ownCloud 2.8.2 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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ownCloud 2.8.2


Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Blisk Team



What's new in this version:

ownCloud 2.8.2
- Keep share link names in sync with server
- SQLite wal file grows to several gigabyte
- Fix missing permission for newly created folder
- Don't recommend non default sync option
- Set up default locale correctly

- Don't ask the user to switch to http
- Remove support for http redirects
- We no longer try to locate an ownCloud install at /owncloud
- Ignore the desktop.ini file in every directory, not only in top dir
- Add support for dynamic client registration with OIDC
- Include full os version in the about dialog
- We removed the support for async jobs using OC-JobStatus-Location

- Prefer as oauth redirect url
- Display an icon in the Windows explorer context menu
- Show last sync date in tray menu
- Make crash report IDs easy to co
- We reworked the tables
- Provide a socket api call to get the client icon and
- Add language picker to general settings
- Attach the last 20 log lines to a crash report
- Mention the local file name when a file name clash occurs

ownCloud 2.8.1
- We fixed an issue with the assignment of tags
- Enhancement - Prevent user from setting up a VFS sync to the root of a drive
- Fix issues with long path
- Moves in folder sync connections where executed as a delete and upload
- Fix brandings with space in the name
- We fixed an issue with the promptDeleteAllFiles setting

- Added branding option to enforce VFS
- Add initial support for backups triggered by an external tool
- Add an icon to the Windows system tray notification
- Encode the log file as UTF-8

ownCloud 2.7.6
- Fix missing sidebar icons on Mac with branded builds
- Case sensitive comparison of checksum algorithm

ownCloud 2.7.5
- Support dark theme with branded client and vanilla icons
- Mac tray icon is scaled wrong
- Fix potential crashes with the remove all dialog
- Detect file name clash with VirtualFiles enabled
- Remove stray placeholders
- Fix wrong option provided to OIDC

Change - Third party upgrades in distributed binaries

ownCloud 2.7.4
- Fix crash when a download is cancelled
- Update Windows launch on start entry
- Log the final http request
- Properly display parent Window when displaying a dialog

ownCloud 2.7.3
- Fix handling of errors with the Windows Cloud Filter API

ownCloud 2.7.2
- Correctly detect Windows 10 taskbar theme
- Sync small plaintext files with Windows VFS
- Update "Sync hidden files" button
- Pause sync when displaying remove all dialog

ownCloud 2.7.1
- Fix client forgetting VirtualFiles mode
- Don't follow redirects on .well-known/openid-configuration

ownCloud 2.7.0
- Legacy config migration reverted files to online only
- Some check boxes in the sharing dialog are disabled
- Selective sync dialog is displayed when virtual files are enabled
- Fix support of adler32 checksums with Windows virtual files support
- Use the correct style for the folder wizard
- Use the same HDPI for the crash reporter as for the client
- The back button on the advanced wizard page no longer gets enabled
- Ensure permissions for newly added files are available
- Remove notifications when the account they belong to was removed
- Check whether the local folder supports the virtual file system
- "All Files removed" dialog no longer blocks the application
- We fixed the permissions check for local folders on NTFS

- Don't hardcode a plugin location
- Detect the Windows 10 theme for the system tray
- When manually adding a folder sync connection, don't display 404 errors
- Enabling native VFS on Windows create two shortcuts in the Explorer
- Redesign the About dialog
- The password dialog is hidden behind a window
- The client uploads chunks even though the server repports lack of support
- Mac does not display a dock entry
- Option to log HTTP requests and responses
- Add button for Log Settings to advanced settings
- The layout of serveral ui elements is broken
- The client hides the window during the authentication process
- The settings ui shows a prompt for a few seconds
- Reorgenize Settings
- Use the checksum type specified by the server by default
- Move "Choose what to sync" to sync everything settings
- Enable Windows Virtual files by default
- Move sync hidden files to advanced settings
- Replace the old icons with a unified look
- Sharing dialog is now always on top of the settings dialog
- Remove the branding option wizardSelectiveSyncDefaultNothing
- Account display name servername (username) to [email protected]
- Remove update channels from the ownCloud client
- Display the users avatar in the activity list
- Support for OpenID Connect
- Add support for the TUS resumeable upload protocol

ownCloud 2.6.3
- Restart the client after an update
- Wizard is hidden behind the browser
- Add branding option to disable experimental features

