Photo Mechanic 6.0 (build 3291) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Bitdefender Uninstall Tool 是從您的計算機上卸載 BitDefender 產品的最佳方法。將 BitDefender 卸載工具下載並保存到您選擇的位置。此工具可用於 32 位和 64 位操作系統。

下載完成後,轉到您下載並運行(雙擊)的位置; 幾秒鐘後,卸載工具界面將出現; 點擊卸載; 等待該工具顯示完成消息,然後重新啟動計算機.

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Photo Mechanic 6.0 (build 3291)


173 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

- Favorites not displaying on startup
- Installer improperly handling customized GStreamer path settings
- Issue loading arrangement file
- Issue where PM wouldn’t accept a .XMP or .IPT file (saved Metadata (IPTC) Template file) when dropped on the application. PM would open the folder containing the file as a contact sheet and then select the dropped file
- various issues with Undo/Redo in autocomplete/spell-checking text fields
- crash that would occur in Favorites or Navigator when background loading folder information
- Turned off Windows 7 TaskBar interaction. It wasn’t popular and was responsible for frequent crashes for some users
- Slide show stalls related to improper handling of rendering certain font sizes
- Slide show random black screen when starting slide show
- issues with uploading files with names containing UTF-8 characters
- issues with rendering various PNG file formats. (palette, grayscale, interlaced, etc.
- PhotoShelter uploader not showing Collections or Galleries when client has ‘Contributor’ access
- IPTC Preferences not properly resetting defaults for ‘Write IPTC as Unicode’ settings
- Fuji X-H1 focus mode setting is read incorrectly
- Metadata (IPTC) Template will no longer accept fields that are set to append that contain their own variable. This would result in crashes when applied

New Feature​:
- Added support for uploading to SlickPic
-​ Allow use of image filenames as page names in Photo Mechanic Classic X Templates
Restored Find/Replace functionality that existed in Photo Mechanic 5 product
- Performance of Find in filenames is improved
- .ON1 files can now be associated with any image file type
- Updates to back end to improve performance and reliability

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