HitFilm Pro 15.2.10619.40501 軟體資訊介紹&下載

CCleaner 是 Windows PC 的免費軟件系統優化,隱私和清潔工具。它從您的系統中刪除未使用的文件,允許 Windows 運行更快,釋放寶貴的硬盤空間。它也清除你的網上活動的痕跡,如你的互聯網歷史。另外它包含一個全功能的註冊表清潔。 CCleaner,清理臨時文件,優化& 使用世界領先的 PC 清潔器加速您的計算機。您可以從我們的網站點擊免費下載按鈕下載 CCleaner PC 離線安裝程序.

CCleaner 功能:

獲獎 PC 優化
受到數百萬的好評和廣受好評。 CCleaner 是世界上最受歡迎的 PC 優化工具之一。易於使用,一鍵清洗,所以初學者可以在幾秒鐘內優化他們的計算機,並為高級用戶提供先進的功能.

Faster 計算機
您的計算機運行緩慢?隨著年齡的增長,它會收集未使用的文件和設置,佔用硬盤空間,使其變得越來越慢。 CCleaner 清理這些文件,使其立即更快.

廣告商和網站使用您的計算機上的 cookie 在線跟踪您的行為。 CCleaner 刪除您的瀏覽器搜索歷史記錄和 Cookie,以便瀏覽您的任何互聯網瀏覽器都保持機密,您的身份保持匿名.

更少錯誤& 崩潰
隨著時間的推移,您的註冊表可能會變得混亂,導致崩潰的錯誤和損壞的設置。 CCleaner 已獲得專利的註冊表清除程序清除了這種混亂,使您的 PC 更加穩定.

許多程序在您啟動計算機時在後台無聲運行。 CCleaner 幫助你去工作,或者讓你停用不需要的程序來更快地播放.

也可用:下載 CCleaner 為 Mac

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HitFilm Pro 15.2.10619.40501


398 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10





What's new in this version:

- Importing faulty preset files no longer causes stability issues
- The export preset dialog now only commits changes once the changes are confirmed
- The last created point in a mask can now be repositioned correctly
- Export using constant bitrates now correctly uses the chosen bitrate value
- Transitions applied to composite shot objects on the editor timeline are now rendered correctly
- Layers whose visibility is disabled are no longer ignored by the Set Matte effect
- Video files using the ProRes 422 (LT) codec once again load and display correctly on Mac systems. (Mac
- Select All on an editor timeline which includes a text template no longer causes stability issues
- Layer pickers now update properly when the effect containing the layer picker is moved to a new layer
- Layer pickers no longer allow selection of layers which would lead to cyclic rendering, thus improving stability
- Switching timelines while a tracker is active no longer causes stability issues
- Particle systems referencing a composite shot as an animated texture now render the correct texture frames
- Drag-and-dropping an effect to a location that doesn't allow dropping no longer causes unwanted timeline scrolling
- Layer pickers now update correctly when the layer stack or layer order is changed
- Layer pickers now update correctly when the referenced media asset is deleted from the media panel
- The folder containing the Camera Tracker has been renamed to Foundry to correctly reflect the developer's branding
- Uninstalling one version of HitFilm from a system where two versions are installed no longer removes the interface font needed for the remaining version. (PC)
- The Favorite star no longer renders in the wrong place within the Effects panel
- Improved the visual styling of the drag-and-drop process for effects
- Improved OpenGL implementation to prevent systems which exceed the minimum requirements from displaying an error which says they do not meet minimum requirements. (PC)
- MP4 export now correctly uses the bitrate specified in the chosen export preset

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