Joplin 1.4.12 軟體資訊介紹&下載

BleachBit 快速釋放磁盤空間,不知疲倦地守衛你的隱私。免費緩存,刪除餅乾,清除互聯網的歷史,撕碎臨時文件,刪除日誌,並丟棄垃圾,你不知道在那裡。專為 Linux 和 Windows 系統設計,它可以清理包括 Firefox,Internet Explorer,Adobe Flash,Google Chrome,Opera,Safari 等在內的上千種應用程序。除了簡單地刪除文件之外,BleachBit 還包括高級功能,例如粉碎文件以防止恢復,擦除可用磁盤空間以隱藏其他應用程序刪除的文件痕跡,以及抽真空使 Firefox 更快。比免費更好,BleachBit 是開源的.

BleachBit 包括越來越多的清潔工。通常,每個清理程序代表一個應用程序,如 Firefox 或 Internet Explorer。在每個清理程序中,BleachBit 提供了可以清理的組件(如緩存,cookie 和日誌文件)的選項。每個選項都有一個描述,以幫助您做出正確的決定.

BleachBit 有許多有用的功能,旨在幫助您輕鬆清理您的計算機以釋放空間並保持隱私.
簡單的操作:閱讀說明,選中您想要的框,點擊預覽,並點擊刪除。多平台免費免費共享,學習和修改(開源)免費的廣告軟件,間諜軟件和惡意軟件翻譯為 43 語言撕碎文件,以隱藏其內容,並防止數據恢復撕碎任何文件(如電子表格桌面)覆蓋可用磁盤空間以隱藏先前刪除的文件用於 Windows 的便攜式應用程序:無需安裝即可運行用於腳本和自動化的命令行界面 CleanerML 允許任何人使用 XML 導入新的清潔程序導入 winapp2.ini 清潔文件(單獨下載)訪問 440 個額外的清潔工具通過


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Joplin 1.4.12


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Andrew Ziem


What's new in this version:

- If you use the Clipper API, please note that there are a few breaking changes in this version
- Plugins: now returns an object instead of the button ID that was clicked. So for example instead of getting just "ok", you will get { "id": "ok" }. This is to allow adding form data to that object.

The following features are deprecated. It will still work for now but please update your code:
- Plugins: All create() functions under joplin.views now take a viewId as a first parameter
- Plugins: MenuItemLocation.Context is deprecated and is now an alias for MenuItemLocation.NoteListContextMenu
- Plugins: The app_min_version manifest property is now required. If not provided it will assume v14
- Plugins: The id manifest property is now required. If not set, it will be the plugin filename or directory

- Add {{bowm}} and {{bows}} - Beginning Of Week (Monday/Sunday)
- Add config screen to add, remove or enable, disable plugins
- Add option to toggle spellchecking for the markdown editor
- Added toolbar button to switch spell checker language
- Adds spell checker support for Rich Text editor
- Allow customising application layout
- Api: Added ability to watch resource file
- Api: Added way to get the notes associated with a resource
- API: Adds ability to paginate data
- Plugins: Add command "editorSetText" for desktop app
- Plugins: Add support for editor context menu
- Plugins: Add support for external CodeMirror plugins
- Plugins: Add support for JPL archive format
- Plugins: Added command to export folders and notes
- Plugins: Added support app_min_version property and made it required

- Api: Fix note and resource association end points
- Display note count for conflict folder, and display notes even if they are completed to-dos
- Fix crash due to React when trying to upgrade sync target
- Fix drag and drop behaviour to "copy" instead of "move"
- Fix handling of certain keys in shortcut editor
- Fix handling of new line escaping when using external edit
- Fix size of search bar area when notebook is empty
- Fixed importing certain ENEX files that contain invalid dates
- Fixed inconsistent note list state when using search (#3904)
- Fixed issue when a newly created note would be automatically moved to the wrong folder on save
- Fixed issue with note being saved after word has been replaced by spell checker
- Fixed links imported from ENEX as HTML (#4119)
- Fixed Markdown rendering when code highlighting is disabled
- Fixed note list overflow when resized very small
- Fixed text editor button tooltips
- Plugins: Fix crash when path includes trailing slash
- Plugins: Fixed issue with dialog being empty in some cases
- Plugins: Fixed issue with toolbar button key not being unique
- Prevent log from filling up when certain external editors trigger many watch events
- Regression: Fix application name
- Regression: Fix exporting to HTML and PDF
- Regression: Fixed external edit file watching
- Resource links could not be opened from Rich Text editor on Linux
- Tags could not be selected in some cases (#3876)

- Allow exporting conflict notes
- Allow lowercase filters when doing search
- Api: Always include 'has_more' field for paginated data
- Api: Make sure pagination sort options are respected for search and other requests
- Attempt to fix Outlook drag and drop on Markdown editor
- Change Markdown rendering to align with CommonMark spec
- Disable spell checker on config and search input fields
- Disabled the auto update option in linux
- Make Markdown editor selection more visible in Dark mode
- Optimized resizing window
- Plugins: Allow retrieving form values from dialogs
- Plugins: Force plugin devtool dialog to be detached
- Plugins: Make sure "replaceSelection" command can be undone in Rich Text editor
- Plugins: Provides selected notes when triggering a command from the note list context menu
- Plugins: Rename command "editorSetText" to "editor.setText"
- Prevent lines from shifting in Markdown Editor when Scrollbar appears
- Put title bar and toolbar button over two lines when window size is below 800px
- Refresh sidebar and notes when moving note outside of conflict folder
- Upgrade to Electron 10

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