Cheat Engine 6.7 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Cheat Engine,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Cheat Engine 是一個開源工具,旨在幫助您修改在窗口下運行的單人遊戲,因此您可以根據自己的喜好使其更難或更容易(例如:發現 100hp 太簡單,嘗試玩最大 1 HP 的遊戲),但也包含其他有用的工具來幫助調試遊戲,甚至正常的應用程序.

它配備了一個內存掃描器,以快速掃描遊戲中使用的變量,並允許你改變它們,但它也帶有一個調試器,反彙編器,彙編器,speedhack,培訓師製造商,直接 3D 操作工具,系統檢測工具等等.

對於新用戶,建議閱讀本教程(安裝 Cheat Engine 之後,可以在您的程序列表中找到它),並且至少到達第 5 步,以便基本了解 Cheat Engine.

的使用注意事項:某些防病毒程序錯誤地將 Cheat Engine 的部分內容當作木馬 / 病毒.899997423

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Cheat Engine 6.7


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8


Dark Byte


What's new in this version:

- Fixed some DPI issues at some spots
- Fixed the "Not" scan for ALL
- "simple values" now also applies to the All type
- Fixed not adding the 0-terminator to strings when the option was set to add it
- Fixed ultimap hotkeys
- Fixed ultimap2 filtering
- Changing pointers in the change address dialog won't set/override global memrec and address anymore (local now)
- Fixed show as signed not working for custom types
- Fixed several issues with the structure spider
- Fixed 64-bit registers in the tracer getting truncated on doubleclick, and fix r8 to r15
- Fixed copy/paste in the scanvalue
- Fixed kernelmode QueryMemoryRegions for windows build 1607
- Fixed some disassembler errors
- Fixed lua command fullAccess
- Fixed text to speech if launched from a different thread
- Fixed clicking on checkboxes when the dpi is different
- Fixed the found code dialog count size
- Fixed mono freezing Cheat Engine when it crashes/freezes

Additions and changes:
- Changed the processlist and added an Applications view similar to the taskmanager
- Small change to the tutorial first step wording
- Structure Dissect: Added RLE compression (by mgr.inz.player) and other things to improve filesize
- Structure Dissect: If setting a name, it will also be shown in the header
- The symbolhandler can now deal with complex pointer notations
- Added support for single-ToPA systems for ultimap2
- Added some more spots where the history will be remebered in memoryview
- Memoryrecords with auto assembler scripts can now execute their code asynchronous (rightclick and set "Execute asynchronous")
- Kernelmode memory reading/writing is safer now
- Added an option to filter out readable paths in the pointerscan rescan
- Added "codePage" support
- Added font/display options to several places in CE
- Added a search/replace to the script editors
- You can now delete addresses and reset the count from "Find what addresses this code accesses"
- Added a statusbar to the hexview in memoryview
- Pointerscan for value scans now add the results to the overflow queue
- Opening a file and changing bytes do not change them to the file anymore (you need to explicitly save now)
- Added an option to the processlist to filter out system processes
- Added a system to let users sign their tables so you know you can trust their tables.
- Memory record dropdown lists can now reference those of others. USe as entry text: (memoryrecorddescription)
- Added an option to notify users of new versions of Cheat Engine

- Custom Types can now be referenced from Lua
- Auto assembler lua sections now have access to "memrec" which is the memory record they get executed from. Can be nil
- stringToMD5String now support strings with a 0 byte in them
- autoAssemble() now also returns a disableInfo object as 2nd parameter. You can use this to disable a script
- added Action and Value properties to MemoryRecordHotkey objects
- added screenToClient and clientToScreen for Control objects
- added readSmallInteger and writeSmallInteger
- added enableDRM()
- added openFileAsProcess/saveOpenedFile
- added saveCurrentStateAsDesign for CEForm objects
- added disableWithoutExecute and disableAllWithoutExecute
- added OnCustomDraw* events to the listview
- added being/endUpdate for the Strings class
- added SQL support
- added color overrides to the disassembler text
- added OnPaint to the CustomControl class
- added autoAssembleCheck to syntax check an AA script
- fixed the addresslist returning nil for PopupMenu (while popupMenu did work)
- added an timeout option for pipes
- added some graphical options
- added some low level system functions

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