Blender 2.77 (32-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Blender 是一個免費的開源 3D 動畫套件軟件。它支持整個 3D 管道 - 建模,索具,動畫,模擬,渲染,合成和運動跟踪,甚至是視頻編輯和遊戲創建。

高級用戶使用 Blender 的 Python 腳本 API 來定制應用程序並編寫專用工具。通常這些都包含在 Blender 的未來版本中。 Blender 非常適合從統一管道和響應式開發流程中受益的個人和小型工作室。

Blender 是跨平台的,在 Linux,Windows 和 Macintosh 電腦上運行得也同樣出色。它的界面使用 OpenGL 來提供一致的體驗。 Blender 沒有價格標籤,但你可以投資,參與,並幫助推進一個強大的協作工具:Blender 是你自己的 3D 軟件。

Blender 主要特點:

Photorealistic Rendering
Blender 現在擁有一個強大的新的無偏差渲染引擎,逼真的渲染效果.

Fast Modelling
Blender 的全面的建模工具,使您的模型創建,轉換和編輯變得輕而易舉.

Blender 的新渲染引擎材料的可能性是無窮無盡的。

快速 Rigging
將模型轉換為 poseable 字符從未如此簡單!

無論是簡單的關鍵幀還是複雜的步行循環,Blender 都可以讓藝術家將他們的靜物變成令人印象深刻的動畫.

體驗塑造有機主體的樂趣使用 Blender 的內置雕刻功能設置.

Fast UV Unwrapping
很容易在 Blender 中展開網格,並使用圖像紋理或直接在模型上繪製自己的圖像.

完全 Compositor
Blender 帶有一個完全成熟的合成器。更多的出口到第三方程序,你可以做到這一切,不用離開程序。

無論你需要一個搖搖欲墜的建築,雨,火,煙,流體,布或破壞,Blender 提供了非常好看的結果

Game Creation
Included in Blender is 一個完整的遊戲引擎,允許您在 Blender 內部創建一個全功能的 3D 遊戲。

Blender 現在包括生產準備好的相機和對象跟踪。允許您導入未加工的素材,跟踪素材,遮罩區域並查看相機運動在您的 3d 場景中。消除了在程序之間切換的需要.

Blender 擁有大量的愛好者和開發人員,Blender 帶有大量的擴展,您可以輕鬆打開或關閉.

新手和高級用戶將喜歡定制他們的佈局完全。從簡單地分割他們的視口,到用 python 腳本完全定制它,攪拌器為你工作.

Blender 帶有許多不同程序的導入 / 導出支持。圖像:JPEG,JPEG2000,PNG,TARGA,OpenEXR,DPX,Cineon,Radiance HDR,SGI Iris,TIFF。視頻:AVI,MPEG 和 Quicktime(在 OSX 上)。 3D:3D Studio(3DS)COLLADA DAE Filmbox FBX Autodesk DXF Wavefront OBJ DirectX x Lightwave LWO 運動捕捉 BVH SVG 斯坦福 PLY STL ,VRML,VRML97,X3D.

也可用:下載 Blender for Mac

Blender (32-bit) Screenshot 1
Blender (32-bit) Screenshot 2
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Blender 2.77 (32-bit)


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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Blender Foundation


What's new in this version:

Cycles Rendering
- Improved Subsurface Scattering, and faster SSS on GPUs.
- Smoke/Fire and Point Density support on GPU.
- Customizable motion blur position, support for rolling shutter.
- Custom baking passes.
- Performance optimizations for large node shaders.
- Improved default settings.

User Interface
- Progress bars got a complete design overhaul.
- Support for multi-line text in tooltips, render stamps, frame nodes and meta data display.
- Better anti-aliasing for OpenGL renders.
- And more!

