Victoria 4.76b 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Cent Browser (64-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Cent Browser 64-bit 是一款基於 Chromium 的增強型網頁瀏覽器。它具有許多方便的功能,如鼠標手勢,滾動標籤欄,自動隱藏書籤欄,隱身標籤,老闆鍵等。

Cent Browser 是一個增強版的 Chromium 網頁瀏覽器捆綁許多有用的功能,如滾動標籤欄,自動內存優化,延遲會話加載,鼠標手勢,超級拖動和大量的選項卡 options.It 讓您的網上沖浪更輕鬆,更舒適,更安全.

Cent 瀏覽器功能:

Google Chrome Based
基於著名的網絡瀏覽器項目 --Chromium,Cent Browser 64 位繼承了 Chrome 瀏覽器的所有優點。


Scrollable Tab Bar
Set minimum tab 寬度以避免製表符變得太小。用鼠標滾輪滾動整個標籤欄(類似於 Firefox 標籤欄).



身份驗證 Tab

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Victoria 4.76b

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Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Cent Studio


What's new in this version:

- Added drive configuration via Device Configuration Overlay - a special non-volatile memory in which you can turn off unnecessary functions, turn on previously turned off or change the available volume. The DCO tab appeared, which also has a mini-instruction (external file dcomemo.rtf )
- Improved work with the Extended Comprehensive SMART Error log SMART log : as it turned out, different models have different register addresses. This could lead to erroneous data interpretation on some Seagate and Fujitsu HDDs. The algorithm has been adapted to various manufacturers
- The correct operation was tested on Fujitsu MHZ, HGST 3.5, Seagate / Maxtor 3.5 ″ (7200.11), WD, Samsung STxxx 35 ″, Seagate STxxx 2.5 ″, Toshiba 2.5 ″. While it does not work on all HTSxxx 2.5 ″ - I will investigate the cause
- Added compatibility mode for the table of contents of magazines with old drives. So far - manual daw switching under the table of contents (for experiments). In the future - automatically, according to passport data
- Interface elements (port and device number) are moved to the right, the “ Hints ” daw has been moved to the basement
- In the defect remap mode, the Auto Reassign event detection function is added when the hard drive itself reassigns the defective sector. In this case, instead of the word Remap , a message of the form “ LBAxxx auto reassign ... OK ” is displayed in the log
- Fixed a bug where an automatic screenshot was not taken from the Tests tab

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