add no-var rule in .eslintrc.yaml
- build: output dots instead of tap in GitHub actions
- build: move doc versions JSON file out of out/doc
- build: fix LINT_MD_NEWER assignment
- build: remove .txt files from .gitignore
- build: log detected compilers in --verbose mode
- build: use tabs for indentation in Makefile
- build: remove make lint on lint-py
- build: disable -Wattributes warnings on air
- build: drop Travis in favor of Actions
- console: fixup error message
- crypto: clear openssl error stack after en/decrypt
- deps: fix zlib compilation for CPUs without SIMD features
- deps: update archs files for OpenSSL-1.1.1f
- deps: upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1f
- deps: update acorn to v7.1.1
- dns: remove duplicate code
- (SEMVER-MINOR) dns: add dns.ALL hints flag constant
- doc: add link to code ide configs
- doc: replace node-test-pull-request-lite-pipeline from onboarding
- doc: add useful v8 option secti
- doc: add himself65 to collaborators
- doc: clarify behavior of napi_get_typedarray_info
- doc: remove optional parameter from markdown anchor link
- doc: clarify listening event
- doc: update Ninja information in build guide
- doc: correct version metadata for Readable.from
- doc: make openssl commit messages be valid
- doc: adjust paths in openssl maintenance guide
- doc: clarify docs exception may be emitted
- doc: add unreachable code on events example
- doc: clarify length param in buffer.write
- doc: document that server.address() can return null
- doc: return type of crypto.getFips() may change
- doc: fix return type of crypto.getFips()
- doc: clarify requireManualDestroy option
- doc: fix wordy sente
- doc: add missing changes: entry for dns.ALL
- doc: fix more links
- doc: improve markdown link checker
- doc: add flarna to collaborators
- doc: improve documentation
- doc: update releaser list in
- doc: add ASAN build instructions
- doc: update context-aware section of addon doc
- doc: update AUTHORS list
- doc: tests local links in markdown documents
- doc: fix typo in http2 docs
- doc: fix typo in maintaining-zlib guide
- doc: fix typo in maintaining-openssl guide
- doc: fix profile type of --heap-prof-name
- doc: use uppercase on windows path
- doc: rename to fit doc style guide
- doc: add missing changes: entry for mkdir
- doc: add mildsunrise to collaborators
- doc: add link to DNS definition
- doc,crypto: clarify oaepHash option's impact
- (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: make parameters optional for readSync
- fs: fix when passing null value
- (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add fs.readv()
- fs: fixup error message for invalid options.recursive
- http: fix incorrect headersTimeout measuremen
- http: move free socket error handling to agent
- http: don't emit 'readable' after 'close'
- http: increase default header size from 8KB to 16KB
- http: fixup options.method error message
- lib: fix return type of setTimeout in net.So
- lib: removes unnecessary params
- lib: changed functional logic in cluster schedulers
- lib: removed unused error code
- lib: replace Array to ArrayIsArray by primordials
- module: expose exports conditions to loaders
- module: path-only CJS exports extension searching
- (SEMVER-MINOR) n-api: detect deadlocks in thread-safe function
- net: fix crash if POLLHUP is received
- net: wait for shutdown to complete before closing
- perf_hooks: allow omitted parameters in 'performance.measure'
- repl: fixup error message
- report: fix stderr matching for fatal error
- report: add missing locks for report_on_fatalerror accessors
- src: removes unused v8::Integer and v8::Array namespace
- src: remove unused v8::TryCatch namespace
- src: remove duplicated code
- src: sync access for report and openssl options
- src: refactor to avoid goto in
- src: munmap(2) upon class instance destructor
- src: fix warnings on SPrintF
- src: replace goto with lambda in options parser
- src: fix extra includes of "env.h" and "env-inl.h"
- src: avoid using elevated v8 namespaces in node_perf.h
- src: avoid using elevated v8 namespaces in node_errors.h
- src: minor http2 refactorings
- src: rename http2 class and suppress compile warnings
- src: use smart pointers for nghttp2 objects
- src: remove loop_init_failed_ from Worker class
- src: clean up worker thread creation code
- src: move JSONWriter into its own file
- src: align PerformanceState class name with conventions
- src: handle report options on fatalerror
- src: refactoring and cleanup of node_i18n
- src: remove unnecessary 'Local.As' operation
- src: add test/abort build tasks
- src: add aliased-buffer-overflow abort test
- src: check for overflow when extending AliasedBufferBase
- src: unify Linux and FreeBSD large pages implem
- src: replace handle dereference with ContainerOf
- src: enhance template function 'MakeUtf8String'
- src: fix compiler warnings in node_report_module
- src: remove excess v8 namespace
- src: simplify large pages mapping code
- src: clean v8 namespaces in file
- src: check for empty maybe local
- src: cleanup DestroyParam when Environment exits
- src,test: add regression test for nested Worker termination
- stream: complete pipeline with stdio
- stream: change var to let/const in stream file
- test: replace console.log/error with debuglog
- test: make sure that inspector tests finish
- test: save test file in temporary directory
- test: fix check error name on error instance
- Revert "test: mark empty udp tests flaky on OS X"
- test: remove unused variables on async hook test
- test: check that --expose-internals is disallowed in NODE_OPTIONS
- test: refactor test-worker
- test: add Worker initialization failure test case
- test: fix tool path in test-doctool-versions.js
- test: copy addons .gitignore to test/abort/
- test: refactor test-http2-buffersize
- test: skip crypto test on arm buildbots
- test: replace console.error() with debuglog calls
- test: fix python-version selection with actions
- test: add a missing common.mustCall
- test: remove unnecessary console.log() calls
- test: replace console.log() with debuglog()
- test: validate util.format when the value is 'Infinity'
- test: fix fs test-fs-utimes strictEqual arg order
- test: replace flag expose_internals to expose-internals
- test: use common.mustCall in test-worker-esm-exit
- test: use template strings in parallel tests
- test: add known issues test for
- test: mark test-http2-reset-flood flaky on bsd
- test: add test-worker-prof to the SLOW list for debug
- test: refactor test-http-information-processing
- test: fix a typo on test-fs-read-optional-params
- test: skip a wasi test on IBMi PASE
- test: harden the tick sampling logic
- test: als variant of test-timers-clearImmediate
- test: skip some binding tests on IBMi PASE
- test: revise test-http-response-multi-content-length
- test: remove a duplicated test
- test: check bundled binaries are signed on macOS
- test: unflake async-hooks/test-statwatcher
- test: use Promise.all() in test-cluster-net-listen-ipv6only-false
- test: replace Map with Array in test-cluster-net-listen-ipv6only-false
- test: revise test-http-client-default-headers-exist
- tools: update Boxstarter script and document
- tools: update ESLint to 7.0.0-alpha.3
- tools: only fetch previous versions when necessary
- tracing: do not attempt to call into JS when disallowed
- (SEMVER-MINOR) util: add maxStrLength option to inspect function
- util: only inspect error properties that are not visible otherwise
- util: fix inspecting document.all
- wasi: clean up options validation
- win,build: set exit_code on configure failure
- (SEMVER-MINOR) worker: support MessagePort to workers data
- worker: do not emit 'exit' events during process.exit()
- worker: runtime error on pthread creation

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