VASSAL Engine 3.5.1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Blisk 是一個基於鉻的瀏覽器,用於 web 開發的基本工具。將其用於同時構建和測試您的網站的桌面和移動版本。 Blisk 使開發人員能夠同時在多個設備上編碼,預覽其更改!

4 使用原因 Blisk:

以光速發展!現在您不需要一直刷新頁面,搜索並滾動到所需的元素。 Blisk 從根本上節省了開發和測試的時間。瀏覽器將使你的生產力達到 200%。所以你可以把你的工作快兩倍,把時間花在那些對你真正重要的事情上。或者有一杯咖啡,放鬆.

Code 像一個超級開發商。 Blisk 瀏覽器使編寫跨設備兼容代碼和監視代碼中的錯誤。因此,您的代碼將適用於任何設備,並且無處不在.

使用測試驅動開發等最佳實踐。隨著 Blisk 您的工作流程可以專注於編寫高品質的代碼沒有隱藏的錯誤。您可以同時開發和測試.

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VASSAL Engine 3.5.1


Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Blisk Team


What's new in this version:

- Multi Action Button and Toolbar Menu lose last item in Menu Entry list
- Prevent concurrent updates to preferences
- Fast Match forgets fields when added to Maps and Module
- Fast Match was picking wrong number of cards from decks
- GameRefresher incorrectly deletes off map pieces
- NumberFormatException when private server port is empty
- Advanced Search displays "hit lists" properly for names/types of prototypes & configurables
- Refresh Predefined Setup incorrectly clones at start stacks
- Die Roll 'Prompt for values when button pushed' dialog is broken
- Unused Images Tool was suggesting some in-use GIFs for deletion
- NPE when adding dockable PieceWindow from module extension
- OverlappingFileLockException when attempting to write preferences
- Fast-Match wasn't working for "Moved" property
- Chat log should start display on bottom line even with larger monitors
- Sanitize temp file basenames to escape illegal characters
- Don't try to write a logfile without having started one
- IllegalBuildException on gpIdChecker when using GameRefresher
- NPE in Embellishment.addLocalImageNames()
- NPE when using Game Refresher on predefined setups
- ExecutionException when opening a moved or renamed module file
- ChessClock buttons with icons had inappropriate height/width
- NPE in BugUtils when involved from the Module Manager
- NoSuchElementException using Edit All Contained Pieces
- ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException using Edit All Contained Pieces
- Missing message for failure to write file
- Cannot create new module extensions
- DiceButton icons and Mask images incorrectly suggested for removal by unneeded-file-remover
- NPE in HelpFile.addLocalImageNames()
- Search wasn't searching into PieceSlots ("Single Piece" items in Setup Stacks, etc.)
- MouseoverStackViewer should not show face-down cards in decks, should not unnecessarily clip underneath text, and should not run off left edge of screen in an overzealous attempt to center-on-cursor
- Module extension file extension incorrectly listed as .vext instead of .vmdx
- MouseoverStackViewer mis-centering if "draw pieces" wasn't selected
- Loads from wizard should add filename to window title
- ExecutionException when cancelling a screenshot
- Alt-click, Shift+Ctrl-click should not change selection
- NPE when loading second game in modules using deprecated Map.mainWindowDock

- Reference Manual cleanup
- Improved/Repaired some tables in online docs
- Upgrade bundled Java to 15.0.2+7
- Remove confusing Vassal Version column from MM, show based on preference
- Added infinite loop protection to PlaceMarker
- Search now pre-selects contents of search field when restoring/remembering the previous contents
- Standardize remaining dialogs
- Alt+Shift now an option for band selection of Does Not Stack pieces
- Better window title bars (filename-first like most apps)
- Added infinite loop protection to TurnTracker
- Action Button trait should arm when pressed, fire on release

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