CrococryptFile 1.6 軟體資訊介紹&下載

CrococryptFile 是一個文件加密工具,它創建任意文件和文件夾的加密存檔。 CrococryptFile 的加密功能可以與使用 ZIP 的 AES 加密的 ZIP 實用程序進行比較。但是,有顯著的差異。 CrococryptFile ...
加密所有文件和文件夾信息(包括文件名,時間 / 日期和文件大小信息),隱藏檔案內容的任何信息,因為所有數據和元數據都被簡單地集成到巨大的文件轉儲中。一個 * .croco 文件只顯示它確實是一個 CrococryptFile 檔案和使用了哪一個加密套件(例如,基於密碼的 AES-256 加密)。

注意:需要 Java Runtime Environment.

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CrococryptFile 1.6


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Hissen IT


What's new in this version:

CrococryptFile 1.6
- New: Support for Russian added (Special thanks to Aleksey Cheremnykh)

CrococryptFile 1.5
- Three new crypto suites have been integrated. Now, for PBKDF2-based encryption the algorithms Twofish, Serpent, and Camellia are also included
- The hash iteration counter following PBKDF2 (password-based encryption) can now optionally be set by the user (this is backward compatible)

- UI workflow improvements regarding the progress window (e.g., in case the key generation takes a long time)

CrococryptFile 1.4
- Fix: Performance improvement due to an internal buffer which was too small. In some cases, the data transfer rate could drop to 1 MB/s (e.g., on exFAT)
- Fix: Under unclarified circumstances, it could happen that no file dialogs appear

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