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BS.Player 是當今市場上最好的媒體播放器之一。播放器的主要優點是高質量的播放,支持廣泛的媒體文件,CPU 和內存消耗低.

BS.Player 被全世界超過 7000 萬用戶使用,並被翻譯成多個 90 種語言。所有下載的免費播放器版本超過了競爭性視頻播放器和應付 DVD 播放器的所有下載量的總和。因為它沒有使用太多的處理能力,所以對於那些使用功能稍差的計算機,但仍然希望具有出色的視頻和音頻質量的用戶來說,它是合適的。多媒體播放尚未完成。永遠不會是“ndash”; 受到任何煩人的技術問題的困擾,對此類軟件的使用經常頻繁.

最重要的是,BS.Player 是一個免費的媒體電影播放器,是世界多媒體市場的產品,因此配備了先進的字幕選項,用戶可以觀看來自許多流行字幕格式(MicroDVD.sub,VobSub.sub + .idx,SubViewer.sub,(Advanced)SubStation Alpha .ssa 或.ass,,VPlayer.txt)的字幕的視頻內容。 。 BS.Player 也是一個 AVCHD 播放器,使您能夠顯示數字無磁帶攝像機中使用的 AVCHD 視頻格式電影(高級視頻編解碼器高清晰度)。它可以自動搜索和下載當前正在播放的視頻丟失的字幕,如果 available.

BSplayer 功能:

播放列表支持是偉大的。它們可以從 BST 和 M3U(Winamp)記錄導入,保存,編輯和添加來自任何文件夾的新文件,以及 URLs。

Display 字幕

計算機硬盤上的所有多媒體文件現在都將在 BS.MediaLibrary™ 中列出。從現在開始,他們將永遠在你的範圍之內。 MultilingualBS.Player 及貿易; 是一項針對全球所有用戶的國際產品.


完全 skinnable
雖然 BS.Player 貿易; 自豪地擁有一個現代化的外觀,在這個領域設立了新的標準,開發人員包括一個簡單的皮膚選擇選項,並添加自己的自定義皮膚的選項。您可以創建自己的夢幻外觀,或從 SKIN 部分的許多預先準備的選項中進行選擇.

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Plex Media Player


98.1 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


BS Global Organization


What's new in this version:

Plex Media Player
- Change log not available for this version

Plex Media Player
- Desktop web-client updated to 3.61.1rn
- Added soft subtitles with direct play (requires PMS 1.13.4 or above)
- Added missing unwatched triangles to Watch Later/Recommendedrn
- Fixed sometimes only the background showing when going back to the pre-play pagern
- Fixed items in On Right Now starting playback immediately after going to Watch Nowrn
- Fixed icon for server and source listsrn
- Fixed an issue where pressing left or right while video is paused causes you to go to previous/next video instead of seeking"

Plex Media Player
- Fixed error showing when recording is post processing
- Fixed troubles selecting embedded subtitle streams in videos without audio streams
- Fixed grid view programs getting duplicated when refreshing EPG with grid view open
- Fixed video quality setting does not properly show user selection

Plex Media Player
- Fixed focus disappearing after selecting a different news clip from the play queue
- Fixed missing jump bars when viewing Artists and Albums from Quick Links
- Don't show 'Browse by Folder' option when not applicable
- Fixed missing shuffle button from Collections PrePlay

Plex Media Player
- Change log not available for this version

Plex Media Player
- Restored ability to delete Watch Later/Recommended items
- Fixed Browse by Folder showing unwatched flags on folders
- Fixed cursor getting lost when navigating up to menu on Live TV Watch Now
- Fixed metadata being displayed behind episode thumbnail in some cases
- Fixed smooth scroll behaviour on some dashboard pages
- Fixed audio & subtitle preference changes not being reflected immediately on the preplay page
- Removed “Discover” and “Watch Now” buttons from Live TV Browse All"

Plex Media Player

- TV web-client updated to 3.54.2

- Removed non-functional Channel provider

Plex Media Player

Items added:
- Desktop web-client updated to 3.52.2
- Qt updated to 5.9.5
- Updated "(Un)Watched" text to "(Un)Played"

