Gradle 6.1.1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Bitdefender Total Security (32-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
BitDefender Total Security 使用機器學習技術來移除和阻止所有網絡威脅,而不會影響設備的性能。它解決了勒索軟件,密碼竊取,數據竊取,惡意軟件攔截您的付款,隱藏間諜軟件,感染,使您的設備無法操作或導致大幅度減速,並自動這樣做,為您做出最好的安全決定。

Bitdefender Total Security also 通過查明或暫時阻止您的設備來幫助您防止被盜,並將機密文件鎖定在安全保險庫中。其他功能包括一個新的防火牆,離散家長控制,在線支付瀏覽器和隱私保護,漏洞掃描器,以及在線管理和智能手機通知,每周安全報告,等等.

Bitdefender 總安全功能:

Complete 數據保護
Bitdefender 的強大技術即使是今天最危險的電子威脅。 BitDefender Total Security 2016 屏蔽了傳統病毒,蠕蟲,特洛伊木馬,勒索軟件,零時差漏洞利用,rootkits 和間諜軟件等各種威脅.


Ransomware Protection
Bitdefender Total Security 2016 阻止所有勒索軟件,甚至是新的或未知的,從您的個人文件進行加密和要求勒索。您可以選擇要保護的區域.

Bitdefender Photon&
創新的獨家技術,通過逐漸模製到您的 PC,可以在幾小時內顯著提高速度和性能.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 在雲中運行所有可能的掃描,您的設備性能應變。只掃描您的數據簽名,不會上傳或存儲任何文件.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 確保您專注於自己的活動。它可以檢測當你玩,工作或觀看電影,並暫時消除了彈出窗口,調整視覺設置,並暫停不必要的背景 programs.

Bitdefender 自動駕駛儀和貿易;
Provides 用沒有你的輸入作出最佳的安全性相關的決策無憂的體驗。這意味著沒有彈出窗口,沒有警報,沒有任何配置.

每當您在一個結帳頁面,Bitdefender 的密碼管理器自動輸入憑據在付款詳細信息頁面.

Quick 漏洞掃描器
只需單擊一下,漏洞掃描器自動警告過時和易受攻擊的軟件,缺少 Windows 安全補丁,以及可能不安全的系統設置.

注意:30 天試用版.

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Gradle 6.1.1

132 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

Improvements for plugin authors:
- Finalize property value only when the value is queried
- In previous Gradle releases, certain Gradle types, such as Property or ConfigurableFileCollection, provided a finalizeValue() method that eagerly calculated the final value for a property and prevented further changes.
- When a task starts running, Gradle automatically finalizes task properties of these types, so that the same value is seen by the task's actions and Gradle's build caching/up-to-date checks. This also avoids calculating the property value multiple times, which can sometimes be expensive. Plugins can also use finalizeValue() to finalize other properties, such as a property of a project extension, just prior to querying the value.
- In this release, these types gain a new finalizeValueOnRead() method. This method is similar to finalizeValue(), except that the final value is calculated when the value is queried rather than immediately. Plugins can use this method when a property value may be expensive to calculate or when the value may not have been configured to ensure that all consumers of the property see the same, final, value from that point onwards
- Please see the user manual for more details

New managed property types:
- Gradle 5.5 introduced the concept of a managed property for tasks and other types, where Gradle provides an implementation of the getter and setter for an abstract property defined on a task, project extension, or other custom type. This simplifies plugin implementations by removing a bunch of boilerplate.
- In this release, it is possible for a task or other custom type to have an abstract read-only property of type DomainObjectSet<T>.
- Please see the user manual for more details

New factory methods:
The ObjectFactory type, which plugins and other custom types use to create instances of various useful types, has several new factory methods to create certain Gradle types that could only be created using internal APIs in previous releases:
- The polymorphicDomainObjectContainer() method to create ExtensiblePolymorphicDomainObjectContainer<T> instances
- The namedDomainObjectSet() method to create NamedDomainObjectSet<T> instances
- The namedDomainObjectList() method to create NamedDomainObjectList<T> instances
- Please see the user manual for more details
- Improvements for Gradle tooling providers

Tooling API:
- TestLauncher can run specific Test task tests
- The TestLauncher interface in the Tooling API could already launch tests by specifying the name of the test classes or methods; however, if there are multiple Test tasks, then all Test tasks would be executed
- For IDEs, developers usually want to execute only one task at a time. Gradle 6.1 introduces a new API to execute tests with specific Test task using the withTaskAndTestClasses() and withTaskAndTestMethods() methods
- Fixed issues

4 issues have been fixed in Gradle 6.1.1:
- Gradle 6.1 generates an empty .gradle and gradle directories on each execution in subproject directories
- Memory regression when resolving large artifacts while computing checksums
- Missing fixed issues from Gradle 6.1 release notes
- Plugins using kotlin-dsl and compiled with 6.1 are incompatible with Gradle 6.0

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