Blender 2.70 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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攪拌機 64 位是一個免費的,開源的 3D 動畫套件軟件。它支持整個 3D 管道 - 建模,索具,動畫,模擬,渲染,合成和運動跟踪,甚至是視頻編輯和遊戲創建。

高級用戶使用 Blender 的 Python 腳本 API 來定制應用程序並編寫專用工具。通常這些都包含在 Blender 的未來版本中。 Blender 非常適合從統一管道和響應式開發流程中受益的個人和小型工作室。

Blender 64 位是跨平台的,在 Linux,Windows 和 Macintosh 電腦上的運行效果也同樣出色。它的界面使用 OpenGL 來提供一致的體驗。 Blender 沒有價格標籤,但你可以投資,參與,並幫助推進一個強大的協作工具:Blender 是你自己的 3D 軟件。

Blender 主要特點:

Photorealistic Rendering
Blender 現在擁有一個強大的新的無偏差渲染引擎,逼真的渲染效果.

Fast Modelling
Blender 的全面的建模工具,使您的模型創建,轉換和編輯變得輕而易舉.

Blender 的新渲染引擎材料的可能性是無窮無盡的。

快速 Rigging
將模型轉換為 poseable 字符從未如此簡單!

無論是簡單的關鍵幀還是複雜的步行循環,Blender 都可以讓藝術家將他們的靜物變成令人印象深刻的動畫.

體驗塑造有機主體的樂趣使用 Blender 的內置雕刻功能設置.

Fast UV Unwrapping
很容易在 Blender 中展開網格,並使用圖像紋理或直接在模型上繪製自己的圖像.

完全 Compositor
Blender 帶有一個完全成熟的合成器。更多的出口到第三方程序,你可以做到這一切,不用離開程序。

無論你需要一個搖搖欲墜的建築,雨,火,煙,流體,布或破壞,Blender 提供了非常好看的結果

Game Creation
Included in Blender is 一個完整的遊戲引擎,允許您在 Blender 內部創建一個全功能的 3D 遊戲。

Blender 現在包括生產準備好的相機和對象跟踪。允許您導入未加工的素材,跟踪素材,遮罩區域並查看相機運動在您的 3d 場景中。消除了在程序之間切換的需要.

Blender 擁有大量的愛好者和開發人員,Blender 帶有大量的擴展,您可以輕鬆打開或關閉.

新手和高級用戶將喜歡定制他們的佈局完全。從簡單地分割他們的視口,到用 python 腳本完全定制它,攪拌器為你工作.

Blender 帶有許多不同程序的導入 / 導出支持。圖像:JPEG,JPEG2000,PNG,TARGA,OpenEXR,DPX,Cineon,Radiance HDR,SGI Iris,TIFF。視頻:AVI,MPEG 和 Quicktime(在 OSX 上)。 3D:3D Studio(3DS)COLLADA DAE Filmbox FBX Autodesk DXF Wavefront OBJ DirectX x Lightwave LWO 運動捕捉 BVH SVG 斯坦福 PLY STL ,VRML,VRML97,X3D.

也可用:下載 Blender for Mac

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Blender 2.70 (64-bit)


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Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Blender Foundation


What's new in this version:

- New features include initial support for volumetrics in Cycles, and faster rendering of hair and textures. The motion tracker now supports weighted tracks and has improved planar tracking. For mesh modeling there are new Laplacian deform and wireframe modifiers, along with more control in the bevel tool. The game engine now supports object levels of detail.
- The first results from the new user interface project are also in this release, with dozens of changes to make the interface more consistent and powerful. This is also the first release of the multithreaded dependency graph, which makes modifier and constraint evaluation faster in scenes with multiple objects.

Cycles Rendering:
- Cycles now has initial support for volume rendering including emission, absorption and scattering. Volume rendering can be used to render effects like fire, smoke, mist, absorption in glass, and many other effects that can't be represented by surface meshes alone.
- CPU rendering performance was improved, particularly for hair, textures and Open Shading Language.

Motion Tracker:
- Trackers can now be weighted, to keep the result stable as feature disappear or become difficult to track. The plane track workflow was improved to be easier to control. Automatic feature detection was made more robust using a new detector algorithm.

User Interface:
- The toolbar now has tabs to organize tools in categories. Multiple buttons can now be edited at once, for example for XYZ axes or color channels. Transform tools now have a mode to enter expressions and units. Other changes were done to improve lists, header menus, tooltips, buttons, menus and more.

- The Laplacian Deform modifier was added to pose a mesh while preserving geometric details of the surface, and a new wireframe modifier allows you transform your mesh into a wireframe representation. The boolean modifier now supports ngons, and there are improvements to the bevel, screw and triangulate modifiers.
- The bevel tool now offers more control over the bevel profile and results, and the knife tool was improved as well.

Threaded Dependency Graph:
- An important change that happened under the hood is the threaded dependency graph. This means that object modifiers and constraints, among other things, can now be computed with multiple threads taking advantage of multicore processors. This will be most noticeable with scenes that have many objects, or multiple objects with heavy modifiers. This is the first step in making the dependency graph in Blender more powerful.

Game Development:
- The Blender game engine now supports discrete level of detail for meshes. For game developers, support for working with Photoshop PSD files has been added.
- A new view navigation walk mode has been added, which has a control scheme as typically found in first person shooter games. This can be useful for game developers to navigate levels as if in a game.
- Freestyle NPR Rendering:
- The Freestyle Python API is an essential part that makes it a highly programmable NPR rendering engine. This API has been reorganized.

