BricsCAD 21.2.05 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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BurnAware Free 是一個全功能和免費的刻錄軟件,以創建所有類型的 CD,DVD 和藍光光盤的家庭。家庭用戶可以輕鬆刻錄可啟動光盤,多區段光盤,高質量音頻 CD 和視頻 DVD,製作,複製和刻錄光盤映像。高級用戶將受益於 BurnAware 的高級選項,包括控制引導設置,UDF 分區和版本,ISO 級別和限制,會話選擇,曲目和光盤的 CD 文本,數據恢復以及直接複製。 BurnAware Free 下載最新版本的 Windows PC。它是完全離線設置安裝程序的 BurnAware.

最引人注目的功能之一是用戶界面– 清潔,有效,易於使用和多語言。另一個很大的好處是在燒錄時 CPU 利用率低,而且燒錄過程非常穩定。另外支持最新的操作系統– Windows 8.1 以及任何從 Windows XP 開始的 32 位和 64 位版本.

除了標準選項,BurnAware Free 還提供許多高級選項,如 BOOT 設置,UDF 分區和版本,ISO 等級和限制,會話選擇,CD-Text 跟踪和光盤,逐字節驗證,直接複製等等。

BurnAware 功能:
將您的文件刻錄到 CD,DVD 或藍光光盤追加或更新多區段光盤創建可啟動 CD 或 DVD 創建音頻 CD 和 MP3 光盤創建 DVD- 視頻光盤製作標准或啟動光盤映像將光盤複製到 ISO 映像複製 CD,DVD 或藍光光盤擦除或格式化可擦寫光盤檢查光盤的讀取錯誤從多區段或損壞的光盤中提取文件同時將 ISO 寫入多個刻錄機注意:演示版本.

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BricsCAD 21.2.05


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Burnaware Technologies


What's new in this version:

Improvements to Civil:
TIN Surfaces from Point Clouds:
- When an input point cloud has more than 5M points, only the outer boundary of the resultant TIN Surface will display

2D Constraints:
- 2D constraint labels are now updated when their names change

- A linefeed is now entered in the command line after an 'auto save' message

- The Detach option now works in localized versions, as expected

- Profiles are imported correctly, and existing profiles are no longer improperly overwritten

- Background lines are no longer generated when the Show Background lines property of the section entity is off

- Section lines for sectioned regions are now properly generated in volume sections

- The command now generates grid lines with the correct color, transparency, linetype, linetype scale and lineweight

- The content on the BRX2D+ layer is updated correctly when related components have been modified

BIMTAG command:
- Spot elevation tags are now supported in detail sections

- The command options in non-English versions are now available, as expected

- Specific entities are no longer processed multiple times when 3D or Draft drawing views are present in a drawing

- The command now correctly launches the "Add block to library" dialog box in Spanish language versions of BricsCAD

DGN Export:
- TTF styles are now exported correctly

DGN Import:
- The import of circles, arcs and circle/arc hatch boundaries is now correct

Dimensions :
- The scale of linear dimensions between centerlines or center marks is now correct

Dynamic Blocks:
- An UNDO issue that occurred when Dynamic Block modifications were made via a grip point, when a popup menu is active, has been fixed

FILEOPEN command:
- We fixed the population error that occurred in the Open File dialog box when opening a drawing from a File Explorer dialog, after a modal dialog was launched in a BricsCAD session.

Grip Editing:
- We fixed a grip editing regression that caused values entered in dynamic dimensions to be ignored during grip-based operations

Group Selection:
- We fixed a bug that could cause multiple groups to be selected when a specific group entity was contained within multiple groups

IFC Export:
- We fixed the incomplete IFC export of a particular model

IMPORT command:
- An issue that caused the Mechanical Browser to be empty, after an import in background mode, has been fixed

- We fixed a slowdown caused by model regeneration after a LAYER FREEZE

- Drop-down menu items on the Text Formatting dialog for justification and alignment are now properly localized. A regression since V21.2.03.

Plot Style Table Editor:
- The Plot Style Table Editor dialog box now opens on the first try. This was a regression. We're sorry this happened

- An option to insert geometry, and to add an image to the section plane, has been added

Point Clouds:
- A deleted cache folder is recreated again automatically when BricsCAD is re-started

Point Clouds:
- Reading RCP/RCS files no longer stops when a voxel without points is encountered. Empty voxels are now skipped, and file reading continues.

- The combo-boxes in the Ribbon now show proper borders in light and dark color themes

- The label style of a split button's child items are now honored when they differ from the parent button

- The tooltips for ribbon buttons no longer display the macro name in the tooltip when a ToolTipTitle exists

- Export results are now consistent, regardless of the use of DMSIMPLIFY

- The command now correctly exports a single-sided form feature

- A set of particular test cases with many adjacent, analytical lofted bends is now properly supported

Standard Parts:
- The thread length of the ISO 4017 bolt is now shown correctly

- The EditorInput.UserInputControls enum now includes AnyBlankTerminatesInput and UseBasePointElevation values

- We fixed a bug that prevented the removal of Application.BeginDoubleClick event handlers

BRX AcDbMPolygon:
- The AcDbMPolygonNode::AcDbMPolygonNode(), AcDbMPolygon::getMPolygonTree() and AcDbMPolygon::deleteMPolygonTree() functions have been implemented

- The combo control now updates its item list after items are removed. This was a V21 regression

- We corrected an Undo state bug when cloning block definitions, that resulted in a replaced block definition

- AcDbEntity::intersectWith() now works correctly with disjoint regions

- AcDbMPolygon::appendMPolygonLoop() now fails when adding a self intersecting loop

- AcDbMPolygon::balanceTree() now keeps bulges synchronized with vertices in case of the reversal of the direction of said loop

- A bug related to the Diagnostics and Usage Data Collection subscription that occurred when using LISP expressions has been fixed

LISP Reactors:
- A problem with (entget), (entmod), (entmake) during Lisp reactor callbacks has been fixed. This regression was introduced with the first V21.2 version

- A incorrect behaviour of (bim:delete-property) has been fixed: when the specified property is part of the PropertySet, the entire PropertySet was removed, instead of the specified property only. This also applies to the corresponding BRX function.

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