cFosSpeed 11.06 Build 2462 軟體資訊介紹&下載

cFosSpeed - 帶有流量整形和帶寬管理的互聯網加速,ping 優化器 + 數據包優先級。最大下載& 最小平。對於 DSL,ADSL,VDSL,有線,調製解調器,ISDN,移動(GSM,GPRS,HSCSD,UMTS,HSDPA),文件共享(P2P),在線遊戲,VoIP,流媒體和調諧。一眼就能看出哪些程序使用你的帶寬。 cFosSpeed 讓我們臨時改變優先級來加速傳輸或減少時間關鍵型應用程序的延遲.

cFosSpeed 功能:
可自由配置優先級自我校準第 7 層分析防火牆自動路由器檢測最佳撥號連接 VPN - WLAN - WiFi - MTU 優化多用戶功能寬帶限制注:30 天試用版.

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cFosSpeed 11.06 Build 2462


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


cFos Software GmbH


What's new in this version:

- Speed-up for high-speed connections. Now you should get full thruput, even on slower machines. Please report how that works for you
- + Added new passthru mode 3; old modes 3 and 4 are now 4 and 5. Added a passthru mode 6, which causes the whole NET_BUFFER_LIST chain to be ignored
- + Status window position is now stored with respect to monitor resolution.Thanks to Frank H. for the idea
- x Fixed problems with WAN Dial-Up if you had only one of IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
- x Fixed a crash in status window. Thanks to Michael S. for dumps
- x Fixed a spurious bluescreen when RX shaping was active. Thanks to Avatar for testing
- x Fixed a bluescreen in the 32-bit version
- x cFosSpeed accessed RSC structures on NDIS < 6.30, where such structures are not yet supported. This led to all kinds of statistical miscalculations. Fixed
- x Fixed wrong average transfer units (spd cons -atu). This is used in rx shaping as well
- x Some users experienced mouse hangs while downloading heavily. Now the number of worker threads has been limited to half the number of CPU cores to fix this
- x Fixed installation problem on Windows 8.1
- x Improved cFosSpeed thruput on Gigabit connections. Thanks to Thomas Q. and all the others for testing
- x Default program icon image was always small -- fixed
- x Finally fixed spd.exe crash! That bug was ancient, but now it's gone
- x Finally fixed hanging downloads with NordVPN when RWIN expansion was used. This turned out to be poor programming of NordVPN's driver. Thanks to Contor for traces and tests
- x Fixed dumping of LSO/RSC packets
- x Fixed motionless HTML skin window. Thanks to Luis R. for the report
- x cFosSpeed will no longer lower the MSS when RWIN expansion is used. This could have resulted in slower downloads on high bandwidth connections. Thanks to Reinhold G. for tests
- x Fixed a bluescreen when data was transferred in multiple MDLs. Thanks to Pedro S. for dump file
- x Fixed a bluescreen when RWIN expansion was used. Thanks to Johann S. for dump file
- Support for Windows 20H2 (version 2009)
- Added gset copy_oob. It can be disabled for debug purposes

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