Beyond Compare 4.4.0 Build 25886 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Beyond Compare,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Beyond Compare 允許您快速輕鬆地比較您的文件和文件夾。通過使用簡單而強大的命令,您可以專注於您感興趣的差異,忽略那些您不感興趣的差異。然後,您可以合併更改,同步文件並為您的記錄生成報告.

您可以高速比較整個驅動器和文件夾,只檢查大小和修改時間。或者,逐字節比較徹底驗證每個文件。 FTP 站點,雲存儲和 zip 文件無縫地集成在一起,強大的過濾器使您可以將所見僅限於您感興趣的內容。一旦找到了您感興趣的特定文件,Beyond Compare 就可以智能地選擇最好的方法來比較和顯示它們。文本文件可以用語法突出顯示來查看和編輯,比較規則專門針對文檔,源代碼和 HTML 進行調整。 Microsoft Word .doc 和 Adobe .pdf 文件的文本內容也可以進行比較但不能編輯。數據文件,可執行文件,二進制數據和圖像都具有專用的查看器,因此您始終可以清楚地了解所做的更改。合併視圖允許您將來自兩個版本文件或文件夾的更改組合成一個輸出。它的智能方法使您能夠在仔細檢查衝突的同時快速接受大部分變更。顏色編碼和部分突出顯示允許您輕鬆容易地接受,拒絕或合併更改。合併文件時,可以使用內置的語法高亮編輯器來更改輸出中的任何行。通過使用 Beyond Compare 強大的文件類型支持以及支持從一個文件更改的功能,您甚至可以輕鬆地接受許多更改,而無需查看它們。

Beyond Compare 直觀的文件夾同步界面可讓您自動協調數據中的差異。您可以有效地更新您的筆記本電腦,備份您的計算機,或管理您的網站,Beyond Compare 將處理所有的細節。您可以在磁盤,FTP 服務器和 zip 文件之間進行複制,所有這些都使用相同的界面。任何你不想受到影響的東西都可以很容易地過濾出來,而且所有強大的比較技術都可以使用,使得備份盡可能快速或者強健,就像你需要的那樣.

注意:30 天試用版.

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Beyond Compare 4.4.0 Build 25886


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Scooter Software, Inc.


What's new in this version:

Notable Changes:
- Added support for TLS 1.3
- Various enhancements for SFTP support
- Updated Dropbox profiles to use new short-lived access tokens
- Linux/macOS: Fixed corruption of characters outside the Unicode basic multilingual plane (e.g., emoji)
- Various fixes and enhancements

Cloud Services:
- Added support for TLS 1.3
- Updated Dropbox profiles to use new short-lived access tokens
- Linux: Fixed support for automatically trusting TLS certificates signed by a trusted certificate authority

File Views:
- Linux: Added support for https:// URLs
- Linux: Fixed corruption of characters outside the Unicode basic multilingual plane (e.g., emoji). Displaying emoji is not supported yet, so they will show as <?> U+FFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER, but will remain the original characters when saving/editing
- macOS: Fixed support for characters outside the Unicode basic multilingual plane (e.g., emoji)
- macOS: Fixed "Find..." autocomplete incorrectly changing capitilization when the search string matches an MRU string

Folder Compare:
- Windows: Fixed using large buffers when loading remote network drives
- macOS: Fixed "Copy to Side" command not appearing on the toolbar or in menus if configured to do so

- Added support for Ed25519 SSH keys
- Added support for OpenSSH's newer private key format
- Added support for [email protected] SSH HMAC algorithm
- Added support for TLS 1.3 for FTPS connections
- Fixed dropped SFTP connections when uploading files to CrushFTP
- Fixed truncated files when uploading to a Windows 10 OpenSSH server
- Fixed truncated files when downloading from an HP/Tandem NonStop SFTP server
- Adjusted SSH key exchange algorithms to be more conservative

- Linux: Updated .deb/.rpm packages to use https for remote repositories

- Linux: Check for Updates now uses HTTPS connections
- Linux: Fixed file sizes showing as <?> on locales that use non-ASCII characters (e.g., No-break space)
- macOS: Fixed failure to launch a file comparison if an external process attempted it while BC was shutting down
- macOS: Fixed various issues with Finder extension
- macOS: Fixed file view path edits showing the old path when loading a new file
- macOS: Fixed file save dialog growing too wide and not being resizeable on macOS Big Sur and later
- macOS: Fixed ESC to close modal dialogs even if they don't have a 'Cancel' button

Picture Compare:
- macOS: Fixed "Browse Using File System" showing all file types as unselectable

Text Merge:
- macOS: Fixed "Align With" behavior

- Fixed intermittent crash on shutdown

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