RetroArch 1.7.7 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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BlueStacks 是第一個可以讓你在 Windows PC 上使用你最喜歡的移動應用程序的軟件。您可以下載如 Angry Birds Space,Candy Crush Saga,Telegram,Temple Run 2,Evernote 或 Documents 等應用程序直接進入 BlueStack,或使用 BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android 應用程序同步手機中的應用程序。 Basiclly 這個應用程序是一個 PC 機的 Android 模擬器。 BlueStacks 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是 BlueStacks 的完全離線安裝程序安裝程序.

BlueStacks 功能:
Android 應用程序在您的 PC 或平板電腦上快速全屏顯示使用 Cloud Connect 移動應用程序將應用程序從您的手機推送到您的 BlueStacks 在舊款平板電腦和上網本上運行速度可能不會很快下載應用程序來自 Google Play 附帶預先安裝的遊戲和應用程序注意:需要.NET Framework.

也可以下載 BlueStacks for Mac

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RetroArch 1.7.7 (64-bit)


166 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BlueStacks Team


What's new in this version:

- 3DS: Add unique IDs to prevent cores overwriting each other
- 3DS: Fix screen tearing when running 50Hz content
- ANDROID: We now target API level 26 (minimum is still API level 9)
- ANDROID: Add option to vibrate on touch (works in menu or overlay)
- ANDROID: Add device vibration option for cores that support rumble
- ANDROID: Add gamepad vibration support for cores that support rumble
- ANDROID: Allow stylus/pen to move mouse without pressing down
- AUDIO: Avoid deadlocks in certain audio drivers when toggling menu sounds on
- BLISS-BOX: Support PSX Jogcon (requires firmware 3.0)
- CHEEVOS: Fix crash when reading memory that is out of range
- CHEEVOS: New Cheevos implementation enabled by default
- CHEEVOS: Pop-up badges when an achievement is triggered
- CRT: Dynamic super resolution support
- DISCORD: Fix potential crash when username is empty and discord is disabled
- DISCORD: Ask to join support for Linux
- INPUT/ANDROID: Add “Input Block Timeout” option
- COMMON: For platforms without HAVE_THREADS, don’t automatically resume content when saving/loading state
- COMMON: Make playlist sorting optional and consistent
- COMMON: Fix sorting of playlists with blank labels
- COMMON: Fix content scanner creating false positive playlist entries that also have wrong label and crc32
- COMMON: Add some MMX-optimized pixel conversion routines
- COMMON: Fix typo preventing some SSE2-optimized pixel conversions from being used
- COMMON: Add option to track how long content has been running over time
- COMMON: Fix buffer overflows in system information
- COMMON: Add option to change screen orientation via the windowing system (Android, Windows, X11)
- COMMON: Show CPU model name in log
- COMMON: Add “Help -> Send Debug Info” option (and F10 hotkey) to send diagnostic info to the RetroArch team for help with problems
- COMMON: Show GPU device name/version in log
- COMMON: Add menu option to write log info to a file
- COMMON: Add subsystem support for playlists. Subsystem info is automatically saved to the history playlist for easy relaunching
- GL: Add new “gl1” OpenGL 1.1 compliant video driver for legacy GPUs and software renderer
- GL: Add a new “glcore” driver with slang support (requires GL 3.2+ or GLES3)
- GL: Draw OSD on top of overlay
- GONG: Add savestate support
- GONG: Add video refresh rate core options
- GONG: Two player support via core option
- GUI: Fix text alignment when using stb_unicode
- GUI: Fix text display issues when using Japanese (and other unicode-dependent language) text with stb_unicode
- GUI: Set language on first startup to the user’s preferred OS language (Windows, *nix and Android)
- INPUT: Add (scaled radial) analog deadzone and sensitivity options
- LIBRETRO: Add Turkish language support
- LIBRETRO: Allow non-accelerated video to rotate the display
- LOCALIZATION: Update Chinese (Simplified) translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Chinese (Traditional) translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Dutch translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update French translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update German translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation
- LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation
- LOCALIZATION: Add new Turkish translation
- MIDI: Fix startup crash in midi driver
- MENU: Bugfix – you can no longer get stuck in Online Updater -> Update Core screen when toggling between ingame and menu
- MENU: Selectively hide ‘Take Screenshot’ for video drivers that don’t support taking screenshots
- MENU: Framerate independent menu rendering. MaterialUI/Ozone/XMB/RGUI can now run at higher framerates
