VNC 5.3.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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BS.Player 是當今市場上最好的媒體播放器之一。播放器的主要優點是高質量的播放,支持廣泛的媒體文件,CPU 和內存消耗低.

BS.Player 被全世界超過 7000 萬用戶使用,並被翻譯成多個 90 種語言。所有下載的免費播放器版本超過了競爭性視頻播放器和應付 DVD 播放器的所有下載量的總和。因為它沒有使用太多的處理能力,所以對於那些使用功能稍差的計算機,但仍然希望具有出色的視頻和音頻質量的用戶來說,它是合適的。多媒體播放尚未完成。永遠不會是“ndash”; 受到任何煩人的技術問題的困擾,對此類軟件的使用經常頻繁.

最重要的是,BS.Player 是一個免費的媒體電影播放器,是世界多媒體市場的產品,因此配備了先進的字幕選項,用戶可以觀看來自許多流行字幕格式(MicroDVD.sub,VobSub.sub + .idx,SubViewer.sub,(Advanced)SubStation Alpha .ssa 或.ass,,VPlayer.txt)的字幕的視頻內容。 。 BS.Player 也是一個 AVCHD 播放器,使您能夠顯示數字無磁帶攝像機中使用的 AVCHD 視頻格式電影(高級視頻編解碼器高清晰度)。它可以自動搜索和下載當前正在播放的視頻丟失的字幕,如果 available.

BSplayer 功能:

播放列表支持是偉大的。它們可以從 BST 和 M3U(Winamp)記錄導入,保存,編輯和添加來自任何文件夾的新文件,以及 URLs。

Display 字幕

計算機硬盤上的所有多媒體文件現在都將在 BS.MediaLibrary™ 中列出。從現在開始,他們將永遠在你的範圍之內。 MultilingualBS.Player 及貿易; 是一項針對全球所有用戶的國際產品.


完全 skinnable
雖然 BS.Player 貿易; 自豪地擁有一個現代化的外觀,在這個領域設立了新的標準,開發人員包括一個簡單的皮膚選擇選項,並添加自己的自定義皮膚的選項。您可以創建自己的夢幻外觀,或從 SKIN 部分的許多預先準備的選項中進行選擇.

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VNC 5.3.0


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BS Global Organization


What's new in this version:

All platforms:
- Providing VNC Server and VNC Viewer are both version 5.3, connections use the very latest RFB 5 protocol for enhanced security, with updated cipher suites and support for Perfect Forward Secrecy
- VNC Server with an Enterprise or a Personal license can restrict the IP addresses on which it listens for connections, reducing the attack surface. Note the InTransports parameter has been removed, which means VNC Server with a Free license can no longer listen on just IPv4 addresses, or on just IPv6 addresses
- VNC Viewer can send keep alive messages to VNC Server in order to maintain (perhaps minimized) connections that might otherwise be considered idle by routers or gateways, and unexpectedly terminated. Conversely, the same mechanism can clean up connections that have terminated, perhaps due to network failure
- VNC Server has a new screen capture architecture that is both more robust and responsive. Users should see fewer disconnections and reconnections when transiting between desktop and login screens. System administrators should be aware of a new vncagent binary and process
- Screen capture on Windows 8+ computers using DirectX is now more efficient, giving a better user experience. As part of this work, the UpdateMethod parameter has been renamed CaptureMethod on all platforms, and has new defaults that make choosing the optimal capture method easier
- Configuring security for VNC Server at the command line or using policy is now simpler using new, separate, more intuitive Authentication and Encryption parameters. On upgrade, SecurityTypes and UserPasswdVerifier values are mapped appropriately unless a VNC password is mandated using policy
- The vncpasswd utility now has flags that make specifying a VNC password for VNC Server in all modes easier. In addition, running the utility without a flag now shows the help rather than defaulting to VNC Server in User Mode.
- The Password parameter is now included in policy template files so VNC Server with an Enterprise license can be remotely provisioned with a VNC password. To obtain a password in the correct obfuscated format, run vncpasswd -print

- Support for Windows 10
- VNC Viewer can send media keys such as Play and Volume Up to VNC Server
- VNC Server can remap keys received from VNC Viewer, perhaps to inject a non-native character or control key

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