More Features:
- Many small changes and features were done all over Blender. Some notable new feature are normalized display for FCurves, derivative map baking, baking to vertex colors, better visualization of masks and control over mask filling, gravity option for sculpting, negative texture values to support vector displacement and a Lamp Data shading node to create more customized NPR shaders.

- Several addons have been added and updated, including Node Wrangler (aka Node Efficiency Tools) and a new Sketchfab Exporter addon


3D View:
- Fix T37281: View3D could have invalid transform orientation using undo (d44c79b)
- Fix T37586: Auto-perspective was changing to perspective while orbiting (a65ef6a)
- Fix T37663: Black matcap when object located on a curve (4627516)
- Fix T37727: Z-offset problems with camera view (90e7be4)
- Fix T37842: Missing 3D view redraw when editing group layers and offset (90b831d)
- Fix T37834: Smoke opengl render not delivering correct alpha channel (355c699)
- Fix T37869: Vertex paint + wireframe draw mode + smoke domain did not draw correct (e7ac87a)
- Fix T37170: Missing curve outline when using constructive modifiers (d94202b)
- Fix T38229: 3D view shadeless display not supported with GLSL, so hide in UI (cda894f)
- Fix T38328: GLSL display shows texture mapping completely messed up in some cases (1234831)
- Fix T38435: Crash when pressing MMB in walk mode (482823a)
- Fix T38472: Allow orbiting locked view when they are already 'user' (bb36037)
- Fix T35810: Texture faces display white in 3D view, when used as a Particle Object (6a4f2fd)
- Fix T38633: glsl not working well with mixed cycles/blender material nodes (a252e27)
- Fix T38784: Smoothview using perspective transition with ortho camera (dde6642)
- Fix T38766: Blender material transparency setting not taken into account for viewport (7ef1ed1)
- Correct GLSL preview: material using shader nodes didn't consider "Transparency" is a shader pipeline option. (6489c1f94d7b)

- Fix T37097: Setting scene frame does not update active camera (eb1b4c3)
- Fix T37146: Dopesheet / Graph editor, select columns between markers doesn't appear to work (e401fef)
- Fix T36687: Animation channels can't be grouped in action editor (a8a4431)
- Fix T36950: Restrict Frame Range not being obeyed on Driver F-Curves (a1d553a)
- Fix T36844: Cannot set Restrict Frame Start for FModifiers until Frame End has been adjusted (737239c)
- Fix T37495: Duplis weren't handling negative scaled objects properly (2d4bfc5)
- Fix T37624: Rename Marker does not update Marker in 3D View until Frame Change (a6188af)
- Fix T37667: Rotational difference driver target marked invalid even though valid (6b54752)
- Fix T37755: Autokey doesn't work for local Z-Axis in Camera view with MotionPaths enabled (fcdc04a)
- Fix T37103: Keyframing custom properties issue (FCurve would not reflect Custom props type changes) (51f5c99)
- Fix T37883: Dope Sheet - Selecting object channels in AnimEditors doesn't make them active (48b9680)
- Fix T37929: Inherit scale for dupli faces was not shown greyed out when it should be (c9c0d11)
- Fix T38025: Key-framing lattice points fails (f754410)
- Fix T38105: Action Editor refresh is missing when a keyframe is inserted in 3D view (fa88c7f)
- Fix T37886: Material does no update when changing keyframes in dopesheet (08981f3)
- Fix T38347: Adding object visibility keyframes in the outliner groups and libraries view not working (257f408)
- Fix T38411: Free keyframe handles do not snap to frames when duplicating (1d260d8)
- Fix T38610: Lattice U/V/W should not be animatable, is not supported (efc6735)
- Fix T38737: Box select channels in dope sheet doesn't select corresponding bones in rig (4ff3ec8)
- Fix T38863: FCurve auto-clamp allows handle to move past X bounds (4622fc4)
- Fix T38817: FCurve autoclamp error (ba08031)
- Fix T38877: F-Curve modal input is incorrect when set to Imperial units (96a51e9)
- Fix T38467: Animation playback is not synchronized when Screen Layout changes (d2a5ea0)
- Fix T36496: Unwanted behavior with NLA strip blend mode Replace (53b03ef)

- Fix T37031: Bones are not selectable in weight paint mode anymore (cb6e795)
- Fix T37072: Crash on RMB click on bone's custom property (46b807b)
- Fix T37067: Bone Crash when holding Ctrl+RMB (ebc2cc1)
- Fix T36203: Transformation bone constraint breaks Track To / Dumped Track (7a10bac)
- Fix T37336: Toggle selecting a pose-bone from object mode would de-select all others (6f3f107)
- Fix T37751: Crash subdividing bones (a930fb1)
- Fix T37709: Memory corruption when freeing custom bone shape objects (122e2b4)
- Fix T38077: Scaling bones in EditMode drawn using envelope display mode scales joint radii instead (0445454)
- Fix T38251: "Apply Visual Transform to Pose" Offsets bone unpredictably (be87a65)
- Fix T38393: Bone roll not restored properly after cancelling rotation of bones (1e0654f)
- Fix T38547: Crash in skeleton sketching (e91ddf0)
- Fix T38837: Ctrl+RMB can't select posemode (4a61df9)
- Fix T38843: Bone parallel to world z axis flicking when scale in edit mode (65c5be9)
- Fix T38407: Bone roll calculation flips local axes at wrong rotation angle (f23f07c)

