Camtasia Studio 2019.0.6 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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一個功能強大但易於使用的屏幕錄像機,Camtasia Studio 可以幫助您創建專業視頻,而不必成為視頻專業人士。輕鬆記錄您的屏幕移動和操作,或從相機或其他來源導入高清視頻。在 Mac 和 Windows 平台上自定義和編輯內容,並在幾乎任何設備上與觀眾分享您的視頻。下載 Camtasia Studio 適用於 Windows 的脫機安裝程序安裝程序.

顯示您的想法,傳播信息或與視頻分享知識。從快速的視頻演示到廣泛的視頻項目,Camtasia Studio 擁有所有的編輯工具來創建完成工作所需的優秀視頻內容。快速錄製您的攝像頭或屏幕,吸引觀眾的各種效果,並輕鬆地分享您的視頻給任何人,任何地點.

Camtasia Studio 功能:

Apply 行為完全旨在為您的文字,圖像或圖標設置動畫。沒有一個專業的視頻編輯器,可以獲得清晰的外觀.

你看到的是你得到的。視頻中的每個效果和元素都可以在預覽窗口中直接刪除和編輯。您可以在高達 4K 的分辨率下進行編輯,以獲得任何尺寸的清晰視頻.

Camtasia 充分利用了您的電腦處理器的 64 位性能。即使在最複雜的項目上,您也可以獲得快速的渲染時間和增強的穩定性。下載 Camtasia Studio 適用於 Windows 的離線安裝程序設置.


使用音樂設置視頻的心情。所有曲目都是免版稅的,可安全地在 YouTube 和 Vimeo 上使用.


Motion graphics

注:30 天試用版。需要.NET Framework.


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Camtasia Studio 2019.0.6


485 MB

Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


TechSmith Corporation


What's new in this version:

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.6
- Fixed issue where context menu options are missing for annotations
- Fixed issue where some PDF files rendered with incorrect colors
- Updated XPDF library to version 4.01 to address the following CVEs where a user may have been vulnerable to a denial of service attack (crash or hang when importing a PDF file CVE-2018-7173 CVE-2018-7174 CVE-2018-7175 CVE-2018-7452 CVE-2018-7454 CVE-2018-11033 CVE-2018-16368 CVE-2018-18651

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.5
- Camtasia now displays single user license keys during login
- Select webcams in the Recorder identified as USB Video Devices in Device Manager
- Fixed bug that causes imported MP4s loudness calculation to hang

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.4
- Change log not available for this version

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.3 (64-bit)
- Added support for Chinese language
- Fixed an issue where rare low-motion animated GIFs could cause Camtasia to crash
- Fixed an issue where some 60fps media did not trigger a prompt to change the project's framerate
- Fixed an issue that caused users to be logged out of Camtasia after upgrading
- Fixed an issue that could cause colors to appear "washed out" when using hardware acceleration
- Added an animation when media are added to the Media Bin

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.2 (64-bit)
- Fixed issue where m4a playback would not start until the entire file was downloaded
- Fixed issue where changes to Voice Narration text could be lost if they were the last thing changed before closing the application
- Fixed issue that could cause some characters to render incorrectly in text annotations
- Fixed issue that caused 16-bit .camrec files to render incorrectly
- Fixed problem rendering changes to Opacity when media are in a Group
- Fixed hang when closing the application after playing audio files with corrupt metadata
- Fixed issue where LUFS calculation could never be completed on audio files with corrupt metadata
- Fixed startup crash that occurred when the Windows username contained double-byte characters when the system locale was Japanese

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.1 (64-bit)
- Fixed issue that prevented selecting the last line of a callout using Shift-DownArrow
- Fixed issue that caused user's editing cursor to get stuck in callouts when font size changed
- Fixed issue that could prevent waveform rendering when using a stitch in conjunction with clip speed
- Spacebar now always plays or pauses playback, and ignores the currently focused button
- Improved support for respecting users' machine language settings regarding numbers on the Properties panel
- Update mp4v2 resolving: CVE-2018-14054, CVE-2018-14325, CVE-2018-14326, CVE-2018-14379, CVE-2018-14403, CVE-2018-14446
- Changes to track height are now saved with the project
- Fixed issue that could cause unwanted changes to effect timings when stitching and unstitching media
- Fixed issue that caused a crash when importing very old camrec files
- Fixed issue that caused animated GIF files to only show the first frame during Media Bin preview
- Improved snapping behavior when trimming multiple media at once

Camtasia Studio 2019.0.0
- Added ability to automatically adjust audio levels with defined Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS) normalization
- Added new mouse cursor effect to smooth out cursor movements
- Expanded number of customizable product hotkeys and shortcuts
- Added new Block Text style for annotations
- Added properties to adjust vertical and horizontal text spacing in annotations
- Added Whip Spin transition
- Add ability to include logos and images to Themes
- Added additional device frames for download in TechSmith Assets
- Added “Open in Camtasia” option for TechSmith Asset downloads
- Improved SmartFocus functionality
- Updated Canvas preset sizes to match more modern devices and platforms
- Added support for importing and using PDF files
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Camtasia Recorder to record a black frame at the beginning of recording
- Fixed an issue preventing H.263-encoded mp4s from playing back properly
- Fixed a problem that impacted editing performance on systems with Intel Integrated graphics processors when scaling down large images
- Fixed a problem that impacted editing performance on systems with Intel Integrated graphics processors when applying Behaviors to text callouts
- Fixed a crash that could occur while editing a clip with both a stitch and the clip speed effect applied
- Fixed an issue that could cause audio clips to seek incorrectly across splits
- Retired FTP output
- Retired ability to add new Legacy Callouts to a project
- Update mp4v2 resolving: CVE-2018-14054, CVE-2018-14325, CVE-2018-14326, CVE-2018-14379, CVE-2018-14403, CVE-2018-14446

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