Wirecast 12.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Camfrog Video Chat,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Camfrog Video Chat 允許你加入真正的流視頻聊天室,你可以聽到,看到,有趣的視頻聊天與許多人一次。這是大多數防火牆和路由器背後的視頻會議軟件。 Camfrog Video Chat 允許多用戶視頻會議,您可以加入多達 1000 個用戶的房間,只需點擊一個用戶名開始看到某人。按“通話”按鈕,通過音頻與整個房間通話。視頻聊天室由運行 Camfrog Video Chat 室內服務器軟件的寬帶用戶託管,因此任何用戶都可以設置自己的多用戶視頻會議供其他用戶加入。您可以通過點擊免費下載按鈕,從我們的網站下載 Camfrog Video Chat PC 離線安裝程序.

Camfrog Video Chat 特點:
視頻聊天 1 對 1,並加入視頻聊天室。沒有網絡攝像頭需要看到的人。 Camfrog 適用於所有防火牆,路由器和無線網絡。很容易找到新用戶與用戶目錄進行視頻聊天。 Facebook 即時通訊。也可用:下載 Camfrog Video Chat 為 Mac

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Wirecast 12.0


323 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Camshare Inc.



What's new in this version:

Stock Media Library:
- Now included with every active support subscription, the new Stock Media Library adds a growing database of over 500,000 unique, high quality media assets to your projects.
- A new custom-built portal gives you direct access to transitions, motion backgrounds, royaltyfree backing tracks, and videos from right within Wirecast.
- Select the new Media Files category in the Add Source dialog and choose Stock Media Library.

Stinger (Custom Transitions) Playback Speed Controls:
- Spice up your stinger transitions using the new Stock Media Library, which contains transition files.
- New speed controls allow you to adjust the timing of your stinger transitions, and an additional transition bank gives you more options for live production.

Rendezvous Audio Mixing:
- In the Rendezvous dashboard, you can now create a custom audio mix to be sent to your Rendezvous guests.
- Studio license level will allow you to select the devices to mix.
- Pro license levels will grant you the ability to select individual channels from audio devices to be mixed.

QR Code Generator Source:
- Want to give your audience quick access to a custom link within your stream? Just create a QR code that your audience can scan! Copy your link into the new QR Code Generator and Wirecast will create a scannable image to broadcast to your fans.
- Select the Overlays category in the Add Source dialog and choose QR Code Generator.

– Add ability to configure the number of transition banks in the Preferences
– Add ability to continuously read a text file in the Text Source Properties
– Allow users to configure the playback speed of Stinger Transitions
– Display the Facebook Page of Scheduled events in the Facebook Destination Output Settings
– Enable NVENC High Profile in Encoder settings
– Expose all options in Facebook Live Polls
– Update CEF to version 3578
– Update to NDI SDK v.3.8

– Add better error messaging when the GPU does not support Direct X 11
– Adding a Direct Show audio device to the document causes duplicate sources to appear in the Rendezvous Dashboard
– After attempting to activate an old license, any subsequent invalid license activation attempts show an incorrect error message
– Audio from Multi-Channel Sources is not heard in the Rendezvous call when sending the Live Output audio track
– Build-In/Build-Out elements don't move proportionally
– Certain stinger transitions can appear doubled and stretched
– Change Audio right-click menu text is hard to read text
– Change the wording for missing Stinger Transitions
– Changing the playback speed of a stinger transition pauses it without updating the pause/play button
– Clicking X in the Add Source Dialog adds any selected sources to the document on Windows
– Clock System Fonts missing font picker dialog
– Crash when adding a Stinger Transition on Windows 7 with an AMD GPU
– Facebook Scheduled events list fails to be read properly in some cases
– Fixed bad alignment in Teradek StreamReader Properties page
– Hang when selecting a Stinger Transition then immediately using the transition
– IP camera frame glitch
– Midi controller volume slider control skips from 99% to 101%
– NDI detection is disabled when disabling IP Camera discovery
– Opening a new document during a stream caused Wirecast to Crash after disconnecting from a Rendezvous Session
– Periscope Destination Schedules Event and Tweets even if Destination is Disabled
– PTZ IP Port field does not update after switching to a PTZ profile that uses a required IP port
– Random crash during a Rendezvous Session
– Random crash when a document has disconnected sources
– Random hang when switching sources
– Rare hang that can occur on Windows
– Remove Facebook donation button from Profiles (not supported by Facebook)
– Remove Shutdown when not live from Clock and Solid Color sources
– Security Warning Preventing Facebook Live Authentication on certain 4G networks
– Streaming to Ustream causes a hang on macOS Mojave
– Switching Destinations from Facebook User Code While Authenticating Disables OK Button
– Telestream Cloud Restream output out of sync when started after another output
– Unable to capture video from Osprey 900 series capture cards
– Unable to create a Scheduled YouTube Event
– Unable to delete Scheduled Events on Profiles
– Unable to stream to certain RTMP servers on macOS Mojave
– Unable to use ScreenFlow screen record with record PC audio selected while running Rendezvous Session
– Virtual Mic audio distortion in Zoom
– Unable to remove Live Output from the Rendezvous mix

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