- Fix T36819: Audio Only Sequencer wont render (bef6b06)
- Fix T37293: Audio does not Scrub, plays fully instead (1457924)
- Fix T37362: Audio strips sometimes are evaluated incorrectly (c53f80a)
- Fix T38500: Audio of a scene strip can't be muted (2b9702f)

- Fix T38366: Export collada crash - if you set a keyframe (bb83bdf)
- Fix T32843: Collada Spotlight angle animation is in radians not degrees (d291d15)
- Fix T38847: Reject reuse of child bones as root bones. That doesn't make sense anyways (3111f08)

- Fix TT37894 IK constraint desactivation does not work as expected (8a8ee2c)

Curves / Metas:
- Fix T37251: Snap not working correctly in metaball edit mode (1799482)
- Fix T37428: NurbsPath Mesh Deform "Binding" not available or not functional (6f67f7c)
- Fix T37225: UV map for closed curves incorrectly generated (cc55913)
- Fix T37750: Incorrect stats for dupli-metaballs (8b53717)
- Fix T37056: Making segment flips curves it's not needed (202bb32)
- Fix T38135: Global start and end point of the curve was set to zero radius & weight, when using 'linked' option (08eaa8d)
- Fix T38149: Crash adding metaball with zero radius (9e1ca28)
- Fix T38209: Curve's didn't account for negative scale (54e56cd)
- Fix T38562: Wrong curve tilt after Switch Direction (54dd355)
- Fix T38786: Curve unable to make segment (103583c)

File I/O:
- Fix T37011: "Save Copy" option misfunction (9aeced4)
- Fix T37199: .ogg file is not recognized as a movie in File Browser (fc0e225)
- Fix T37290: Movie files filtering does not show *.ts files (2742cb6)
- Fix T37591: 'Extensions' option ignored for movies (d45ea33)
- Fix T37240: Saving a new file always had absolute paths, now remap (95bf31e)
- Fix T37864: Save/save_as blend now refuses to save and report an error, when filepath is not writeable (01745d3)
- Fix T37481: Image Sequence can't be loaded (04f81c8)
- Fix T38303: Same names with different case sorted unpredictable in the file browser (dcba34b)
- Fix T38303: Inconsistent sorting of names in Append/Link view (ba49d7e)
- Fix T38353: Some EXR files from other applications not loading correctly (70e844e)
- Fix T38658: H.264 with "Lossless Output" enabled gives lossy output (209a68a)
- Fix T38644: H.264 with PNG RGBA encoding crashes (2175302)
- Fix T38808: Image opened with 'relative path', gets absolute path (b6bb6d1)

Game Engine:
- Fix T37325: applyRotation() wasn't working correctly on rigid bodies in the game engine (T37325)
- Fix T37289: ID User decrement error for Shapes on Bones when playing in BGE (2b0162b)
- Fix T37040: Removing vehicles in BGE causes a crash (c73f82b)
- Fix T37171: Camera parented to a bone doesn't move with the bone, unless another object is parented too (0f32bc4)
- Fix T37566: KX_GameObject.resumeDynamics() was not properly restoring collision groups and masks (eba07b7)
- Fix T36804: The property sensor when set to interval was causing a memory leak (8aff45d)
- Fix T37920: BGE LibLoad failed for meshes with no materials (6a47330)
- Fix T38145: Python error popup when pressing shift+Z in blender game mode (6d6bb2d)
- Fix T37892: returns wrong value (dfac6c4)
- Fix T38325: Game Engine Bitmap fonts failed for characters >128 (2f46ed5)
- Fix T38110: GameEngine keyboard sensor ignores unicode characters (3b71cab)
- Fix T37964: KX_GameObject missing NULL checks for m_physicsController (f3c7cb0)
- Fix T38654: Using a non-camera object for the SetCamera Scene Actuator causes a segfault (16c75cf)
- Fix T38739: Simulations, unsupported in the Game Engine, could not be removed from the UI. (3436c41)
- Fix T38645: Mouse reversed in standalone player with kde (9753641)

Image / UV Editing:
- Fix T37123: UV editor view does not update when using large faces (a709cb2)
- Fix T37468: Image empties now use no interpolation when mipmaps are disabled (ea79dce)
- Fix T37472: Crash when packing UV islands (4da651c)
- Fix T37464: Crash when pressing "V" in UV/Image editor (95d3286)
- Fix T37407: Deleting UVMap in EditMode with opened Image Editor segfaults (fd88ce4)
- Fix T37680: Texture image scale is not refreshing (b987548)
- Fix T37326: inversion of image channels did not do an undo push (8e5b023)
- Fix T37826: Opening a new image in the image editor (c193dbe)
- Fix T37718: Texture compression missing (04eb24a)
- Fix T37718: Umage was not saving with proper settings second time (b0c4133)
- Fix T38283: UV unwrap giving wrong results with particular meshes (4c6a72a)
- Fix T38574: UV sculpting cursor could be visible during render preview in image editor (1dfd82d)
- Fix T38548: Edit externally always uses first frame only (70924a7)

