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BlueStacks 是第一個可以讓你在 Windows PC 上使用你最喜歡的移動應用程序的軟件。您可以下載如 Angry Birds Space,Candy Crush Saga,Telegram,Temple Run 2,Evernote 或 Documents 等應用程序直接進入 BlueStack,或使用 BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android 應用程序同步手機中的應用程序。 Basiclly 這個應用程序是一個 PC 機的 Android 模擬器。 BlueStacks 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是 BlueStacks 的完全離線安裝程序安裝程序.

BlueStacks 功能:
Android 應用程序在您的 PC 或平板電腦上快速全屏顯示使用 Cloud Connect 移動應用程序將應用程序從您的手機推送到您的 BlueStacks 在舊款平板電腦和上網本上運行速度可能不會很快下載應用程序來自 Google Play 附帶預先安裝的遊戲和應用程序注意:需要.NET Framework.

也可以下載 BlueStacks for Mac

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FlashBoot 3.1c


38.7 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BlueStacks Team



What's new in this version:

FlashBoot 3.1c
- For Windows Setup Media conversion scenarios (from ISO to USB), if size of install.wim/install.esd is larger than or equal to 4 Gb, and target filesystem is not NTFS, then this file is recompressed in solid mode. This is strictly necessary for post-November 2017 builds of Windows 10, and this is on par with MS Media Creation Tool

FlashBoot 3.1b
- Starting from this version, FlashBoot driver integration feature supports Windows Setup images with mixed bitness (32-bit/64-bit)

FlashBoot 3.1a

- Starting from this version, Windows Recovery is installed to the target USB storage device along with mainline Windows in all ToGo scenarios (installing full-featured Windows 8/8.1/10, creating bootable clone of Windows 8.1/10). Windows Recovery takes part in major updates of Windows 10 (such as Fall Creators Update), so functional Windows Recovery is essential for this OS to survive major updates in ToGo mode
- Driver slipstreaming feature for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 now updates Windows Recovery Image (in addition to Windows Image and Windows Setup Image, as in previous versions), so Windows Recovery will be able to detect USB 3.0 peripheral HID and Windows Partition on NVMe/RAID storage devices. One more reason to slipstream drivers via FlashBoot Pro instead of sideloading them in Windows Setup

Prepackaged driver for Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller was updated, now it supports the following additional devices:
- PCIVEN_8086&DEV_15B5
- PCIVEN_8086&DEV_15B6
- PCIVEN_8086&DEV_15C1
- PCIVEN_8086&DEV_15D4
- PCIVEN_8086&DEV_15DB
- PCIVEN_8086&DEV_A22F
- Backward navigation in wizard for cloning scenario was fixed (used to skip file/folder exclusion page)
- Grey background used to flicker occasionally on the splash screen, that's fixed now

FlashBoot 3.1
- Change log not available for this version

FlashBoot 3.0h
New method of UEFI bootloader installation for the following scenarios:
- PrepareWinVista78or10InstallerOnUSB_FromDVD_UefiMode
- PrepareWinVista78or10InstallerOnUSB_FromESD_UefiMode
- InstallWindows8or10ToUSB_FromDVD_UefiMode

FlashBoot 3.0g
Fixed the following error which occured for all scenarios with CHS geometry translation (DOS, Windows XP, BartPE) starting from FlashBoot version 3.0:
- Boot from USB disk failed, status
- Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot

FlashBoot 3.0f
- Fixed regression for Windows 8 which was introduced in FlashBoot 3.0d. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 were not affected

FlashBoot 3.0e
- Added AMD USB 3.1 host controller driver to FlashBoot builtin drivers

FlashBoot 3.0d
- Change log not available for this version

FlashBoot 3.0c
- Fixed a regression in VFS code which was introduced in version 3.0b

FlashBoot 3.0b
- Starting from this version, it's possible to create self-extracting archives specifying root directory of some volume as a source directory

FlashBoot 3.0a
- Raw image writing: fixed stall of progress indication during zero padding operation
- FlashBoot size was reduced due to better compression of screenshots in the help file

FlashBoot 3.0
- New features: driver integration and creation of self-extracting USB formatter EXE files
- Dropped a lot of obsolete features related to floppies, CDs, DOS, Windows 9x and 10-year old versions of Linux
- Simpler licensing model: Free and Pro editions, without time/use limitations
- Free edition is useful on its own and roughly corresponds to other free tools on the market
- Most of features from version 2.x were moved to Free edition
- Simpler main menu, clearly separated "OS installer on USB" from "full OS on USB"
- Improvements in command line version: flexible arguments, faster start time

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