Tribler 7.4.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Blisk 是一個基於鉻的瀏覽器,用於 web 開發的基本工具。將其用於同時構建和測試您的網站的桌面和移動版本。 Blisk 使開發人員能夠同時在多個設備上編碼,預覽其更改!

4 使用原因 Blisk:

以光速發展!現在您不需要一直刷新頁面,搜索並滾動到所需的元素。 Blisk 從根本上節省了開發和測試的時間。瀏覽器將使你的生產力達到 200%。所以你可以把你的工作快兩倍,把時間花在那些對你真正重要的事情上。或者有一杯咖啡,放鬆.

Code 像一個超級開發商。 Blisk 瀏覽器使編寫跨設備兼容代碼和監視代碼中的錯誤。因此,您的代碼將適用於任何設備,並且無處不在.

使用測試驅動開發等最佳實踐。隨著 Blisk 您的工作流程可以專注於編寫高品質的代碼沒有隱藏的錯誤。您可以同時開發和測試.

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Tribler 7.4.0 (64-bit)


Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Blisk Team


What's new in this version:

- Included a version system for easy rollbacks
- Fixed create torrent with no personal channel
- Fixed dl not starting with add to channel checkbox
- Fixed encoding of encoding entry in torrent files
- Stopped gossiping empty personal channels
- Fixed extended peer info encoding
- Used LooseVersion to compare networkx version
- Added TrustGraph compatibility to networkx 2.4
- Fixed for getting libtorrent settings
- Fixed VideoServer for multifile torrents
- Fixed misleading VOD message
- Fixed escaped unicode in download dialog
- Fixed inital load unicode torrent issue
- Fixed crash if there is no socks connection
- Moved seeding ratio settings to global config
- Python3 libtorrent bdecode compat utility
- Skipped weird scrape results in torrent checker
- Do not re-download already downloaded torrent
- Fixed unicode error in create_torrent_endpoint
- Removed bootstrap nodes persistence in file
- Stripped search query for auto completion response
- Stripped search query before converting to fts query
- Result validation before trying to plot trustgraph
- Added socket error on get address info to unhandled session error
- Bootstrap peers DHT connect failure log set to debug instead of error
- Skipped repeating error messages in resource_monitor
- Removed error-prone log statement in resume_download
- Decoded torrent filenames with ut8 by default
- Fixed unicode error on adding torrent to channel
- Checked Unicode decode error in socks conversion
- Fixed config convert for 7.4
- Fixed issue with exporting torrent - Python3
- Added versioned path to state directory
- Fixed tstate corruption during conversion
- Added pyqtgraph as pip dependency

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