Mesh Editing:
- Fix T37012: The new export split normal does nor produce correct results (110b32c)
- Fix T37030: Loop Cut and Slide doesn't clear header text if you click a blank area (ecc5eb5)
- Fix T37046: Dissolve edges and vertices problem with triangulate (b20d3ba)
- Fix T37013: Mesh > bisect can't fill the cut if it lines up with two or more adjacent vertices (1ae0de2)
- Fix T37100: Segfault when I rotate an edge (f12ac5b)
- Fix T37145: "Triangulate Face" crash in specific scene it was asserting if the last edge faces were already all set (8f22c12)
- Fix T37160: Rotate edge direction changed between 2.64 and 2.65 (55201ce)
- Fix T37179: All transformation normals drawn when proportional edit, individual origins and normal transform orientation are set (c3b746f)
- Fix T37388: Grid fill crashes blender in specific situation (7fc1088)
- Fix T37053: Bevel artifacts bug (9a78cda)
- Fix T36998: Bisect would operate on unselected vertices (bea9c3a)
- Fix T37399: Crash with wireframe (wasn't clearing edge tag) (4c42e73)
- Fix T37559: Crash dissolving vertices in some situations (283f43d)
- Fix T37571: Knife Select should be disabled when no faces are selected (84334bd)
- Fix T37203: New face from an edge failed if only one vert was connected to a wire edge (caf6bf8)
- Fix T37143: Wrong normal dir with individual origins + one vert selected (47a8b38)
- Fix T37692: Follow active quads failed on unselected-active-face (700e799)
- Fix T37946: Error filling ngons (af32c1c)
- Fix T37965: Loop multicut confirmation not happening when numeric input is used (d8f4cb9)
- Fix T38019: Edge/Vertex Slide recognises Even and Flipped as if they were numerical values (aef307c)
- Fix T38186: Mesh inset didn't follow edge directions for flat surfaces (5611fb6)
- Fix T38166: Vertex slide C key doesn't work (e07e8e3)
- Fix T38300: Bevel didn't always reconstruct faces properly (45b9822)
- Fix T38358: Face snapping fails on Orthographic view (77089a3)
- Fix T38675: Bad bevel on slanted L (6de3a8a)
- Fix T38655: Face path select fails with edge/vert select enabled too (13870d5)
- Fix T38756: Regression with vertex slide responding to mouse events (e82d648)
- Fix T38858: Crazy spaces was unpredictable with co-linear edges (b5d6f14)
- Fix T38834: Knife constraint is offset after moving the view (a815e04)
- Fix T38872: Crazyspace could use stale derivedMesh data (1e05956)
- Fix T38871: Bevel could create a far-out spike (1582dd5)
- Fix T38936: Bevel strange flickering on big meshes (37ef7f3)

- Fix T37085: Hook modifier work when created with Ctrl+H, but not when created via modifier panel (22c019a)
- Fix T37252: Mask modifier doesn't copy settings on object copy (c241bf3)
- Fix T37266: Skin modifier can't be copied (b375388)
- Fix T37315: Mirror+MeshDeform cause crash when Vertex Group is referred (26dc289)
- Fix T37476: Bevel modifier got weight from wrong edge (7a899ce)
- Fix T37413: Fit-Curve option for Array Modifier ignores constraint results (cee7fbd)
- Fix T37519: Screw Modifier ignores material setup (74a1e4d)
- Fix T37612: UV warp modifier bone name doesn't update when renamed (8cb0256)
- Fix T37247: Modifier "Mask" not updated correctly when switching from objects (33bc6a3)
- Fix T37541: Multires not reading external displacement file after entering edit mode (5102a02)
- Fix T37121: Decimate works badly with flat surfaces (3f5b59c)
- Fix T37837: mirror modifier merge does not place vertices at the center. (7214001)
- Fix T37691: Screw modifier created zero length normals (d7033d5)
- Fix T37859: Smoke modifier taking deforming modifiers into account in some cases (19c0c79)
- Fix T37914: Mask modifier behaves differently until painted (d064968)
- Fix T38354: Excess memory allocation when projecting onto object with multires (afb9393)
- Fix T38521: Skin modifier crash with zero radius vertices (52bae96)
- Fix T37916: Bad bevel result after mirror modifier (b4fb1e6)
- Fix T38638: Modifiers on curves kept warnings (56f6bc0)
- Fix T38567: Branch smoothing on skin modifier broken (c625658)
- Fix T38736: ShrinkWrap modifier doesn't work after Subsurf (e87c462)
- Fix T38800: Setting UV projector caused zero user objects (7078fb9)
- Fix T38003: Skin modifier crash with long edges (ca2b432)

Motion Tracking:
- Fix T38281: Motion tracker crash blender (910f4df)
- Fix T38700: Plane track can't be adjust when select mouse is set to left (7aa86ec)

Movie Clip Editor:
- Fix T37119: Prefetching doesn't fetch last frame of an image-sequence (71dae0c)
- Fix T37118: Prefetch frames doesn't respect input color space 992902c
- Fix T37117: Prefetching fails with non-ascii characters in path (47f3654)
- Fix T37757: Mask Pivot Point individual origins doesnt work (a0a09d1)
- Fix T38670: Mask transform without a movieclip crashes (1776cb9)
- Fix T38944: Fonts too small in Movie Clip Editor on Retina display (58bd0e5)

