install4j 6.0.4 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

BitTorrent 是一個旨在傳輸文件的對等協議。用戶直接連接發送和接收文件的一部分,而中央跟踪器協調所有同行的行為,並管理連接,而不知道被分發文件的內容。通過 BitTorrent,用戶可以在下載的同時上傳,因此可以盡可能高效地管理網絡帶寬。 BitTorrent 被設計為比其他文件傳輸協議更好地工作,因為對某個文件感興趣的人數增加.

使用易於使用的 BitTorrent 離線安裝程序下載大文件。享受快速,簡單的界面,強大的選項和更多。現在開始免費,無限制的下載.

BitTorrent 主要特點:


下載千兆字節。下載 terabytes。分配 PB 字節。使用 BitTorrent 時,您可以下載的文件數量或可以移動的數據量沒有限制.

即時下載。您無需等待文件完成下載即可開始使用它們。按媒體文件播放,並在下載時觀看,收聽或閱讀。下載 BitTorrent 離線安裝程序安裝!

優化您的連接速度。 BitTorrent 根據您的網絡和 Internet 連接自動調整帶寬使用情況,以確保快速傳輸文件。您的下載在後台運行。這意味著他們永遠不會放慢視頻聊天或遊戲.

也可用:下載 BitTorrent 為 Mac

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install4j 6.0.4 (64-bit)


64.48 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BitTorrent Inc


What's new in this version:

New features:
- Text components: Added a "Key listener" script property that is executed each time a key is pressed. The "text" parameter contains the modified text unlike for the "Key validator" expression.
- It is now possible to use installer variables with array values in the arguments for launchers. Empty array elements are omitted.

API changes:
- Added a version of with a parameter of type "ShowCommand" that allows you to open a link with maximized or minimized window state

Bugs fixed:
- "Single radio button" form component: If all radio buttons in a group were disabled, an exception was thrown in console mode
- "Single radio button" form component: In console mode, the selection script of the first radio button in the group was executed and not the one of the selected radio button
- "Load a response file" action: Non-string variables were not registered automatically as response file variables again and the "Overwrite strategy" did not work for them
- "Label" form component: & characters followed by a non-space character were not shown
- "Execute SQL script" action: Non-standard statement delimiters did not work
- Installation directory selector: Several settings were not respected in console mode
- PDF action and screen produced a file named error.log next to the installer
- Unix service launchers: Not all possible arguments were reported in the "usage" message
- Unix service launchers: More robust implementation for stopping the service
- Unix launchers: Use exec where possible to replace the shell script process with the java process
- Unix launchers: JRE search sequence entries that start with $ or ~ were interpreted as relative files
- Windows launchers: The current directory was appended to the end of the class path
- Mac OS X: Running process check did not work for single bundle installer
- Mac OS X: Installers did not pump stdin
- Mac OS X: Console and unattended mode were not set to headless for the Oracle JRE
- i18n: Single apostrophes were doubled in formatted messages
- Adding imports to the static members script marked the same imports in all other scripts as unused and broke auto-import and test compilation
- For wildcard classpath entries of type "archive", the shortest available match is now used

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