- MENU: Thumbnails work in history list
- MENU: Menu widgets
- MENU: Add memory statistics support to more context drivers
- MENU: Enable ozone driver for UWP builds
- MENU: Add optional “looping” menu text ticker with configurable speed
- MENU: Fix core video rendering when using ozone with GL cores that implement the scissor test
- MENU: Add optional playlist sublabels (associated core + play time, where available)
- MENU: Dropdown list settings now apply immediately
- MENU: Add setting to require pressing the “Exit RetroArch” hotkey twice to confirm
- MENU: Now able to run at higher refresh rates than 60Hz
- MENU: Enable “Add to Favorites” without loading a core
- MENU: Allow core name to be hidden on history/favorites playlists
- MENU: Populate crc32 and db_name fields when adding history/favourites playlist entries
- MENU: Fix TTF files not showing in OSD/menu font selection screen
- MENU: Fix audio/video filters not showing in file browser
- MENU/MaterialUI: Add subsystem support
- MENU/MaterialUI: Add currently selected entry in dropdown menus
- MENU/OZONE: Add mouse support on entries (no sidebar yet)
- MENU/OZONE: Allow collapsing the sidebar
- MENU/OZONE: Add thumbnail support
- MENU/OZONE: Battery notifications
- MENU/OZONE: Add wifi icon for network entries
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Add git version and build date to Help->About window
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Fix content loading via the file browser
- MENU/QT/WIMP: Add new settings window to control all RetroArch settings
- MENU/RGUI: Improve playlist titles
- MENU/RGUI: Add option to hide associated cores in playlists
- MENU/RGUI: Add internal upscaling option
- MENU/RGUI: Add subsystem support
- MENU/RGUI: Add menu sublabel support
- MENU/RGUI: Re-enable “Load Core” option when content is loaded
- MENU/RGUI: Add optional “Collections” entry to main menu
- MENU/RGUI: Add “Lock Menu Aspect Ratio” option
- MENU/RGUI: Add “full width” layout option
- MENU/RGUI: Ensure menu color theme is applied immediately
- MENU/RGUI: Fix “Lock Menu Aspect Ratio” option when using custom viewports
- MENU/RGUI: Add widescreen support
- MENU/RGUI: Allow text to be centred when selecting widescreen layouts
- MENU/RGUI: Add inline playlist thumbnail support
- MENU/RGUI: Add optional shadow effects
- MENU/RGUI: Performance optimizations
- MENU/RGUI: Add optional extended ASCII support
- MENU/RGUI: Add optional delay when loading thumbnails
- MENU/RGUI: Add on-screen keyboard
- MENU/RGUI: Battery notifications
- MENU/XMB: Prevent crashes when resizing to a tiny window
- MENU/XMB: XMB honors the ‘show menu sublabels’ setting now – was previously RGUI onl
- NETPLAY: Fix stall-out causing total disconnection with >2 players
- NETPLAY: Different (more intuitive?) default netplay share policy
- NETPLAY: Add hotkey option to toggle hosting on/off
- NETWORKING: Encode URLs to allow for spaces in directory names
- OSX: Prevent crash on exit
- OSX: Metal is now the default video driver for the RetroArch Metal build
- OSX: Enable CoreAudio v3 driver for Metal
- OSX/MACOS/IOS: Now uses the STB Unicode font driver
- PS2: CDFS support
- PS2: Implemented analog support for ps2 controllers
- PS2: Fix audio freeze after restarting core
- PS2: Fix issues with load state and the font driver
- PS2: File I/O now works for USB and network host
- PS2: Support cores with extra padding in their frame buffers
- SCANNER: New option ‘Scan without core match’. When this is enabled
-upported extensions by all installed cores are not checked, and instea
-t will add all content it finds to a playlist. This way, you can install the core you need later on after scanning. Not enabled by default
- SHADERS: Don’t alphabetize shader presets
- SWITCH: Add rumble support
- SWITCH: Add USB keyboard support
- VITA: Add bluetooth mouse and keyboard support
- VULKAN: Fix color issues with RGBA8888 swapchains in readback (screenshots)
- WII: Don’t init overlay when RAM is beyond 72MB
- WII: Skip CRC calculation on content load, can improve load times of larger games by several seconds
- WINDOWS: Fall back to gl1 driver if accelerated GPU driver is unavailable
- WINDOWS: Allow winraw and xinput to work without dinput (needed for WinRT)
- WINDOWS: Add MSVC2017 ARM desktop support
- UWP: Fix rewind by opting for slower codepath
- UWP: Fix relative path name issues when loading shaders
- UWP: Optimizations for VFS system

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