cFosSpeed 12.00 Build 2512 軟體資訊介紹&下載

cFosSpeed - 帶有流量整形和帶寬管理的互聯網加速,ping 優化器 + 數據包優先級。最大下載& 最小平。對於 DSL,ADSL,VDSL,有線,調製解調器,ISDN,移動(GSM,GPRS,HSCSD,UMTS,HSDPA),文件共享(P2P),在線遊戲,VoIP,流媒體和調諧。一眼就能看出哪些程序使用你的帶寬。 cFosSpeed 讓我們臨時改變優先級來加速傳輸或減少時間關鍵型應用程序的延遲.

cFosSpeed 功能:
可自由配置優先級自我校準第 7 層分析防火牆自動路由器檢測最佳撥號連接 VPN - WLAN - WiFi - MTU 優化多用戶功能寬帶限制注:30 天試用版.

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cFosSpeed 12.00 Build 2512


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


cFos Software GmbH


What's new in this version:

Much improved dialogs:
- We completely reworked the cFos Speed configuration dialogs. They now use a comprehensive HTTP API (see ) and Vue.js and Bootstrap and are thus responsive and easier to maintain We hope you enjoy the new design!
- In addition, cFosSpeed can now use Chromium Webview2 to display its dialogs. This means that the new dialogs are displayed in our own window, instead ofthe default web browser window. This allows for improved visual experience and pre-loading of the HTML / Javascript code
- Finally, due to public demand: Added port prioritization to preferences UI
- You can specify local and remote ports (both TCP and UDP ports will be matched), either individual ports, a range, or a combination of both E.g. "80,443,1000:1010" will match ports 80 and 443, and ports 1000-1010

New commands "setkey" and "querysect", which are slightly changed versions of "addkey" and "showsect". Syntax is as follows:
- setkey <section> <key> <value> set <key>=<value> in <section>
- querykey <section> <key> query <key> from <section>
- delkey <section> <key> delete <key> from <section>
- querysect <section> query section <section>
- <section> can have a filename in front, separated by a "/". Otherwise, the file is settings.ini
- All port filter expressions (-[sdlr]port, -tcp-[sdlr]port, -udp-[sdlr]port) now accept sections in .ini files as well. This can be mixed with regular port ranges. Example in settings.ini: filter=-lport 1,2:4,@user.ini/higherlports -c higher
- The current connections dialogs now "freeze" when closed, to save CPU time when not used Added "spd gset worker_threads" setting, default is 0, which means using half the number of cores. Any number between 1 and the actual number of cores can be set. You MUST use "spd gset worker_threads XXX -save" and restart cFosSpeed, since the number is only used on driver start
- This selects the number of threads used for data transfer. Higher numbers might improve thruput, but might also lead to short freezes
- Fixed a very slow handle leak
- When changing monitor resolution, cFosSpeed will move now its status window to a formerly saved position or the default position. Thanks to John E. G for bug report
- Sometimes the usage graph didn't allow the selection of elements. Fixed
- Fix for ProtonVPN and Speedify VPN (and maybe other VPN services as well) the window for the VPN connection is now displayed correctly.
- Burst code could have selected an unusable pinger. Fixed
- Fixed a rare, ancient crash when unloading
- Meta dumps now also include the space method by which traffic is counted. For more info, see collected-data.txt
- Added debugging aid for a rare bluescreen

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