install4j 4.1.5 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

BitTorrent 是一個旨在傳輸文件的對等協議。用戶直接連接發送和接收文件的一部分,而中央跟踪器協調所有同行的行為,並管理連接,而不知道被分發文件的內容。通過 BitTorrent,用戶可以在下載的同時上傳,因此可以盡可能高效地管理網絡帶寬。 BitTorrent 被設計為比其他文件傳輸協議更好地工作,因為對某個文件感興趣的人數增加.

使用易於使用的 BitTorrent 離線安裝程序下載大文件。享受快速,簡單的界面,強大的選項和更多。現在開始免費,無限制的下載.

BitTorrent 主要特點:


下載千兆字節。下載 terabytes。分配 PB 字節。使用 BitTorrent 時,您可以下載的文件數量或可以移動的數據量沒有限制.

即時下載。您無需等待文件完成下載即可開始使用它們。按媒體文件播放,並在下載時觀看,收聽或閱讀。下載 BitTorrent 離線安裝程序安裝!

優化您的連接速度。 BitTorrent 根據您的網絡和 Internet 連接自動調整帶寬使用情況,以確保快速傳輸文件。您的下載在後台運行。這意味著他們永遠不會放慢視頻聊天或遊戲.

也可用:下載 BitTorrent 為 Mac

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install4j 4.1.5 (64-bit)


20.73 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BitTorrent Inc


What's new in this version:

New features:
- "Installation components" screen: An installation directory chooser can now optionally be displayed on this screen
- Added an "Installation directory chooser" form component in the "Special selectors" category
- Compiler variables are now also supported in the media output directory and in custom code entries
- "Install files" action: Added "Installation size calculator" script for changing the minimum required size for the installation. This value is also reported by the "Installation directory" screen.
- "Install files" action: Added "Install runtime" property. If you deselect this option, the installation directory will not be created and the runtime will not be installed. This is useful for installers that just modify some existing directories.
- "Directory selection" screen: Added "Allow spaces in directory name" property for Unix installers
- "Display license" screen: Added "User must scroll to bottom" property
- It is now possible to user compiler variables that are only defined in an external variable file (passed to the command line compiler with the -f or --var-file parameter) and that are not defined in the project
- The -f or --var-file command line parameter now supports a list of variable files, separated with semicolons, e.g.;
- "Check box" form component: Added "Selection script" property to execute code when the selection is changed
- Added VM parameter -Dinstall4j.alternativeLogfile=[path] to copy installation log file to an arbitrary location after the installer has finished without moving the log file to the installation directory
- Added "Create log file for stderr output" property for installer. stderr redirection can now be switched off by deselecting this property.
- The file name and the the directory of the uninstaller are now customizable
- Leading labels in all form components are now baseline-aligned with the center component when Java 6 or higher is used
- API: Added support for organizing properties in a tree with com.install4j.api.beaninfo.Install4JPropertyDescriptor#setParentProperty
- API: Properties can be hidden depending on the value of their parent property with com.install4j.api.beaninfo.Install4JPropertyDescriptor#setVisibilityDiscriminator
- API: added focusNextButton() to the com.install4j.api.context.WizardContext

Bugs fixed:
- Setting the program group via the API did not work correctly multiple times when the "Create program group" screen was also present
- Windows exe version information: The legal copyright was not set for installer, now it is set to the publisher
- Windows exe version information for uninstaller and custom installer applications was not set
- The uninstaller executable was installed even if the uninstaller was disabled on the screens & actions tab
- Linux/Unix: Fixed startup failure with OpenJDK 1.6.0_10 or higher when compiz is running
- "Install Service" Action: When adding this action, the icons in the screens & actions tree could disappear under some circumstances
- "Modify class path" action: Installer variables were not replaced in the class path entries
- "Recent Projects" menu was always empty on Mac OS X
- Many keyboard shortcuts were not suitable on Mac OS X
- Linux/Unix services: The output from nohup is now redirected to /dev/null
- Newly added screens in the uninstaller were added above the "Startup" sequence
- Workaround for erroneous virus definition in CA Anti-Virus 2009

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