FreeNAS 11.3 U5 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Boxcryptor 在 Dropbox,Google Drive,OneDrive 和許多其他雲存儲中加密您的敏感文件和文件夾。它將最方便用戶的雲存儲服務的優勢與全球最高的安全標準相結合。在您的設備上正確加密數據,然後再將其同步到您選擇的雲提供商.

Boxcryptor 可以免費使用兩台設備上的一個雲存儲提供商。作為單個用戶,您可以使用我們的 Boxcryptor Unlimited 許可證來增加您的功能範圍。你可以獲得無限的設備,無限的提供者和先進的文件加密安全性。升級使您能夠以安全的方式從雲中提供的所有東西中獲利。我們的無限營業許可證可以幫助您保護您的專業數據.

Boxcryptor 公司套餐為您的公司帶來了加密的好處。它提供了一個解決方案,在符合內部和外部法規的同時,安全地在雲中的文件上進行協作。定義自定義策略,管理您的用戶,例如使用 Active Direcoty 支持,並使用雙因素身份驗證來保護您的帳戶 - 僅舉幾個公司包功能.

注意:在演示版本中,您不能創建組。 1 個雲存儲提供商.

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FreeNAS 11.3 U5


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Secomba GmbH


What's new in this version:

Bug Fixes:
- Replication that worked in 11.3-U4 and 12.0-Beta2 fails in 12.0-RC1
- SMART and scrub tasks are not running
- Unable to remove certificate in s3 service  Certificates
- Comment and restrict change of large blocks support in replication
- Additional Domains don’t show up on save
- Cloud sync to Wasabi fails with “Can’t mix absolute and relative paths”
- No Task Manager Progress is shown
- UPS Settings Saving Bug
- middlewared memory leak
- Replicated dataset is not set to read-only
- Unable to Delete Expired ACME Certificate
- Error when updating a Jail 11.3-RELEASE-p6 to 11.3-RELEASE-p612
- Apparent crash on delete of share to invalid directory
- Generate a random default serial extent
- unable to delete iscsi file extents
- When creating pool, adding vdev, then removing it, leaves debris
- `failover_aliases` and `failover_virtual_aliases` are being overwritten as empty arrays
- change failover_vhid to type `select` instead of `input`
- allow editing empty interfaces
- Google Drive Cloud Sync tasks fail with exportSizeLimitExceeded
- Clear any potential stale state after leaving AD domain
- ACME DNS renewals don’t work
- Do not run check_available in a tight loop in case an exception happens
- Do not display previous replication task status after deleting it and…
- Custom sync schedule forgotten when editing task
- Merge FreeBSD SA-20:21-30 EN-20:17-18
- Expand regression tests for user api   
- Permissions are incorrect on home directory move
- Fix chown of skel directory contents for new local users
- Forums user reported logs filled with fruit error messages
- Pool in dashboard omits special vdevs from count and status
- Have ftp reload method reload proftpd rather than restart it
- Swap size setting not honored on 4k sector disks
- Unable to upload 8TB file to backblaze
- Unable to configure UPS on TrueNAS 12
- Expand list of error strings that should trigger an AD rejoin
- Reassign sys.{stdout,stderr} after log rollover
- “jls” hostname does not reflect modified hostname
- Add regression tests for AD machine account keytab generation
- collectd: blank warning emails
- qBittorrent Plugin Not Installing
- Recycle bin versioning not enabled
- Replacing boot usb drive problem
- Proper/better errno for failed authentication
- SED doesn’t work for nvme
- plugin boot checkbox re-enables itself
- Setting IPMI to DHCP should gray-out IP addresses
- setting invalid VHID value fails silently
- Ensure monpwd/monuser fields are provided for UPS service
- api context /services/iscsi/targettoextent does not allow null value for iscsi_lunid
- Periodic Snapshot Tasks – “Enabled” checkboxes are not unique inputs
- iSCSI webUI columns COMPLETELY break when edited
- Cloud Sync Bandwidth Limit Field Validation
- Cron job still runs despite being deactivated and then deleted
- Can’t clear Kerberos Principal from GUI
- Validation Error on creation of Manual SSH Connection for Replication Task
- dashboard is completely blank no widgets
- ZFS replication does not create datasets on target
- FreeNAS disks forget their assigned pool
- System crash after middlewared.set_sysctl():407 – Failed to set sysctl
- Categories for support proxy
- UPS ups is on battery power alerts since upgrade to 11.3
- Replication progress report error
- Periodic Snapshot are missing the lifetime in its name
- Rsync tasks view shows incorrect remote path
- Running Cloud Sync tasks keep on running after deletion in GUI

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