Node.js 12.1.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Boostnote 是一個為程序員和 Web 開發人員設計的開源筆記應用程序。 Boostnote 被來自 190 多個國家和地區的許多程序員信賴.

在右下方有快速訪問鏈接,包括縮放,可以想像的每種類型的文檔,大小,縮進和上次更新。調整大小 Boostnote 稍微搞亂了這些快速鏈接的格式。菜單部分可以讓你決定你的存儲位置,定義熱鍵,並調整用戶界面.

Boostnote 可以讓你在現場預覽器中使用 Markdown 記事本,使用片段筆記,多個熱鍵,發現者彈出(類似於 OSX 的聚光燈) ,和乳膠支持。但請記住,Boostnote 不會與 Post-it 風格的應用程序或記事本更換混淆,因為它是面向程序員 / Web 開發人員,如上所述.

Boostnote 功能:
Boostnote 允許您快速,清晰地創建一個組織良好純文本文章您可以輕鬆記錄開發訣竅備忘錄,並在會議期間記筆記 Boostnote 認識超過 100 種語法突出顯示,使其完美編寫代碼

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Node.js 12.1.0 (64-bit)


16.9 MB

Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64




What's new in this version:

Notable changes:
- Update ICU to 64.2. This adds support for Japanese Era
- Fixes a bug in ICU that affected Node.js 12.0.0 in the case where new Date().toLocaleString() was called with a non-default locale

C++ API:
- Added an overload EmitAsyncDestroy that can be used during garbage collection

- benchmark: fix http bench-parser.js
- bootstrap: delay the instantiation of maps in per-context scripts
- build: allow icu download to use other hashes besides md5
- build: disable custom v8 snapshot by default
- crypto: update root certificates
- deps: backport ICU-20575 to fix err/crasher
- deps: backport ICU-20558 to fix Intl crasher
- deps: update ICU to 64.2
- dgram: change 'this' to 'self' for 'isConnected'
- doc: add Node 12 to the first list of versions
- doc: update comment in bootstrap for primordials
- doc: simplify text
- doc: fix pull request number
- doc: clarify behaviour of writeFile(fd)
- doc: fix v12.0.0 changelog id
- doc: simplify Collaborator pre-nomination text
- lib: throw a special error in internal/assert
- module: initialize module_wrap.callbackMap during pre-execution
- (SEMVER-MINOR) n-api: do not require JS Context for napi_async_destroy()
- process: reduce the number of internal frames in async stack trace
- report: print common items first for readability
- src: refactor deprecated UVException in
- src: move OnMessage to
- src: use predefined AliasedBuffer types in the code base
- src: apply clang-tidy modernize-deprecated-headers found by Jenkins CI
- (SEMVER-MINOR) src: do not require JS Context for ~AsyncResoure()
- (SEMVER-MINOR) src: add Environment overload of EmitAsyncDestroy
- src: apply clang-tidy rule modernize-use-equals-default
- src: use std::vector<size_t> instead of IndexArray
- src: enable context snapshot after running per-context scripts
- src: enable snapshot with per-isolate data
- src: implement IsolateData serialization and deserialization
- src: allow creating NodeMainInstance that does not own the isolate
- test: refactor net-connect-handle-econnrefused
- test: move test-net-connect-handle-econnrefused
- test: rework to remove flakiness, and be parallel
- test: fix ineffective error tests
- test: make test-worker-esm-missing-main more robust
- test: increase coverage in lib/internal/dns/promises.js
- tls: include invalid method name in thrown error
- tools: update certdata.txt
- tools: update LICENSE and tools/icu/current_ver.dep
- tools: fix use-after-free mkcodecache warning
- tools: update tools/
- tools: implement node_mksnapshot
- util: add prototype support for boxed primitives
- util: rename setIteratorBraces to getIteratorBraces
- util: improve Symbol.toStringTag handling

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