QGIS 3.22.1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 64 位構建於 AV-TEST Best Protection 連續三年授予的技術上,以及最佳的系統速度性能。這是非常容易使用。它可以檢測到您正在工作,正在播放或正在觀看電影,並防止應用程序彈出或放慢您的系統。下載 BitDefender Antivirus Offline Installer 安裝程序!

OneClick Optimizer 釋放硬盤空間並執行註冊表修復和隱私清理。在無與倫比的反惡意軟件保護之上,Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 64 位保護您的網上銀行和 BitDefender Safepay 購物一個獨特,安全的瀏覽器。它還通過自動完成 Bitdefender 錢包中的信用卡詳細信息縮短了購買流程。 !的 Windows 10 兼容

Bitdefender 殺毒產品特點:

Complete 數據 Protection
Bitdefender 大局; 強大的技術今天甚至消除最危險的電子郵件威脅。 BitDefender 的塊一切從傳統的病毒,蠕蟲和木馬到勒索,零日攻擊,Rootkit 和 spyware.

Active 威脅 Control
Behavioural 檢測技術,它通過不斷地監測活動的程序和所有的標記可疑 activities.

Ransomware Protection
Bitdefender 塊作為一個附加的保護層勒索軟件,甚至新的或未知的,從您的個人文件加密和要求勒索。您可以選擇要保護的區域。下載 Bitdefender Antivirus Offline Installer 安裝程序.

Bitdefender Photon&
創新的獨家技術,通過逐漸成型到您的 PC,可以在幾小時內顯著提高速度和性能.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 在雲中運行所有可能的掃描,設備性能。只掃描您的數據簽名,不會上傳或存儲任何文件.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 確保您專注於自己的活動。它可以檢測當你玩,工作或觀看電影,並暫時消除了彈出窗口,調整視覺設置,並暫停不必要的背景 programs.

Bitdefender 自動駕駛儀和貿易;
Provides 用沒有你的輸入作出最佳的安全性相關的決策無憂的體驗。這意味著,沒有彈出窗口,沒有警告,沒什麼 configure.

Fast 和安全 Payments
Each 時候你和 rsquo; 再一個結帳頁面上,BitDefender 的大局; 密碼管理器自動付款明細 page.

Quick 漏洞輸入憑據 Scanner
With 一個單一的點擊,漏洞掃描器自動警告的過時和脆弱的軟件,丟失的 Windows 安全補丁,以及潛在的不安全系統 settings.

Note:30 天試用 version.

Also:下載的 BitDefender 為 Mac

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QGIS 3.22.1


Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64





What's new in this version:

- Feature: Annotation layer properties and effects
- Feature: Edit nodes in an annotation item
- Feature: Move selected annotation with cursor keys
- Feature: Create line/ polygon annotation item tools
- Feature: New point text tool
- Feature: Annotations toolbar

Map Tools:
- Feature: Add a “measure bearing” map tool

User Interface:
- Feature: Toggle editing on multiple selected layers
- Feature: Identify layer groups and all selected layers
- Feature: Add a ‘Show in Files’ action for all file items in browser

- Feature: Custom units for geometry generator symbol layers
- Feature: Symbology reference scale for vector layers
- Feature: Invert colors filter option for raster rendering

- Feature: Specify unit for data defined label rotation

- Feature: Create new mesh layer
- Feature: Mesh frame editing
- Feature: Mesh frame editing lifecycle
- Feature: Edit mesh map tool
- Feature: Advanced mesh editing enhancements
- Feature: Select editable mesh elements by polygon
- Feature: Select mesh elements by existing geometries
- Feature: Select mesh elements by expression
- Feature: Transform single vertex
- Feature: Reindex/ renumber mesh layer
- Feature: Force mesh by polylines
- Feature: Mesh transform by expression

- Feature: Allow using physical DPI for map canvas
- Feature: Data defined raster layer opacity

Print Layouts:
- Feature: Predefined scale support for point-driven atlases
- Feature: Indentation of legend groups and subgroups

- Feature: Mesh expression functions for vertex_as_point and vertex_z
- Feature: Expression function for $z
- Feature: Affine transform expression
- Feature: Straight distance2d expression
- Feature: Add sinuosity expression
- Feature: New exif() and exif_geotag() functions

- Feature: Geometry snapper algorithm optimization
- Feature: Convert to curve with vertex tool
- Feature: Add Z/M support to Advanced Digitizing

Data Management:
- Feature: Drag and Drop support for external storage file widget
- Feature: File-based dataset size and last modified date in the layer properties dialog
- Feature: Rename files in QGIS Browser
- Feature: Move GPS tools “add gpx layer” functionality to Data Source Manager
- Feature: Load projects from GPKG using drag and drop
- Feature: External Storage support

Forms and Widgets:
- Feature: Drag & Drop designer form actions

Layer Legend:
- Feature: Use placeholder icon in legend for raster layers

Analysis Tools:
- Feature: Add if() function to raster calculator
- Feature: Virtual raster support in raster calculator

- Feature: Annotation layer parameter type for processing
- Feature: Add a POST option to the FileDownloader processing algorithm
- Feature: Add new “Select within distance” and “Extract within distance” algorithms
- Feature: Point cloud parameter for Processing
- Feature: Remove the GPS importer plugin
- Feature: Convert GPX feature type processing algorithm
- Feature: Add incremental field with modulo option
- Feature: Duration parameter
- Feature: Spatiotemporal ST-DBSCAN clustering algorithm
- Feature: Move non-native processing providers into independent plugins
- Application and Project Options:
- Feature: Export all keyboard shortcuts to XML or PDF
- Feature: Move GPS Tools GPSbabel device configuration widget to global settings
- Feature: Set default path structure for new projects
- Feature: Allow configuration of the max cache size from QGIS settings

- Feature: Improved delete action for browser files
- Feature: Connections API result widget

Data Providers:
- Feature: Transactions in MSSQL provider
- Feature: Show system and internal tables in sublayer selection
- Feature: Automatically read and convert metadata from ESRI Personal Geodatabases
- Feature: Create a generic data item provider for all file based datasources

QGIS Server:
- Feature: Enable multiple MetadataUrls
- Feature: Add version to QGIS Server CLI tools

- Feature: Expose scriptable vector tile encoder
- Feature: Encode and write vector tiles in different CRS than EPSG:3857
- Feature: DistanceWithin filter for QgsFeatureRequest
- Feature: API for preset combobox values
- Feature: QgsExifTools class support for fetching tag values

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