- Decimate modifier is now symmetry aware.
- New Edit-mode boolean tool, useful to quickly perform edits
- Selection tools got several improvements: face stepping option, checker select, next/previous, multiple axis mirror.
- Option to get a default UV-unwrapping of new geometry added.
- Other small improvements: triangulate & poke, grid-fill non uniform grids, hole support for intersect tool, split-by-edges tool

- Strip Modifiers: added white balance and tone map strip modifier, it is now possible to append strip’s modifiers to all selected ones
- Effects: speedup of Gaussian Blur effect
- Strips: Importing new movie strips now uses movieclip framerate
- Strips: Masks now can be both relative to strip and absolute to scene time
- Strips: Nested scene strip support, word wrapped sequencer text
- Strips: OpenGL previews Scene strips now respect the “Alpha Mode”

- Improvements to snake-hook to drag out long extruded segments, and rotate the snake-hook brush using the new rake option.
- Weight Painting: Better Auto-Normalize behaviour
- Weight Painting: Better Multi-Paint behaviour
- Vertex Painting: Orbit last stroke support

- Constraints: added new method to interpolate based on “Polar decomposition”.
- Graph Editor: “Cursor X” property now allows fractional values when working with Drivers, added options to insert keyframes at the cursor point
- Dope Sheet: better frame range for new editor instances
- Armatures: selection now supports selecting children, immediate children and siblings, added options to draw custom shape scale
- Motion Paths:  Clear Paths operator now acts on all objects/bones, Update Paths button is now shown in the toolbar too

- Grease Pencil
- Stroke Sculpting
- A proper “Edit Mode” in the 3D View
- Recoded eraser with pressure sensitivity
- An operator to restrict editing to the active layer only (Isolate Layer)
- Transform Manipulator support
- Animation editing improvements including Copy/Paste and more advanced channel filtering
- … and many more UI tweaks

Datablocks & Libraries Management
- In case of missing libraries on load, empty placeholder datablocks get added, which allows to restore or relink.
- Missing libraries & linked datablocks are now shown in the Outliner with a small “broken lib” icon.
- Deleting Libraries: you can now ‘delete’ a whole library, with all its linked datablocks

Game Engine
- Adding a Max Jumps value to the character physics
- Screenshot Actuator: the new screenshot mode can be found in the game actuator.
- Saving screenshot done in different thread (please read the compatibility issues).

- New Add-on: Blend File Utils, supports packing blend files including all their libraries and dependencies into a self contained ZIP file
- Updated Add-ons: OBJ IO: Added limited support for MTL texture mapping options
- Updated Add-ons: X3D/VRML IO: Expanded to support a larger subset of the standard
- Python: Python was upgraded to 3.5.1 which brings some improvements and changes for add-on and script writers.
- Python: All API load() functions now have a check_existing argument that defaults to false
- Python: New Module: gpu.offscreen, exposes the capability of handling offscreen drawing.
- Python: Removed: GreasePencil.draw_mode, as a result of Grease Pencil changes.

More Features
- OpenVDB caching: smoke/volumetric simulations can now be cached using OpenVDB as a back-end
- Better threading handling: Blender is now massively multi-threaded
- Compositing: new invert option to the 2D stabilization node, use mask name as mask node label, expose track velocity as an output of Track Position node, new option to extend image bounds when blurring
- Image Editor: now allows visualizing individual R,G and B channels
- Cubemap: world textures are now supported in the Blender Internal engine 3D viewport
- Spotlights: now they can be scaled on one or several axis (Rectangle and ellipse shapes).

Feature Videos
- Compositor Improvements
- Compositor 2D motion vector
- Grease Pencil Stroke Sculpting
- Grease Pencil Clone Brush
- Grease Pencil Additive Drawing

Platform/System Changes
- Removed support for Windows XP.
- Blender now requires OpenGL 2.1 minimum
- Blender now uses Python 3.5.1.
- Removed the SCons build system.
- Removed redcode library in favor of using ffmpeg which now supports redcode.

Bug Fixes
- As for every Blender release, hundreds of bugs were fixed, thanks to the hardworking Blender developers.

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