Nodes / Compositor:
- Fix T37057: Detach (Alt + D) doesn't work in nodes editor / compositor (dfea1dd)
- Fix T37084: Backdrop not invalidating inside node groups (78efff5)
- Fix T37175: Viewer node issue for newly toggled render passes (268e519)
- Fix T37221: Multilayer EXR inputs generate pink frame/last displayed frame when using an image sequence offset (e667f12)
- Fix T37261: Rendering a Render Layer from another scene doesn't update (c9fdec1)
- Fix T37312: Backdrop value offset is not refreshed (f3a137c)
- Fix T37333: Bad default value in Color Balance (b91e841)
- Fix T37493: Defocus node with angle = 90° rotates bokeh only for ~1.5° (bc6ba9e)
- Fix T37525: Viewer node causes crash (1e479d1)
- Fix T37172: Plane Tracker Deform - No perspective (06c86e7)
- Fix T37741: Duplicating node editor did not copy node tree pointers (964252c)
- Fix T37890: Compositor did not take number of thread setting into account (29e3b09)
- Fix T37939: Crash on exit (reading from freed node trees) (d9e0a94)
- Fix T37970: Node scale/rotate use incorrect pivot (a857a6f)
- Fix T38075: Crash from shader node add/replace tree view template (ebf23b5)
- Fix T38142: Socket interface 'type' enums are not initialized (10b5ad5)
- Fix T38141: Wrong add reroute node location with shift LMB cut on OS X / retina (84fa507)
- Fix T38128: Snapping to node border uses node centers (19da32a)
- Fix T38011: Compositing artifacts with a group nodes setup (9c883a1)
- Fix T38355: Crash with Shader Node Group with missing datablock, only in "Material" viewport shading (21c56f7)
- Fix T38473, T38473: Fixed Scene pointers in Composite and Defocus nodes don't get updated based on context (1687023)
- Fix T38498: properly unlink scene pointers from SpaceNode (11112d4)
- Fix T38529: Blur node size 0 doesn't work (51efa8a)
- Fix T38487: Wrapped translate node in combination with other buffered nodes (Blur) causes crash due to chained read/write buffer operations (7ee9de2)
- Fix T38651: Compositor Normal Node Sphere unchangable when Reset All To Default Values is used on it (ecd0565)
- Fix T38680: File output subpath file-select operator uses absolute path (266e1b3)
- Fix T38506: Bokeh blur node - size bugs with OpenCL (1355387)
- Fix T38488: Single pixel line artifact with Rotate and Wrapped Translate nodes (d516fed)
- Fix T38603: Output File node sockets were drawing the regular socket label in addition to the actual specialized socket ui (32ba1ce)
- Fix T37719: NodeTrees lose users on undo (f1a0278)
- Fix T38798: Can get stuck in world nodes when switching from Cycles to BI. (b5aef37)
- Fix T38813: Missing color management in texture nodes preview(39cad75)
- Fix T37334: Better "internal links" function for muting and node disconnect (fd553c5) :
- Fix compositor rendering scenes multiple times in some cases (3718c04)
- Fix for random crash in localized node group freeing while tweaking group default values (cc35ad2)

- Fix T37032: Blener crashes when parent to new object (830974b)
- Fix T37090: Blender crashes on "Make single user" option (e99586f)
- Fix T37338: Add objects from addon work in a Linked Scene (be09e69)
- Fix T37445: Crash with snapping and shrink-wrap modifier (2b946f4)
- Fix T37465: UV Coords we're incorrect when converting from a curve (0469971)
- Fix T37573: Adding grid primitive slow for many subdivisions (aa3c06b)
- Fix T37471: Copy/Paste objects broke relative paths (d428405)
- Fix T37671: Edit Texture Space on Skin Resize crash (4ac17b3)
- Fix T37212: Wrong user counter when more than 32K users (55416f4)
- Fix T37769: Inconsistent behavior of Remove Selected From Active Group (653d645)
- Fix T37595: Switching modal transform broke with trackball rotation (2195dd3)
- Fix T38234: Changing smooth/flat shading on linked mesh data should not be allowed (8c44495)
- Fix T38217: Fix glitch adding Monkey with view align (38e683c)
- Fix T38161: Copy Material to Others causes incorrect viewport display if target object uses more materials (df88dbf)
- Fix T38265: Transferring vertex weights from an object with modifiers not working (386d3a9)
- Fix T38409: Snapping Bug (0cb4928)
- Fix T37577: Joining two objects with different UVs destroys UVs of one object in some specific cases (605910f)
- Fix T38717: Copy Vertex Group To Selected fails when all Vertex Groups are empty (a938640)
- Fix T38721: Vertex Group pop menu (CTRL+G) Set Active Group not updating Vertex Groups Panel (d85d117)

- Fix T37168: Outliner refresh error after removing constraints (bf04c76)
- Fix T37304: Arrow Keys Stop Working When Mouse Over Outliner (98be886)
- Fix T37324: Crash calling Warp operator in Outliner (c8e2b54)
- Fix T38471: Parenting in the outliner was possible with library linked objects (8acf717)

- Fix T37110: After deletion of large scene, file still huge due to particle objects (2871b0d)
- Fix T37159: Particle Emitter set to not render still appears in 3D view, when display set to rendered only (34cd28d)
- Fix T37195: Particles crash with viewport render (01da2c0)
- Fix T38476: Incorrect hair draw type after editing particle system in edit mode (e9fda25)
- Fix T35247: Particle texture behaves incorrectly after changing the number of particles (78c491e)

