OBS Studio 23.1 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Bitdefender 免費版的設計使您能夠盡情享受您的電腦,而不必擔心病毒和其他電子威脅。稱之為“人工智能”,因為它總能找到最好的方式讓您的系統在不需要特殊配置的情況下避開危險。更重要的是,不會放慢您的系統。 Bitdefender 免費版共享一些革命性的技術,使主要產品線,以超越主要競爭對手,如 AVG,Avast 或 Avira.

Bitdefender 反病毒免費版結合使用雲掃描和行為分析來檢測新的或未知的威脅,其他殺毒軟件錯過。 Bitdefender 使用專有技術,以及其他技術集成,以提供最大的強度與電子威脅.





通過分析應用程序在安全環境中的行為,主動檢測其他產品未知的未知威脅。如果沒有檢測到惡意行為,B-Have 會正常啟動程序。否則,它會自動隔離或刪除它.

防止詐騙,如信用卡網絡釣魚嘗試,BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition 掃描您從瀏覽器訪問的所有鏈接,並在他們被證明是不安全的時候將其阻止.

反 rootkit
Rootkits 是一個通常是惡意的隱形軟件類型,可以幫助黑客獲得對計算機的控制權。 Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition 使用特殊的技術來檢測和阻止此類惡意軟件.

該技術一旦加載了所有關鍵服務,就會在引導時掃描系統。自動掃描是一款 Bitdefender 專有技術,專注於危險區域的病毒檢測工作.

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OBS Studio 23.1 (64-bit)


66.6 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10





What's new in this version:

New Features/Improvements:
- Added optional Twitch activity feed panel when account is connected to OBS (hidden by default, you can show it in the View -> Docks menu)
- Added Restream.io account integration
- Added option to select color range to Linux video device source
- Added ability to copy and paste filters from the mixer
- Added preview/program labels to studio mode
- Added new settings icons
- Added a checkbox for bandwidth test mode in settings when using Twitch account integration
- Added 25/50 PAL framerate values in video settings
- Added "Area" scale filtering for sources as an alternative to point scaling. May preserve more detail on retro games
- Added the ability to select video / audio connectors on the Decklink source from inside OBS
- Added the ability to swap Front Center and Low frequency effects channel on the Decklink source
- Improved the attack/release processing of the expander audio filter

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:
- Reverted 23.0 changes to slideshow, and instead introduced a 250 megabyte memory limit to image slideshow so people can't accidentally exhaust their memory by loading countless images from a folder. This fixes an issue where large image counts would cause increased CPU usage and rendering lag when transitioning images, or when switching scenes in some cases
- Removed the close buttons from primary docks (scenes, sources, transitions, mixer, controls). These docks can still be hidden, but now must be explicitly hidden with the view menu instead. This change does not apply to secondary docks, such as chat, stream information, or stats
- On Linux, the tray now uses icons from the system theme
- Fixed a bug when upmixing from mono to stereo would cause the volume to be quieter
- Fixed a bug where NVENC wouldn't show up for the NVIDIA Quadro P5000
- Fixed another case where the last frame of an NVENC stream/recording could show up as the first frame in a subsequent stream/recording in the same running session
- Fixed another case where output could be green for certain devices
- Fixed a crash that could happen if you clicked settings too quickly after starting up with streaming account integration, or if you exit the program too quickly

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