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Chromium 是一個開源的瀏覽器項目,旨在為所有的互聯網用戶建立一個更安全,更快,更穩定的方式來體驗網絡。 Chromium 是 Google Chrome 繪製其源代碼的開源網絡瀏覽器項目。該項目的每小時 Chromium 快照與 Google Chrome 的最新版本看起來基本相似,除了遺漏某些 Google 附加功能,其中最明顯的一點是:Google 的品牌,自動更新機制,點擊許可條款,使用跟踪以及捆綁 Adobe Flash Player。下載 Chromium 離線安裝程序安裝程序!

Chromium 項目從元素鉻(鉻),鉻的金屬製成的名稱。正如開發者文檔中所表達的,Google 的意圖是 Chromium 將是開源項目的名稱,最終的產品名稱是 Chrome。不過其他開發者已經採用了 Chromium 的代碼和發布的版本。1326789 和 Google Chrome

Chromium 之間的差異是 Chromium 項目發布和維護的開源項目和瀏覽器源代碼的名稱。可以為 Windows,Linux 和 Mac 安裝最新的預編譯快照,也可以通過下載源代碼並在這些平台上手動構建快照。 Google 使用此源代碼並添加了一個集成的 Flash Player,Google 名稱和徽標,一個名為 GoogleUpdate 的自動更新系統,用戶可選擇向 Google 發送其使用情況統計信息和崩潰報告,以及在某些情況下, RLZ 跟踪,以編碼形式向 Google 發送信息,例如,何時何地下載 Chrome。默認情況下,Chromium 僅支持 HTML5 音頻和視頻標籤的 Vorbis,Theora 和 WebM 編解碼器,而 Google Chrome 支持 H.264,AAC 和 MP3。某些 Linux 發行版可能會將其他編解碼器的支持添加到自定義版本的 Chromium. 下載 Chromium Offline Installer Setup!

提供 Google Chrome 代碼的開源項目。包括文檔,開發人員信息,錯誤報告和源代碼下載。現在下載 Chromium 最簡單的方法!

也可用:下載 Chromium 為 Mac

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Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer Windows Trial.exe

329 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


The Chromium Team


What's new in this version:

Affinity Designer
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed layers getting clipped to embedded documents would not get clipped
- Fixed Procedural Texture rendering differently to macOS
- Further boolean operation improvements
- Tweaks to Alignment
- Fixed misidentification of Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary when mounted on a Canon camera
- Fixed line caps on strokes with pressure profiles that have sharp pressure changes at the start getting incorrectly expanded
- Fixed PDF export failing due to colour profile being rejected wrongly
- Fixed rendering artefacts with small radius filter effects
- Fixed some Pentax lenses being listed as "Pemtax"
- Fixed crash when switching between Panorama documents
- Fixed PDF export to honour gradient map's colour space
- Fixed autosave failing to work
- Fixed crash opening empty (0Kb) files
- Fixed PDF export failing with embedded LAB document
- Fixed PDF export of images to preserve their colour space
- Fixed PDF export failing when a document contains an empty clip
- Fixed cropped result when creating a selection from a mask
- Fixed sporadic selection failure when invert selecting with Move tool
- Fixed sporadic PSD import crash
- Fixed floating panels being clipped when collapsed
- Help and Localisation improvements.

Affinity Designer
Fixes and improvements:
- Fixed a source of instability when enumerating fonts at startup
- Added "Use Windows Ink for tablet input" preference (enabled by default, disable to use WinTab)
- Fixed artefacts when rasterising a group with live filters
- Fixed Layer Effects to smart objects
- Fixed flat EXR export to honour layer blend mode
- Fixed selection problems with clipped groups
- Fixed failure to export to vector formats when a document contains a flipped object with line style and scale to object enabled
- Fixed PDF export outputting some 1-bit masks as inverted, leaving them mostly transparent
- Fixed crash reordering layers via drag/drop when Layers panel is floating
- Added missing 'Repeat Filter' keyboard shortcut
- Fixed Canon 5D MK II images not loading correctly
- Fixed sporadic RAW load crash
- Fixed New Document dialog Presets bar incorrectly hidden when switching between Templates and Presets
- Fixed New Document dialog Template folders with a '.' cutting off subsequent characters
- Fixed several boolean operations and expand stroke issues on simple geometry or compound objects
- Fixed unable to paste text into editors after receiving tab focus
- Fixed New Documents dialog allowing minus values in Document Size, Margins and Bleed
- Improved performance of Layers Panel when updating previews of Artistic Text
- Fixed input lag (500ms) when drawing with a pen using Windows Ink
- Improved text responsiveness
- Added missing Procedural Texture degrees/radians toggle
- Fixed being unable to move Info targets in Develop Persona
- Improved precision of Defringe
- Fixed Focus Merge throwing away images
- Fixed crash when dragging asset containing missing fonts
- Fixed cursor not getting hidden while resizing brush
- Changed AlignTo option to disable when no Aligment option is set
- Fixed parent layer not selected when right clicking an enlosure nodes non-icon area
- Added 'Zoom' context menu for Pan tool
- Fixed Enclosure layers not being able to be repsitioned to the top level
- Fixed Enclosure thumbnails being reversed in a collapsed parent row
- Fixed Node tool Cycle Selection keyboard shortcut not set
- Help and Localisation improvements

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