Physics / Hair / Simulations:
- Fix T37106: Hair Length vanishes when Advanced is enabled (023b25b)
- Fix T37246: Dynamic paint end frame is limited to 9999 (7bc6192)
- Fix T37270: Blender crashes in several situations (57f7262)
- Fix T37297: Crash when Adding and Removing Fluid Particlesystem (c366f08)
- Fix T37319: Forcefield on translated, unselected lamp draws in origin (c215faf)
- Fix T37359: Dynamic Paint deletes inactive texture from smoke domain when using a material as brush color (5feb0d2)
- Fix T37712: Point cache index lookup crashed with 0 points stored (793b73e)
- Fix T37906: Adding force field settings to boids gives hard crash (f72b86d)
- Fix T37993: Mass of Rigid Body ignores scene unit scale (33a027b)
- Fix T38112: Rigid Body can't be created for objects with linked mesh (3739f53)
- Fix T38196: Crash with smoke simulation (ca2a144)
- Fix T38227: Cloth cache storing only every 10 frames (a86f43d)
- Fix T38111: Duplicating BOIDS emitter cause glitchy operation (df72d3c)
- Fix T38233: Right click in Particle Edit mode closes application (c78d9a3)
- Fix T38157: Rigid body, crazy f-curves after bake to keyframes (4c89a65)
- Fix T36190: Rigid Body bake to keyframes bakes wrong the rotations (377bb55)
- Fix T38294: Enabling hair dynamics very slow / hangs with many hairs (8506e3a)
- Fix T37673: Ray casting could fail with 0 collision margins (6fe5b3b)
- Fix T38388: Creating a new scene with full copy sets rigidbody collision shapes to box (f17a1bd)
- Fix T36769: Fluid sim modifier can crash blender (1ab86e3)
- Fix T35328: Disk caches of multiple particle systems on a single object overwrite each other (aa3d88d)

- Fix T37105: Long int IDproperties produces errors at weird spots (f5660a0)
- Fix T37249: Crash calling wm.progress_update() with no active window (2123386)
- Fix T37149: Macros store settings from a cancelled operation (285e09b)
- Fix T37698: Crash from invalid context access when freeing custom python nodes on Blender exit (193dd13)
- Fix T37752: Color rna path functions missing (ab19545)
- Fix T37903: Operator log serialization broken for sets (14c9899)
- Fix T38008: Bug in templates ( (de147a9)
- Fix T38013: Incorrect RNA Path when trying to keyframe the nth vertex of Bezier curve shape key data (c8dd6b6)
- Fix T38104: mathutils.cell_vector() always returns (0,0,0) (55f7a4a)
- Fix T38016: Setting Object.matrix_world does not take bone parents into account (a0dbee6)
- Fix T38150: Implementation mismatch in bmesh python (18db6c5)
- Fix T38402: Invalid message for bad type assignments (Quat, Vector) (bd697dd)
- Fix T38515: Python menu tooltip description affecting unrelated menus (10b8247)
- Fix T38525: missing update when running bpy.ops.transform.* from the console (f49e89f)
- Fix T38541: sys.exit fails when blender is built as a py-module (a397009)
- Fix T38715: Setting object mode fails from command line (e3f4037)
- Fix T38539: Can't set near sensor distance above 100 via python (3a44e97)
- Fix T38753: Python script paths weren't escaped (Win only) (99edd29)
- Fix T38769: Python missing access to text materials (cb1b6b5)
- Fix T38778: Properties from bpy.props could be edited as custom props (bb62f9a)

- Fix T37045: Blender Internal SSS rendering black on some system when the SSS reflection color was set to 1 1 1 1a3011a
- Fix T36936: Crash when starting BI rendered view (69cbf3d)
- Fix T37301: Command line render gives seg fault 11 on OS X (106699e)
- Fix T37414: Local view not taken into account for blender internal F12 render over 3D view (29790d4)
- Fix T37656: Huge amount of RAM used during start when rendering large images (9df2499)
- Fix T37604: Deadlock when stopping rendered viewport (Blender Internal) (5036ac6)
- Fix T37675: blender internal viewport render not updating properly with volumes (15927e0)
- Fix T36474: Blender 2.68a crashes upon rendering (602dcb4)
- Fix T38062: Normal map baking gave randomly values 127 or 128 in flat areas (0d57724)
- Fix T37958: Part of blender internal approximate AO / indirect light preprocess could not be cancelled (62f9be7)
- Fix T37976: Blender internal transparent shadows from volumes not working correct (82a7a3d)
- Fix T38306: Dupliframes causing viewport render to continually restart (2aeb492)
- Fix T38318: Blender internal viewport now uses viewport, not render visibility (162d6c7)
- Fix T38319: No camera error message for render not showing correctly (7da44ef)
- Fix T37940: Curve Render bug in Blender Internal Render (1c8abf8)
- Fix T38323: Blender viewport render in particle hair edit mode renders halos (c2fbec7)
- Fix T36165: Blender internal HDR textures with negative values got clamped (9f90320)
- Fix T38726: blender internal viewport render crash when deleting render layer. (2771268)
- Fix T38801: Dupli objects with modifiers exhibit bad transform artifacts in Blender Internal renderer (188f8d0)
- Fix T38773: Inconsistent conversion of colors and float values in Blender Internal shader nodes (3ae641e)
- Fix T38831: Blender internal enabling shadow pass changes material node diffuse (1dbd3ae)
- Blender Internal: Fix material preview that the bounce lights permanently disappear once volume material is used. (1239c265cb80)

Render: Freestyle:
- Fix T37070: LineStyle appears in Outliner by default though Freestyle is not enabled (7e64342)
- Fix T37092, T37381: crashes in the .object() method of Freestyle iterators (ef1bc03)
- Fix T38887: Error in (still unused) freestyle math function implementation (da5e6b9) :
- Fix for occasional crashes due to numerical instability in Freestyle Perlin noise modifiers with a large 'octaves' value (8046437)
- Fix crash in freestyle vector parsing (f1a989f)
- Fix for Freestyle stroke rendering performed for each SSS material (0c9d897)
- Fix for iterations over 0D elements in the reversed order (a169989)

