OSForensics 4.0.1002 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Blisk 是一個基於鉻的瀏覽器,用於 web 開發的基本工具。將其用於同時構建和測試您的網站的桌面和移動版本。 Blisk 使開發人員能夠同時在多個設備上編碼,預覽其更改!

4 使用原因 Blisk:

以光速發展!現在您不需要一直刷新頁面,搜索並滾動到所需的元素。 Blisk 從根本上節省了開發和測試的時間。瀏覽器將使你的生產力達到 200%。所以你可以把你的工作快兩倍,把時間花在那些對你真正重要的事情上。或者有一杯咖啡,放鬆.

Code 像一個超級開發商。 Blisk 瀏覽器使編寫跨設備兼容代碼和監視代碼中的錯誤。因此,您的代碼將適用於任何設備,並且無處不在.

使用測試驅動開發等最佳實踐。隨著 Blisk 您的工作流程可以專注於編寫高品質的代碼沒有隱藏的錯誤。您可以同時開發和測試.

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OSForensics 4.0.1002


Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Blisk Team



What's new in this version:

Activity Monitor:
- Added separate tasks for adding files to case

Case Manager:
- Fixed synchronization issues with hash table causing an exception to be thrown
- Add file to case dialog has been changed to modeless, allowing the user to switch to another module while files are being added.
- Added synchronization to CaseManager class to support concurrent access to case items
- Added error message when creating/importing/loading/deleting a case while a task is still running
- When closing the program, a warning dialog is displayed when any task is still running (as opposed to a select few tasks)
- Fixed scroll bar being reset every time case items are added/removed
- Adjusted the maximum text to 245K characters in the rich edit box for case narrative
- Changed the case item list view to owner draw to improve performance
- Decreased the time required to delete a large number of items from case
- Fixed 're-use input' checkbox not working when adding bookmarked files to case
- Added error message when attempting to add bookmarked folders to case
- Increased the frequency of progress updates when adding multiple files to case
- Case items are now sorted by date in ascending order by default
- Fixed bug when attempting to overwrite an existing external report in case
- Fixed non-existent case default drive appearing in drop down box when editing case
- Improved performance of updating list items (eg. in File Search, Mismatch Search, Deleted Search) when case flags are updated
- Fixed memory leaks in case log

Decryption & Password Recovery:
- Added more info to display, client thread status, benchmark, password length and prefix. Adjusted job size for CPU clients.

Deleted Files Search:
- Fixed junk characters showing up in error message when prompting to overwrite a file
- Fixed case flags not being updated in thumbnail view

Email Viewer:
- Fixed unhandled exception when failing to load e-mail file
- File indexing and searching:
- Fixed bug with Doc/Ppt/Xls indexing "last modified" as "Author". Will now prioritize "Author" and only index "Last modified" if "Author" is not available.
- Added support for Comments property (appended to KEYWORDS meta tag) in DOC files, and support for "Category" property (as "ZOOMCATEGORY" meta tag) in PPT and XLS files

Raw Disk Viewer:
- Fixed bookmarks showing up twice when reloading a case

ThumbCache Viewer:
- Fixed 'use same details for all' checkbox not working when adding to case
- Due to changes in Win10, the 'name' column should now show the thumbnail cache ID in hex format (instead of a cryptic string)

- Updated HTML Editor to show character count

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