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BullGuard Premium Protection 是一個完整的,簡單易用的安全套件,保護您免受惡意軟件,身份盜竊,財務欺詐,在線數據洩漏,並幫助您保持您的孩子在社交網絡上的安全.

為什麼選擇 BullGuard Premium Protection?
您選擇的個人和財務信息您需要 BullGuard 保護受益於最先進的互聯網安全和防病毒保護獲取有關您的孩子的 Facebook 上的不當內容的通知免費的 25GB 的在線備份空間,以保存所有重要數據 3 -PC 許可證訂閱和免費升級到新版本獲取電子郵件和短信提醒,以防您的個人和財務信息在線受到攻擊獲得最高級的防病毒保護,經獨立測試實驗室驗證免費 PC Tune Ups 保持您的 PC 運行快速免費 24/ 7 專家客戶支持注意:30 天試用版 0.

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BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 20.0.373.6


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


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What's new in this version:

BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 20.0.373.6
- Change log not available for this version

BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 20.0.373.3
- Change log not available for this version

BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 20.0.371.21
- Change log not available for this version

BullGuard Premium Protection 2020 20.0.371.5
Fully Rounded Identity Protection:
- Keep all your important personal information from data thieves and cyber criminals. Protect information such as email address, phone numbers, credit and debit cards, driving licence, passport, loyalty cards, ID cards, international bank account and more. If the identity protection system detects your data you receive an email alert warning you allowing you to take the necessary protective steps. It beats back the identity thieves.

Secure Browser:
- A custom-built secure browser that enables a safer way to browse the Internet and a much safer platform from which to make online payments. Its layered protection keeps you safe from a wide range of well-known and dangerously damaging browser-based attacks. It doesn’t load cookies, plug-ins or extensions without your permission yet delivers the functionality of a browser you would expect such as address bar hints, suggestions, shortcuts and more. It’s how a browser should be.

Advanced Machine Learning:
- Sophisticated mathematical algorithms and deep learning methods deliver lightning fast threat detection against new, emerging and advanced threats. Multiple learning layers analyze malware properties to identify malicious code and apply the learning to similar code, all without requiring virus updates. This ensures that zero-day threats are identified and nullified as soon as they emerge keeping you safe from advanced types of malware.

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.370
- General: Implemented an optimization that enables BullGuard to delete crash data directories older than 60 days

Bug fixes:
- General: Fixed an error that prevented BullGuard from disabling Windows Defender in some Windows 7 environments
- Firewall: Fixed an error that prevented Firewall setting changes to be applied

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.366

- Improved service health and service performance telemetry schedule
- Improved the updater alert notification logic
- Included the computer name in the application logs for Support troubleshooting purposes
- Added a remote setting to better handling the application error reports containing application logs
- Antivirus: Added an experimental machine learning to Sentry

Bug fixes:
- Antivirus: Fixed various crashes

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.365

- Added signature version in the update report
- Reduce traffic created by settings.xml checks
- Improved elevation method of collecting user application logs
​- Firewall: Updated digital signature for Firewall service' surrogate

Bug fixes:
- Fixed user application log collection utility
- Fixed installer application images to scale on hi-DPI
- Ammended various UI improvements
- Solved Bullguard Security Helper crashes when collecting user application logs

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.364
- Upgrade the XML parsing library to version 2.9.9
- Modified BullGuard Tray to scale better on hi-DPI systems
​-  Firewall: Upgraded BdNet.sys to build
-  PC Tune UP:  Optimized the module scanning progress

Bug fixes:
- Allowed Firewall to support long paths programs
- Allowed Firewall to support special characters programs
- Rearchitectured to use thread pools

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.359.1
- Change log not available for this version

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.355.9
- Change log not available for this version

BullGuard Premium Protection 19.0.355.4
- Change log not available for this version

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