Items fixed:
- Restored ability to delete Watch Later/Recommended items
- Fixed several possible situations where focus could disappear
- Fixed an issue where shuffling a TV season would result in a play queue containing episodes from outside of that season
- Fixed an issue where the order in which items on a show page are focused could sometimes be inconsistent
- Ensured quality setting is respected when autoplaying next video
- Fixed HLS videos in Watch Later not playing in some cases
- Fixed some occurrences of "Repeat All" not repeating single video play queues
- Fixed Live TV type buttons cutoff in list view
- Fixed inconsistent queue behavior when playing season with no unwatched episodes
- Fixed music play queues not correctly restoring on app start
- Fixed an issue that prevented playing content from a Controller while the app is in the PIN entry screen

Plex Media Player
- Added Privacy Policy and Terms of Service viewing in settings
- Added quick links action buttons for type discovery pages
- (Xbox One) HDR support for Xbox One S and Xbox One
- (Xbox One) Automatic display mode switching to match video resolution and refresh rate
- Fixed the app not loading if was unavailable
- Fixed the version badge not updating after deleting a version
- Fixed missing videos in a photo library failing silently
- Fixed the OSD not hiding when resuming playback after the screensaver was shown
- (PMP) Fixed high CPU usage during music playback
- Fixed deleting of file with multiple versions
- Fix missing video titles on photo album pages
- Fix the rest of the episodes in the play queue after selecting play from the show level

Plex Media Player

Items added:
- Desktop web-client updated to 3.47.1
- Added automatic fallback to transcode if direct playing music fails
- Updated translations

Items fixed:
- Fixed an issue that prevented toggling between timed and untimed lyrics
- Fixed library lists sometimes not scrolling to the end correctly
- Fixed the dashboard type list sometimes not scrolling to the end correctly
- Don't show the library list if there are no libraries available
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause pointer-only UI elements to appear while not controlling the app with a pointer
- Fixed an issue with news tags sometimes appearing offscreen
- Fixed an issue where going to an empty recording schedule page would make the application unresponsive to input
- Fixed UI sounds

Plex Media Player
- Change log not available for this version

Plex Media Player
- Added scrolling to dashboard header type buttons when more than 5 buttons are visible
- Swapped the Record and Play buttons on Live TV item screens
- Desktop web-client updated to 3.41.2
- Fixed possible endless buffering at start of playback
- Fixed short movie/episode summary alignment
- Fixed version count not showing up on poster lists
- Fixed the recording schedule not displaying an empty message when no events are displayed
- Fixed the next airing wrapping to two lines on the recording priority page
- Selecting "Sign Out" after selecting "Switch User" from the app's home screen no longer shows homescreen content below the confirmation modal

Plex Media Player
- Desktop web-client updated to 3.37.2
- Added subtitle support for videos in the photo player
- Remember last active library when switching between dashboard types"
- Fixed the type dropdown showing collections for Live TV
- Fixed missing separator line for Online Content in libraries
- Fixed an issue with the player controls sometimes unexpectedly disappearing after changing playing item
- Fixed video restarting from offset when changing the audio or subtitle streams
- Fixed movie filters dropdown getting cut off on certain screen sizes
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to close the player until the content finished loading
- Fixed the player remaining paused after changing an item in the play queue
- Fixed title getting cut off on Live TV preplay pages
- Fixed the player controls briefly appearing when closing the player
- Fixed seeking in Live TV playback in desktop mode
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause the app to become unresponsive to key input after signing in
- Fixed some issues with item actions for some older servers
- Fixed an issue that prevented using keyboard shortcuts to mark an item as unwatched

Plex Media Player
- Updated translations
- Fixed the titles for recently added TV shows
- Fixed the player sometimes not being able to play watch later/recommended videos
- Fixed bug that could cause app to fail to load
- Fixed cases where playback would error or fallback to a transcode near the end of a video
- Fixed issues with Apple IR remotes on High Sierra

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