- Client sometimes does not show up when started by a user
- Fix several wrong colored icons in dark mode
- Fixed bug in public link with password required
- Fixed editing public link expiration date
- Expand file tree also when no folders are synced
- Fixed bug saving the cookies
- Fixed crash in the setup wizard
- Fixed bug in the Virtual File warning dialog
- Fixed a potential crash while discovering moves
- Add Folder Sync Connection sometimes does not warn
- Resize the buttons in the settings view dynamically
- Fix status icon after move errors
- Fixed a potential crash on cancelation of discovery jobs
- Fix a potential crash on Windows VFS
- Fixed OAuth2 login of user with +
- On Windows the share dialog does not open as the top most window
- Client sometimes crashes when a placeholder file was moved
- Don't override cookies with old values
- Closing prompt has the same effect as accepting
- Crash on migration of old settings

ownCloud 2.6.1
- GUI: Change the display name to "server (user name)", show the full text in the tooltip
- GUI: Add quit button to the settings dialog
- GUI: Show a warning that proxy settings do not apply to localhost
- CLI: Make it possible to show settings/quit by command line invocation

- Sync: Correctly sync files on Windows after they got unlocked
- Log: Message priority wasn't handled correctly so the console log was floode
- Vfs: Do not overwrite existing files by placeholder
- Discovery: Allow more HTTP error code to be treated as ignored dir
- GUI: Limit the clickable region of the 'add folder' button
- GUI: Don't show the "All files deleted" popup when unselecting everything with selective sync
- GUI: Don't put a too big icon in about dialog
- Shell Integration: Don't assume read-only folder when permissions are not known
- Sync: Temporary disable http2 support by default again
- Windows Installer: Remember install location on auto update

ownCloud 2.6.0
Major changes and additions:
- Rewrote discovery code for performance improvements and better maintainability
- Tech Preview: Add native virtual files mode for Windows 10
- Tech Preview: Improvements and fixes for all virtual files mode
- Add basic support for libcloudproviders for gtk/gnome integration
- Remove support for Shibboleth auth, please use OAuth2 server app

