ReShade 4.9.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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BlueStacks 是第一個可以讓你在 Windows PC 上使用你最喜歡的移動應用程序的軟件。您可以下載如 Angry Birds Space,Candy Crush Saga,Telegram,Temple Run 2,Evernote 或 Documents 等應用程序直接進入 BlueStack,或使用 BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android 應用程序同步手機中的應用程序。 Basiclly 這個應用程序是一個 PC 機的 Android 模擬器。 BlueStacks 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是 BlueStacks 的完全離線安裝程序安裝程序.

BlueStacks 功能:
Android 應用程序在您的 PC 或平板電腦上快速全屏顯示使用 Cloud Connect 移動應用程序將應用程序從您的手機推送到您的 BlueStacks 在舊款平板電腦和上網本上運行速度可能不會很快下載應用程序來自 Google Play 附帶預先安裝的遊戲和應用程序注意:需要.NET Framework.

也可以下載 BlueStacks for Mac

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ReShade 4.9.0


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BlueStacks Team


What's new in this version:

- Compiled effects are now cached to disk, so that subsequent loads can use the cached data to speed up loading significantly. By default the cache is stored in %TEMP%, so that it can be shared across all ReShade installations. To override the location, change the "IntermediateCachePath" option under "[GENERAL]" in ReShade.ini . There is a new button on the Settings tab to clear the cache (sometimes necessary to ensure changes to effect files are applied).
- Improved HLSL and GLSL loop code generation for simple condition expressions
- Improved general frame update performance slightly
- Changed editor window to support opening multiple tabs pointing to different files
- Changed logging to use Win32 API directly (to allow multiple editors to open the log simultaneously)
- Changed texture pooling to not share textures within the same effect file
- Renamed screenshot config section to "SCREENSHOT" instead of "SCREENSHOTS" (setup tool will update your config automatically)
- Renamed depth buffer detection related config options to all reside within a "DEPTH" section instead of separate "D3D9/10/11/12/OPENGL/VULKAN" sections
- Renamed all references to "shaders" to "effects"
- Cleaned up punctuation in log messages

- effect caching
- support for D3D12on7 (ReShade now works in Cyberpunk 2077 on Windows 7)
- depth buffer copy before clear in OpenGL (depth buffer detection now works in Minecraft)
- ReShade FX support for rectangular matrices and integer matrix multiplication
- error to log when trying to capture screenshot for 16-bit back buffer (which is not supported)
- option to move all techniques from an effect file simultaneously in the UI technique list by pressing the shift key
- text logging for some common back buffer formats
- debug names to D3D11 and D3D12 objects in release builds to simplify debugging with the debug layers
- option to filter application list in setup tool using custom search terms (start typing into the text box at the bottom of the application list to filter it)
- warning message box to setup tool when enabling global Vulkan layer

- local network traffic (on localhost) counting towards the network detection heuristic
- This means that depth buffer detection is no longer blocked in games that run local servers in single player, like in Minecraft
- mouse cursor being locked in a small portion of the screen in some games
- corrupted depth data in D3D12 apps (e.g. Cyberpunk 2077)
- ReShade not showing up in D3D9 apps that do not have an override window set for presentation (e.g. MPC-HC)
- progress bar for compiling effects not actually showing any progress
- enabling an effect not auto-selecting the relevant tab in the variable list if the tab UI is used instead of the tree UI
- disabling "Load only enabled effects" option not reloading skipped effects
- potential crash when an INI file is loaded while effects are still being loaded
- OpenGL context creation using incorrect profile flags when game is using OpenGL 3.0 or 3.1
- OpenGL compatibility flag not being set in some cases for legacy contexts
- global app config options being read from wrong section in DXGI
- D3D11 texture description not being overwritten for "ID3D11Device3::CreateTexture2D1" calls
- "vkDestroyDevice" hook not being called
- hook error logged on Windows 7 when "CreateDXGIFactory2" is called
- it being possible to move variable editor splitter outside window area
- preprocessor hanging when encountering macro with an unterminated argument list
- duplicate sample and storage references in effect passes
- crash if an invalid sampler or storage is referenced in effect pass
- setup tool exception when extracting repository without a dedicated "Textures" directory

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