Render: Cycles:
- Fix T36991: After rendering with Sampled Motion Blur, the moving objects place is wrong (c1541a9)
- Fix T37002: Viewport render shows white on old graphics cards with no support for non-power-of-two textures (9d7567d)
- Fix T37109: Missing cycles texture display in edit mode (abee8a8)
- Fix T37134: Viewport not displaying correct with multi GPU render and graphics card that does not support CUDA OpenGL interop (4516076)
- Fix T37192: Rendered preview causes crash when deleting a material node in shader node editor (8bdbbca)
- Fix T37194: OSL script crashes blender (06fb71b)
- Fix T37627: Create scene with copy settings did not copy cycles settings (b65eb76)
- Fix T37163: Mask layers that are also excluded not rendering correct with multiple render layers (b98ff5c)
- Fix T37159: Rendering particle emitter mesh incorrectly when using non-hair particles (f67dda6)
- Fix T37694: Particles emitter object rendering when it shouldn't (7e5d2fe)
- Fix T37704: Hair render error with hair density vertex group (d7945b7)
- Fix T37264: CPU render had limited number of float images, bumped to 1024 (1bebdc9)
- Fix T37884: Hair rendering crash with UV coordinates (8ed0878)
- Fix T37817: CUDA detection problem on Windows with non-ascii paths. (241fcca)
- Fix T38129: Viewport render display with very bright colors turning black (4d72a5e)
- Fix T38192: OSL got incorrectly enabled in preview render when GPU was selected for rendering of the main scene (a02a977)
- Fix T37706: Avoid cycles crash when using a stack that exceeds SVM stack limits (e9227c7)
- Fix T37978: Cycles nodes with multiple Material Output nodes not predictable (fc3be51)
- Fix T38311: Cycles BVH cache crash on Windows (4b820fb)
- Fix T37177 Spikes in sculpting (8748840)
- Fix T37250: Dynotopo initial triangulation (8d11abb)
- Fix T37670: Paint mode + procedural map colours error (d3f3fb8)
- Fix T37177: Sculpting can act on opposite side of mesh in orthographic camera (9efef3c)
- Fix T37807: Gravity causes crashes when using shif-smoothing (94a2801)
- Fix T37812: Anchored sculpting on a flat plane created artifacts (2d06ecf)
- Fix T37387: VIEW3D_OT_view_selected in sculpt mode zooms far from sculpted object if last sculpt stroke ends outside the mesh (e915ecd)
- Fix T38045: Clone stamp crashes (0dabf82)
- Fix T38024: Crash when rebuilding sculpt mode buffers (d9697bc)
- Fix T38269: Scene full copy in mesh edit or sculpt mode did not copy mesh edits (018fe81)
- Fix T37967: Autosave does not save dynamic topology edits while in sculpt mode (fbf821c)
- Fix T38267: Dynamic paint Use Object Material not working correct in some cases (f074b67)
- Fix T37685: Automatic weights affected by face masking outside weight paint mode (0847549)
- Fix T38427: Sculpt mode dimension changes don't Undo (30b5aef)

Text Editor:
- Fix T37122: New Open-Shortcut different from Text > Open Text Block (31b38a6)
- Fix T37572: Text editor scrolling not working well with Mac trackpad panning (a53e864)
- Fix T38264: Undo/redo broken with text overwrite mode in text editor (insert key) (7c6f605)

User Interface:
- Fix T37007: Save to file - increment number doesn't update background color of filename field if hovered (1255b1e)
- Fix T37038: User prefs > Input - Category names cut off (67fb71a)
- Fix T37049: Default keybindings: Text editor auto-complete accepts Return, but not Numpad Enter (b83f755)
- Fix T37047: Expanded Enum Alignment glitching (e192f5b)
- Fix T37078: Search props don't react on click at the right end (where 'X' is if field not empty) (d4cf5e3)
- Fix T37077: User prefs > Input and Outliner Keymaps mismatch in representation (ef765b3)
- Fix T37091: Reset to default of Sky Texture's Dot freezes it at 0,0,0 (c4e7a22)
- Fix T37224: Icons: tiny interface issue with certain DPI settings (1512cda)
- Fix T37275: Can't import 2.68a keymap (ddcb116)
- Fix T37327: Inconsistent numeric input conversion (5ef717b, 396fb31)
- Fix T37393: Input dimensions are case sensitive in the property panel, uppercase input is misinterpreted (d27f810)
- Fix T37442: Disabled uiList would "freeze" Blender when trying to drag-resize it (d49498a)
- Fix T37345: Image baking progress bar wrongly appears in node editor (8948d53)
- Fix T37511: Toggle-drag feature was crashing with menu items (b6b4aab)
- Fix T37506: Duplicate Area into New, was disabled on fullscreen but works ok (67aff56)
- Fix T36756: Use Frame Rate option toolip was unclear about which FPS value to respect (55e3be5)
- Fix T37535: Hebrew charset was missing two chars (631ae08)
- Fix T37545: SV+H color cube display changes H slider position when modifying S or V (25560a3)
- Fix T37411: Transform mouse constraint could fail in some situations (31a1bcf)
- Fix T37485: Autocomplete while appending and autocomplete folder behaviour (9c5fb7b)
- Fix T36976: Drag and drop tooltip not working with retina and drawing off screen near top of the window (8a54336)
- Fix T37189: Inconsistent icons for Force field (c6f425c)
- Fix T37710: Missing bounds check for active UI list item could crash (d74d6c7)
- Fix T37463: Increasing window size would add space around menu header (91d8519)
- Fix T37739: uiList drag-resize was not working as expected outside of panels (a1031d5)
- Fix T37777: layout.column_flow() not working correct with retina / DPI (9c6fc9f)
- Fix T37843: area split widget missing in python console editor (f92bb64)
- Fix T37830: UILists text now right align (dce8259)
- Fix T37947: Large cursors now also work on linux/mac for the edit mode cross (0775e73)
- Fix T37992: german NUMPAD-COMMA is not translated to decimal dot (for modal numinput) (1fa63b3)
- Fix T38044: Filter Key Binding shows Incorrect result (da16b30)
- Fix T38083: Submenu arrow is overlayed by menu hotkey (1914d80)
- Fix T38356: Crash when UIList.filter_items returns too few items (c0a4089)
- Fix T37038: User preferences > input category names unnecessarily cut off (be849f6)
- Fix T38447: Deactivated hotkeys are still showing in menu (65b1ace)
- Fix T38466: F12 / ctrl F12 shortcuts not showing in Render menu (7d4c045)
- Fix T38640: Password values showed in tooltips (2413b44)
- Fix T38643: Frame labels are invisible with default theme (80f3956)
- Fix T38685: Missing auto refresh button text on image nodes (641d653)
- Fix T38706: dropdown labels in popups not updating (6466454)
- Fix T37756: File > open with file selector already open not restoring screen correctly (0de1df4)
- Fix T38678: Long strings on Search widget not getting shortened/no tooltip (c35ac8f)
- Fix T38602: Aligned layout breaks if panel too wide (64eea27) :
- Fix for outline width theme option being ignored for non mesh object types (7f9cdae)
- Fix: tab completing a filepath name in file browsers asks to create a new directory if name was not fully matched (035d864)

