Gradle 6.4 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Boxcryptor 在 Dropbox,Google Drive,OneDrive 和許多其他雲存儲中加密您的敏感文件和文件夾。它將最方便用戶的雲存儲服務的優勢與全球最高的安全標準相結合。在您的設備上正確加密數據,然後再將其同步到您選擇的雲提供商.

Boxcryptor 可以免費使用兩台設備上的一個雲存儲提供商。作為單個用戶,您可以使用我們的 Boxcryptor Unlimited 許可證來增加您的功能範圍。你可以獲得無限的設備,無限的提供者和先進的文件加密安全性。升級使您能夠以安全的方式從雲中提供的所有東西中獲利。我們的無限營業許可證可以幫助您保護您的專業數據.

Boxcryptor 公司套餐為您的公司帶來了加密的好處。它提供了一個解決方案,在符合內部和外部法規的同時,安全地在雲中的文件上進行協作。定義自定義策略,管理您的用戶,例如使用 Active Direcoty 支持,並使用雙因素身份驗證來保護您的帳戶 - 僅舉幾個公司包功能.

注意:在演示版本中,您不能創建組。 1 個雲存儲提供商.

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Gradle 6.4

139 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Secomba GmbH


What's new in this version:

- Mapping of Ivy files to variants should handle configuration level excludes
- Upgrade to native platform milestone for 6.4
- Investigate timeouts with file watching enabled
- Rename 'modularClasspathHandling' properties to 'modularity'
- In version constraints, the order of `prefer X` vs `strict Y` matters
- Perform module path derivation in Eclipse IDE sync
- Potential deadlock when using the worker API and not using the Gradle daemon
- Add module path support to CreateStartScripts tasks of application plugin
- Add modular classpath handling configuration to Java extension
- Document JPMS support
- Build service installed via init script closes prematurely when `:buildSrc` sub-build is finished
- Dependency ordering issue when upgrading to Guava 28.2-jre
- exclusiveContent API does not work with Kotlin Gradle DSL
- Configuring the Jar task's manifest gives an Incubating warning
- Register watchers for newly added file locations during the build
- Basic JPMS support for generating Javadoc
- Basic JPMS support for executing Java modules
- Basic JPMS support for testing Java modules
- GenerateModuleMetadata writes wrong file names in case of customized artifact publications.
- Basic JPMS support for compiling Java modules
- File change not recognized by VFS on Windows when entire watched directory is removed
- Improve the dependency lockfile format
- StackOverflowError in ManagedPropertyName.getDisplayName()
- Expose Repository MetadataSources
- ScalaCompile task does not respect all JavaForkOptions configuration
- java-library plugin makes impossible to have project dependency on Java9-modular kotlin project
- Add a method to specify Scalac plugins in ScalaCompile without breaking build cache
- [JPMS] Accessing resources when Java application run via JavaExec task
- Lockfile location/filename should be customizable
- Packaging test code in a separate JDK 9 module fails with IllegalArgumentException: superClassName is empty
-Java 9: Support Jigsaw modules in JavaExecAction
-Running tests against JDK 9 module causes accessibility issues
-Support setting Jigsaw module version in jar task
- Gradle 6.4-rc-1 triggers compileJava when project version is changed in multi-module project
- Cached component metadata rules leak memory
- Gradle 6.4-rc-1 breaks bootRun
- Traditional convention mappings do not work anymore for JavaExec.main
- Stack overflow in Gradle 6.4-rc-1, regression from 6.3
- Invalid equals breaks fix for cache memory leak
- Single lock file changes on generation without external change
- Potential race condition when task has a property whose value is derived from mapped dependency resolution results
- Race condition when a `Property` instance is used by multiple tasks and has a value derived from a dependency resolution result

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