Some small changes and bug fixes:
- Sync: Better detection of complex renames
- Sync: Add workarounds so HTTP2 may be enabled with Qt >=5.12.4
- Sync: When propagating new remote directories, set local mtime to server mtime
- Sync: Add support for asynchronous upload operations
- Sync: Handle blacklisted_files server capability
- Sync: Fix downloading of files when the database is used for local discovery
- Sync: Fix sync progress when virtual files are created
- Sync: Fix issue with a folder being renamed into another renamed folder
- Sync: Reduce client-triggered touch ignore duration from 15s to 3s
- Sync: Fix file attribute propagation when propagating conflicts
- Sync: Fix local discovery when removing a selective sync exclusion
- Sync: Fix detection of case-only renames on Windows
- Sync: Fix race conditions in the linux folder watcher
- Sync: Fix issue with special characters in the filename and chunked uploads
- Sync: Fix renaming a single file causing the "all files deleted" popup
- Sync: Reduce memory use during uploads by not reading whole chunks to memory
- Sync: Don't abort on 404, 500, 503 errors
- Sync: Fix parsing of etags, improving move detection
- Sync: If a move is forbidden, restore the source
- Sync: When moving is allowed but deleting is not, do not restore moved items
- Sync: Fix delete-before-rename bug
- Sync: Delay job execution a bit
- Sync: Make sure we schedule only one job
- Sync: PropagateDownload: Don't try to open readonly temporaries
- Sync: Don't fatal on "Storage temporarily unavailable"
- Experimental: Add capability to sync file deltas
- Vfs: The online-only/available-locally flag applies to new remote files now
- Vfs: Introduce actions and warning text for switching vfs on and off
- Vfs: Cannot be used with selective sync at the same time
- Vfs: Can now be fully enabled or disabled
- Vfs: Suffix mode ignores remote files with the suffix
- Vfs: Fix behavior when file is renamed and suffix is added/removed at the same time
- Vfs: Improve notifications for file creation actions
- Vfs: Improve user-visible aspects of pinning and availability
- Vfs: Add note about which plugin is in use to about dialog
- Vfs: Fix reliability of "Download file" context menu action
- Vfs: Fix crash when dehydrating a complete folder
- Vfs: Make "Free space" context menu action only enabled when it has an effect
- Vfs: Ensure the database temporaries are marked as excluded
- Vfs: Don't dehydrate existing data when switching on
- Vfs: Fix move detection when virtual files are involved
- Vfs: Lots of tests and corrections for suffix edge cases
- GUI: Adjust "new public link share" ui so options can be set before share creation
- GUI: Added action to open folder in browser to selective sync context menu
- GUI: Add server version info to SSL info button
- GUI: Allow log window of running client to be opened via command line
- GUI: Introduce conflict resolution actions to right-click menu of conflicts and files in read-only directories
- GUI: Update sooner when user resolves a conflict
- GUI: Improve error message for missing data in server replies
- GUI: Remove log window, instead focus on easy handling of log files
- GUI: Fix notification buttons sometimes getting their own window
- GUI: Notifications: Remove do-nothing "OK" button
- GUI: Add "Show file versions" context menu action
- GUI: Fix layout in "Add Certificate" dialog
- GUI: Fix duplicated error message for fatal errors
- GUI: Fix selective sync ui initial state after account creation
- GUI: Improve help text in ignore editor
- GUI: Show restoration items in protocol
- Sharing: Fix issues with enforced passwords and expiry
- Sharing: Fix resharing an item in a share with limited permissions
- Sharing: Use the default expiration date even when not enforced
- Sharing: When sharing from context menu, show dialog if share creation fails
- Sharing: Always show at least readonly permissions
- OSX: Fix issues with Finder integration being gone after reboot
- OSX: Use the same implementation as on Linux/Windows for the settings dialog
- Linux: Add autostart delay to avoid tray icon issues
- Folder watcher: Test before relying on it
- Client certs: Fix storage of large certs in older Windows versions
- Updater: Show a nicer version string In the "available update" notification
- Updater: Set correct state on network error
- Updater: Provide more useful options on update failure
- Updater: Improve logging
- Updater: Fix Version numer not shown in the user visible string
- DB: Database path for new folders now starts with ".sync", avoiding the "."
- File hashes: Add support for SHA256 and SHA3
- Cmd: Respect chunk sizing environment variables
- Log: Don't write to logdir if --logfile is passed
- Log: Make --logfile - work on Windows
- Log: Make --logdir compress logs reliably
- Log: Print critical and fatal messages to stderr
- Doc: Migrate the documentation to Antora
- Doc: Update Windows build instructions
- Doc: Add explanation of how to manually change server url
- Doc: List more environment variables
- Doc: List more config file options
- Build: Fix KDEInstallDirs deprecation warnings
- Build: Fixes for compiling on "remarkable" tablet
- Build: Add PLUGINDIR variable for finding vfs plugins
- Build: Drone
- Build: Remove 'binary' submodule, remove outdated VS projects
- Translations: Change the way we pull in translations
- Remove the WebKit dependency
- Several performance optimizations
- Update SQLite3 to 3.27.2 (if bundled)
- Many test improvements

ownCloud 2.5.4
- Crash fix: Infinite recursion for bad paths on Windows
- Crash fix: SocketApi mustn't send if readyRead happens after disconnected
- Fix rare error causing spurious local deletes
- Disable HTTP2 support due to bugs in Qt 5.12.1
- Fix loading of persisted cookies when loading accounts
- Windows: Fix breaking of unrelated explorer actions
- Windows: Forbid syncing of files with bytes 0x00 to 0x1F in filenames
- macOS: Opt out of dark mode until problems can be addressed
- macOS: Fix folder dehydration requests
- Linux: Tray: Try to establish tray after 10s if failed initially
- Linux: FolderWatcher: Work around missing notifications
- Shares: "copy link" action can create shares with expiry
- Selective sync: Don't collapse folder tree when changing selection
- Client cert dialog: Avoid incorrect behavior due to multiple signal connections

ownCloud 2.5.3
- Change log not available for this version

ownCloud 2.5.2
- Crash fix: On OSX when opening settings dialog
- Crash fix: When deleting an account
- Crash fix: During password dialog
- SyncJournalDB: Change sqlite3 locking_mode to "exclusive"
- Wizard: Fix setting up accounts with SSL client certs
- Sync: Fix duplicate slashes in destination of MOVE operation
- Sync: Fix file unlocking triggering too many syncs
- GUI: Increase default size of ignore list editor
- GUI: Fix background color of SSL info button
- GUI: Ctrl-L and Cmd-L open the log window (F12 is sometimes taken)
- Vfs: Fix problem with dehydrating a file on OSX
- Vfs: Do not show settings window when opening a virtual file
- Settings: Fix lookup of system override settings (e.g. from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
- MacOS: New "make macdeployqt" target instead of deploying Qt on "make install"

ownCloud Desktop Client 2.5.0
- Change log not available for this version

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