- Fix T37602: OSX: quitting from the File Menu does not ask (de1660d)
- Fix T38143: pressing F12 key in the text editor on OS X would type an invalid character. (79e040b)
- Fix T38190: Linux tablet: Issue with XInput/GHOST? (75ab57e)
- Fix T38370: Ubuntu 14.04 opencolorio segfaults blender on parsing colormanagement/config.ocio (e2e9c51)
- Fix T38422: Error writing AAC frame when using FFmpeg compiled with vo_aacenc (a61e3b9)
- Fix T36652: .blend file with minimized window not loading correctly on Windows (0e492ac)
- Fix T38876: hide area split widget in lower left of widget on OS X (d7a2d2b)

- Fix T34675: Info view shows duplicate operators with incorrect values of args (ad34a5c)
- Fix T37488: Crash with --debug reading userpref.blend (53753c0)
- Fix T37088: Crash with eyedropper (shortcut E) (df060e5)
- Fix T37543: Multiline 3D Text saved in edit mode breaks on load (d232486)
- Fix T37065: Cmd+c not working in Info - console (d846c9a)
- Fix T37688: User Preferences do not load correctly (68d39a2)
- Fix T37722: Can't undo deleting a screen layout (9b932c1)
- Fix T37731: Some window manager operators unnecessarily required a window to be active (51263c6)
- Fix T37747: Keymap import error with region timers (79288a3)
- Fix T37713: Proxy not updated for first frame in background render (522f17d)
- Fix T37795: Resetting a button to the default value could crash (aab5878)
- Fix T38108: Blender freeze in remembering operator properties (09d6ad6)
- Fix T38124: Grease Pencil Line thickness (d785c64)
- Fix T38176: Can't set vertex coordinate to 0.0 when it's set to 0.0000001 (6eedf08)
- Fix T38315: Keymap configuration export did not export deactivated items correct (418aafd)
- Fix T37198: Vorbis encoding is broken (1ace875)
- Fix T38042: Keymap crash after reloading operators (1713db2)
- Fix T38184: Key events getting lost when modal operator is running (deab0d1)
- Fix T38367: Operators activated from popups didnt reuse settings (9a1dcfb)
- Fix T38359: Incorrect display of material slot with pinned particle settings (289c5de)
- Fix T37661: Color ramps and curve mapping editing not disabled for linked data (95e153a)
- Fix T38400: Crash in image_listener accessing deleted object (dd684f5)
- Fix T38516: Crash when using color picker from redo panel (e2541f8)
- Fix T38538: Repeat history menu show operators that can't be repeated (d2699f2)
- Fix T38606: C curve in the curve mapping compositing node not extrapolating correct (42946c3)
- Fix T38650: Crash from enum item functions returning NULL instead of a single terminator item (280f9d3)
- Fix T38635: Key configuration search not working well when typing 'slash' (a5cfd3f)
- Fix T38720: Clear preview range operator missing notifier to redraw timeline (bff99b1)
- Fix T38812: Color picker incorrectly cancelling operation when clicking next to it (97c66c9)
- Fix T38827: Input preferences can not find Left Mouse or Left Arrow (0301835)
- Fix T38836: Change screencast timer limits so you can record with higher FPS (593d856)
- Fix T38846: Render layer checkbox is not refreshed (ecbae4a)
- Fix T38853: Right click menu add driver should not be possible to redo (c4eab10)
- Fix T38881: Cloth preset rubber not working with "translated data names" i18n option (32c1827)
- Fix T38945: Empty "System Bookmarks" and "Recent" panel were drawn in the File Browser, although these were disabled in User Preferences (1754c0d)
- Fix animplayer to use preview range if preview is enabled
- Fix "Sample Color" not working in vertex paint mode. (aec701721184)
- ( Fix GVFS support not working with Python 3. (bf2f6d6161bc)

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